The Sun in Gemini

The Sun in Gemini

The Sun in Gemini shines on your gift of gab. Your sign, the Twins, represents your give-and-take nature. You attract love because you are a communicator. The Sun will help your air sign cultivate love this year.

You can often feel misunderstood, as a Gemini. You put your feelings out there and sometimes regret it. You should take pride in your efforts, though. Love will find you when you use your voice, this year.

The Sun in Gemini Traits

You are not going to be able to keep yourself from exposing your true thoughts. So, you must learn to harness your tongue. It is essential not to beat yourself up when you put your foot in your mouth. You are not unlovable—maybe your soulmate will be your best proofreader!

Your sign is the third in the Zodiac. In Numerology, the number 3 speaks to communication and connection. This high regard for the power of messages represents the fact that you see yourself as a human, spiritual, and lovemaking being. As the saying goes, 3 is the magic number.

The Sun in Gemini nourishes your drive to help others. Because of the natural conversation, coming from the Twins, Gemini can use language in many different social and professional settings.

Public Relations and Customer Service/Hospitality industries are great work settings. Geminis get bored easily. Interacting with people, problem-solving, and meditating are their strong suits. Geminis can moderate conversations fairly among disgruntled co-workers. You also make amazing journalists.

Even if you feel like an introvert, you still feel the need to share part of yourself with the world. Be it your art, your activism, or your even your criticism. This is an inherent struggle in every Gemini.

Like a diplomat, you can see most topics from opposing angles. For instance, you can appreciate the ‘past-preset-future connection, [or the]thought, word, action” chain of linear events (learn more here). You will listen to both sides of an argument and make your own decisions.

You must be cautious not to spread yourself too thin. You have a mile-a-minute inner monolog going. You might have trouble focusing on the actual task at hand.

Geminis will find love but first, must find enough stability in your own Twin mind. This will prepare you for fulfilling and loving future relationships. The Sun in Gemini allows you to sparkle in conversation. Your partner is lucky—you are wanting and able to lovingly engage with them, thanks to your gift for diplomatic speaking.

The Sun in Gemini Women

The Sun in Gemini allows you to play Switzerland when a war breaks out in your personal life. Like the left and right brain hemispheres working together, you can see both sides. Because of your caring nature, you often find yourself playing fairy godmother to others. Do not neglect your own ball, Cinderella.

Women of your star sign deal gracefully with a stereotypically harsh duality: feeling fierce as hell and still fighting the self. Self-sabotage is a slippery slope. You have the gift of gab, and you are not afraid to ask for what you want.

The Sun in Gemini represents a literal spotlight. Many Geminis are famous politicians, musicians, and actors. Gemini women wield the double-edged sword of being dangerous beauties!

One famous example is mother/activist/movie star/knife enthusiast, Angelina Jolie (b. June 4, 1975). She has been in the media for 15 years. We have seen her tangle with a hard drug, dark obsessions, slut-shaming, and heartbreak. Now, she is best known for her humanitarian work and protective parenting style to her beautiful children.

Another famous Gemini bombshell is Marilyn Monroe (b. June 1, 1926). The tragic juxtaposition of her glamorous public life and tragic, mysterious death show the type of contrast that Geminis often struggle with. The often live one way in public, saving their true selves for when they are home, or with close friends.

The Sun in Gemini Women is amazingly strong. You might be considered outspoken or too forward; however, this is also an antiquated view of vocal women. You can multitask like a total boss. Love will find you, and when it does, you can also keep your own opinions, work goals, and individual interests.

The Sun in Gemini Men

The Sun in Gemini represents in men a virile, fatherly presence. These Twins are often considered ‘men’s men’. They are lovemaking symbols, but not the most monogamous of the zodiac signs. This is the ex-boyfriend who would try to explain to you why his cheating ways are excusable (which they never are).

One famous Gemini man is Johnny Depp (b. June 9, 1963). Depp is a beloved recurring character in the Disney franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. More adult audiences may associate him more closely with his roles as Hunter S. Thompson, Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissorhands, or the crooner from the cult-classic, Cry-Baby. He is a chameleon, as are many Geminis.

John F. Kennedy (b. May 29, 1917) is still one of The United State’s most iconic presidents. The first Catholic president, with a beautiful wife and two children, ran a White House that the American people referred to as ‘Camelot’. Throughout his life, and into his Presidency, JFK suffered horrific chronic pain but never wanted this weakness to show, publicly.

While seen as the perfect father, husband, All-American hero, JFK hid many of his personal affairs. It was no secret that many believed him to be a womanizer, even connected to Marilyn Monroe. Some theories go so far as to implicate him in her murder.

Male teachers are not as common, statistically. However, a Gemini man makes an amazing teacher. He connects with students and engages them in learning. These are great qualities in a father, as well. A Gemini man would be a great communicator with your future children, should you choose to have a family together.

The Sun and Gemini in Love

The Sun in Gemini, in Love, is a positive force, even if things are bad in the relationship. Geminis are not known for your displays of public affection. When your physical affection is present, it often seems forced.

Because you are the communicator, you can improve all the relationships you are in with a few key strategies. Start by focusing on exactly what you are wanting to communicate. If your mind is muddled, so your words will be, as well. Make a list or outline. Practice your mini speeches in the mirror.

Being that you are an Air sign, Gemini, you will find love and lifelong relationships with fellow Air signs Aquarius and Libra. Of the two, an Aquarian will give a Gemini more room to breathe. This understanding of healthy space is the core of a loving and fulfilling partnership.

Geminis are born in May and June. Those birthstones are the Emerald and Light Amethyst, respectively. The Pearl is the Zodiac birthstone of the Gemini. Every star sign has this duality.

The duality that is remarkable about the Pearl Zodiac birthstone has a more significant tie to the Twins. The pearl starts out as a grain of sand, inside an organism, under the sea. It is an irritant to that claim. Conversely, to the wearer land, this duality is a beautiful reminder that two halves always make a whole.

The Dates for the Sun in Gemini

The Sun in Gemini dictates that your communication skills combined with the Sun’s influence on your career. This means you will gravitate towards toward a job that requires professionalism, and possibly public speaking or being a highly visible face of a company. The following Dates for the Sun in Gemini are important on your career path this year:

Before you read further, you must keep in mind that Mercury is your Ruling planet. This means no matter the year or timing, Mercury in Retrograde will seem to affect you more than those around you, of other star signs.

Below is a list of dates to be aware of this year, Gemini. Your passion will be high on these days. These are the times to try new things. Or, you could give a new love interest a chance.

The beginning of this year will be serene. However, on April 21st, Mars will enter Gemini. This is the first planetary crossing of your sign this year. You will feel that impact.

Mars in Gemini, like the Sun in Gemini, not only brings out the inner fighter. This combination fuels a new search for fulfillment. And a new commitment to changes you can make to improve yourself.

Almost a month later, on May 20th, the Sun will enter Gemini. This is a huge day for your inner voice to speak and be heard. If you are reading this after May 20th, reflect back on the changes you wish you had made then. Simply start making them now.

May 25th will bring a New Moon to illuminate this new path if you choose to take it. NO more planetary crossings for your sign again until the Summer. Use this time to plan and rest.

You will need this stored energy for the project that will find you on June 6th, when Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury is known for being wishy-washy (hence, the origin of the term ‘mercurial’). This influence on top of your already-dualistic nature might make for a tough storm to ride out. You are a great communicator—so, if you find yourself needing help—you will luckily know how to ask for it.

Venus will come into the realm of your sign on July 4th. Talk about fireworks! This summer will either find you in a new relationship or an improved version of your current romantic situation. Things will be hot and steamy.

Gemini, for the rest of the year, your star sign will be left alone, for the most part. The Sun in Gemini will continue to affect you. It will help you sustain new commitments. Now is not the time to be indecisive, Gemini. Now is the time to count your blessings.

You have been blessed with much time at the end of the year to plan for next year. Gemini, you love to jump from project to project. So, take this time to evaluate your priorities so that you can start on what you are passionate about right away.

Using the following Numerology Chart, you can count on the dates listed below to be included in Lucky Days, or Months, of the Year:

1: A J S
2: B K T
3: C L U
4: D M V
5: E N W
6: F O X
7: G P Y
8: H Q Z
9: I R
Gemini = 8
Gemini + Sun = 8
Gemini + Love = 9

With 9 being considered the most significant number in Numerology, Gemini will do well on her own. She will also be lucky in love. With the Sun in Gemini, the world is your oyster!

Final Thoughts

Geminis are often accused of being disingenuous or two-faced. Are you hiding a secret, second self from most of the world? Or, are you not fully appreciate for being more well-rounded than some of us? Your love is coming to find you very soon, Gemini.

Use sincere communication, rather than silver-tongued manipulation, to get what you need. Same skill sets are used. One is a kind method, and the other is not. Remember, you are your own best ambassador.

Just as a coin has two sides that are both fair representations of what it symbolizes, so are your changes in mood. The Twins will want you to let the dark and light within you communicate with each other.

You will find a peaceful balance within the two halves of yourself, Gemini. Then, you will be even more prepared to contribute to a healthy relationship. Your friends and lovers will benefit from you loving your whole self, unconditionally.


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