5 Reasons Gemini will Find Love in 2022

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s definitely the case for lightning fast Gemini people. These intelligent folks are often blessed with natural good looks and tremendous wit and grace.

As such, Geminis often have flocks of admirers, whether they know it or not.

As for matters of the heart, however, Gemini people sometimes have it tough. Theirs is a life of balance between countless personas, and finding the best way to unite what can feel like a legion of voices within can be tough.

Gemini people often can also find love and romance a little difficult to navigate due to the entanglement of emotions and possessiveness from others that so often goes with it.

Some Gemini people spend the majority of their lives single for this reason – it’s simply not worth bothering, they reason.

Yet in 2022, the prospects for Gemini to find satisfying relationships is definitely high.

Better still, these relationships promise to be a cut above the norm – intellectually stimulating, emotionally nourishing, physically fulfilling (and how!), but also able to promise independence for Gemini.

No clinginess or emotional gushing, no drama or fakeness, and plenty of chances to talk about high minded concepts and intriguing new ideas – wonderful stuff indeed, and certainly made all the sweeter when you consider how the physical allure of it all is going to layer nicely on top of this luscious mental stimulation.

It’s a good opportunity in 2022 for Gemini people to not only work out what they want, but also more readily understand who they want it with.

Here are 5 big reasons why romantic prospects for Gemini people are so very high in 2022.

Reason 1 – You’re finally meeting people on your level

Gemini people spend far less time than they often let on talking about themselves, so those around them and close to them very often don’t see their truest intentions.

This isn’t to be misleading – it’s just that the true Gemini persona is one of discretion, for all their wit and charm.

I say this because Gemini people often navigate life with a sense of quiet frustration, simply because their minds move that much more quickly than those of the vast majority of people whom they meet.

Similarly, Gemini people are extremely gifted in communication, to the extent that deceit or miscommunication that leads to mistakes being made prove infuriating to them. And of course, those who never want to speak at all are even more infuriating.

In 2022 however, circumstances will align in such a way that people who are smart and savvy enough to keep up with Gemini will suddenly start appearing out of the woodwork.

In many times, these will be incidents that are entirely surprising.

Yet in other moments, especially romantic ones, this will be people who were there all along, but just weren’t quite able to connect with Gemini folks properly for a variety of reasons.

In the case of love and sex for Gemini in 2022, this is definitely the case.

Yet be it a brand new face on the scene, or an exciting relationship upgrade in the form of someone whom you already know, dear Gemini, you can expect that all of your frustrations around communication and idea-sharing will begin to disappear during 2022.

Reason 2 – The world is Gemini’s oyster in 2022

Expanding horizons and exploring new cultures, concepts and ideas is extremely important to Gemini people.

How wonderful it is, then, to notice that 2022 is a year in which the potential for Gemini people to travel is at an all-time high.

While the world itself might be in a position of endless bickering and nonsense, the chance to explore new ways of life will become a running theme for Gemini people this year.

This doesn’t have to be in foreign countries always though considering the travel restrictions in many countries due to the Pandemic – watch out for solid staycation opportunities too.

Either way, single Gemini people will be able to enjoy some oh so luscious holiday romances in 2022, be they hot and heavy under the Caribbean sun, or in a sophisticated studio apartment in Scandinavia with a successful special someone. Do a bit of research on places you can visit during such times and head to the destination where your heart feels home.

A fair few fantasies might well be fulfilled quite out of the blue during these unions too, Gemini, so keep your ever sharp wits about you for those individuals who pique your interest.

Immersing yourself in a new scene can be nerve-wracking at times, but don’t you worry, Gemini – you’ll soon meet a local guide who’s as keen to explore you as you are their home town!

It could all feel like it’s moving fast, but this is one scenario in which it’s safe to go with the flow, as long as you go in with your eyes wide open.

In times like these, your fast mind is your best friend, as long as you don’t ruminate on possible outcomes that’ll never come to pass.

Likewise, be careful of those who seem to promise the moon and then come up short though – there’s no reason to devote yourself to someone asking for your undying loyalty if all they have to offer are excuses, fibs and apologies.

Gemini people will find their senses sharpened to bad intentions throughout 2022, so very few people will have any reasonable chance of getting one over on you.

Still, it’d be remiss of me not to pass along that wisdom from on high, Gemini – but know that your faith in yourself is not misplaced this year.

Reason 3 – 2022 is all about healing heartbreak

Although Gemini people seldom admit it, least of all to themselves, every one of them carries within them the burden of a love gone awry from their past.

It could be the one that got away, or the knowledge they gave their first kiss – or more – to someone they ought not have.

It can be such a deep emotional wound that some Gemini folks are known to have difficulty fully connecting with even the most deserving of partners later in life.

This is tragic indeed when it strikes, and means Gemini misses so much potential.

The energies of 2022, itself a year marking the advent of a new decade and all the positive opportunities that go with it, mean that this is the perfect year to put old heartbreaks to bed.

Of course, Geminis across the globe reading this can be felt rolling their eyes in unison, but have no fear – this isn’t some command for deep searching soul work and boring introspection.

Why? Because the love that will find Gemini in 2022 – tender yet exciting, tempered yet overpowering – promises to all but essentially overwrite even the most deep-seated of inner tragedies in the Gemini heart and mind.

This is a love of healing as much as of passion and naughty encounters in the night, and it’ll replenish Gemini and make them feel at the pinnacle of what’s possible.

Reason 4 – Gemini’s romance won’t bind them

Well… unless the Gemini wants to be bound, but that’s quite another story!

What I instead mean here is that Gemini people finding love in 2022 will find that, refreshingly enough, they aren’t restricted in their all-important freedom and clarity of movement in committing to someone.

Many of the more naughty Gemini people out there actively avoid commitment for fear of being tied down to one person in a way that leads to being constricted, controlled and – worse – dictated to without ever being heard.

Add cloying emotions and wishy washy displays of almost delusional affection to the mix, and it all borders on distasteful. Luckily, not so for the Gemini love to be had during 2022.

This is a partner happy to have you spend the night, but also just as happy to let you leave the following morning without texting check-ups on you the following day.

However, nor is this lover going to play it so cool you don’t know where you stand – little and often will be these gestures of meaningful affection.

Gemini will find themselves drawing in thoughtful partners who get their likes and dislikes in a natural rhythm during 2022.

Your new partner will be smart and compassionate, but also not afraid to show you off to their friends an get excited to see you.

Reason 5 – In 2022, nobody will mind you’re busy

Gemini is a star sign with a packed social calendar and a consistently hectic work schedule, and a lot of partners – particularly those who need Gemini to stroke their egos all the time – won’t like that.

Gemini can’t stand demanding, controlling, possessive and jealous lovers who seem to want to dictate every aspect of their lives.

When Gemini feels like they are making excuses for leading their own life, they’re liable to cut and run.

Yet the lover Gemini is going to meet in 2022 will instead prove an apple that hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

This is someone with a busy career and a broad social circle they are keen for you to meet, but not so keen that they neglect to let Gemini enjoy their own friends without them.

Gemini people might find themselves outright astonished by just how easy going this new partner will be.

You’ll have all your defence strategies prepped as you call up to say that your work meeting is extended, or that you’ve bumped into an old school friend from years gone by.

Yet those tactics will be needless – your partner will chuckle, wish you well, say they’ll be happy to meet up again soon and leave you to explore your work challenges and gossip with your compatriots.

It’s refreshing, it’s delicious and it makes those times you two do get to get together all the sweeter!

However, Gemini must be careful to not have their new beau fall off the map because of this easy-going nature, both towards and from the partner.

A promising partnership could drift apart if not properly nurtured, and life has a habit of getting in its own way.

However, there’s little to worry about here, all told – the energies of 2022 seem content to do much of the legwork for you, dear Gemini, so you’re free to enjoy what results without fear.

Final Thoughts

Gemini souls are all hustle and bustle, and they need someone who’s able to keep up the pace, and who knows when to tighten the reins, and when to let loose.

As you can imagine, this means that, despite having a flock of admirers at any given time, Gemini folks often come up short in romance.

Those Gemini people who feel burnt out on love, and who are tired of having to sacrifice their principles or some other part of themselves just to enjoy some fleeting intimacy, can take heart in knowing that 2022 has got their best interests in mind.

Similarly, those Gemini people looking for a more casual kind of dalliance will find themselves well catered for in 2022, thanks to the fates aligning them favourably with folks who share a similarly liberated view on togetherness – especially while vacationing abroad.

However, old hurts and moments of heartbreak from years gone by can also see some perhaps surprising closure in 2022, as this is a year of closing old chapters to prepare some thrilling new ones.

At their absolute best, Gemini folks can hope to meet a partner who entirely overwrites any tragedies of the past with passion, thoughtfulness, excitement and satisfaction – mentally, emotionally, and definitely physically.

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