July 29 Zodiac

July 29 Zodiac

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on July 29?

If you are born on July 29th, your Zodiac sign is Leo.

As a Leo person born on July 29th, you are a very open-minded person, at least on the surface.

What people don’t know is that you tend to be quite rigid in your thinking deep down inside.

This conflict between what people can see and who you really are deep down inside is not necessarily a negative thing. In fact, it drives your personality forward.

Instead of holding you back and dragging you down, this conflict between your internal and external reality actually pushes you forward.

Love Horoscope for July 29 Zodiac

Lovers born on the 29th of July are very loyal romantic partners. It’s really hard to shake them off.

Now usually when people think of loyalty, they think it’s a good thing. But there is such a thing as too much loyalty.

You don’t want to be with somebody that basically says yes to you all the time.

What if you were about to jump to fall off a ledge? What if you were about to step into a pit?

The last thing that you want is for your companion to say, “you can do it,” “you’re a good person,” “all your decisions are right,” and so on and so forth.

Unfortunately, Leo people can be so insecure and can be so driven by the negative aspect of their internal and external tension, that they can fall into that trap.

They often feel that they would rather be an enabler of their partner instead of calling that person to task or challenging that person.

Make no mistake about it, real loving relationships involve challenges.

Just because somebody criticizes you doesn’t necessarily mean that they dislike you. Maybe it’s for your own good.

Career Horoscope for July 29 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on July 29 would be best suited for careers involving motivation.

You would make for a great motivational speaker. You really have a knack for seeing what motivates people and seeing what’s wrong.

You have to understand that even if a person is unsuccessful or is struggling, they are still motivated. The problem is, they are motivated by the wrong things.

People who have a tough time or people who feel stuck are often motivated by fear of failure or a fear of the past.

You are able to see this clearly, and this is why you would make for a great motivational speaker, coach, or some sort of analyst.

People Born on July 29 Personality Traits

People born on this day have an inborn sense of ambition.

You’re a very ambitious person. You feel that human beings are essentially unstoppable.

You truly believe this and this plays out in your life because not only are you able to analyze other people’s issues and try to direct them to where they would go, you do the same for yourself.

In most cases, you are the most optimistic and forward driven person in any room you find yourself in.

This is not a small boast. Most people learn to live with their limits.

In fact, for the most part, a lot of people let their limits define them. Not you.

You look at life as essentially wide open and this is what gives you your power.

Positive Traits of the July 29 Zodiac

People born on July 29th don’t believe in limits. They believe that regardless of whatever is holding us down or dragging us back, we can overcome.

Your optimism is very infectious. Also, you communicate it very clearly to people.

It’s not usual for people to perceive you as some sort of a natural leader.

Negative Traits of the July 29 Zodiac

Your negative trait is actually quite obvious to you. You are not very adventurous.

While you talk a big game about life being wide open and that there are no limits, when it comes to your actual behavior, it’s a different story.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re some sort of hypocrite. What this does mean is that you tend to just focus on the things that you know well.

If you focus on certain things, you tend to do well in them.

In other words, your coverage may be an inch wide, but it goes really deep. It’s like a mile deep.

A lot of people have it the other way. Their coverage is a mile wide, but an inch deep.

Depending on the context, this may or may not be a good thing.

July 29 Element

Fire is the paired element of all Leo people. The particular aspect of fire that plays out in your personality is fire’s tendency to heat up certain compounds to create very strong products.

For example, iron, by itself, is very weak. Now, if you temper iron with other metals and apply lots of heat, it turns into something that’s tough like a rock.

That is your effect on people. That is your effect on work environments.

You have the tendency to bring out the best in people. You can help them become unstoppable.

July 29 Planetary Influence

The ruling planet of all Leo people is the Sun.

The particular aspect of the sun that plays a big role in the personality of July 29th Leos is the sun’s tendency to overwhelm with its background space so much that it looks like it blends in.

You know how to blend with people, but when you blend with them, you don’t disappear. Instead, you make them appear and you amplify their power.

My Top Tips for Those with a July 29th Birthday

You should avoid being too comfortable in your comfort zone.

Push back the walls of your comfort zone every once in a while.

Learn to walk your talk when it comes to living an unstoppable life and you will be so much happier.

Lucky Color for the July 29th Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on the 29th of July is represented by the color Tomato.

Tomato is really dark red, but it has a sheen to it that is so very appealing.

By the same token, a lot of the things that you say are not exactly new. People have heard it before. People have been exposed to it before.

However, the way you say it and the way you make them feel is quite different.

Lucky Numbers for July 29 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 29th of July are – 12, 57, 3, 27 and 87.

Why Do People with a 29th July Zodiac Attract the Wrong People

We all go through phases in our younger and more hormonal years in which we chase the entirely wrong people.

Some of us go for a bad boy or a glamorous girl that adds a cocktail of danger to our already existing mix of emotions within, for instance.

Later in life, we mature beyond these ideas – yet people born on 29th July have an unfortunate talent for attracting people they’d really rather not.

Indeed, those whom you attract often want you because you seem so unattainable!

Without realising, you often exude a challenging aura – a ‘come get me’ energy that seems to lure hunters into the chase. Hunters you’d rather be without!

To resolve this, you needn’t just capitulate to any dates or lovers you don’t want, of course.

Just make it tactfully, gently known that you’re sorry it seemed like you were leading anyone on, but for these people to also respect that you’re just not interested.

Final Thought for the July 29 Zodiac

Do yourself a big favor and make sure that your life is completely consistent with the things that you advocate in public. Any inconsistency will erode your authority.

If you want to be successful, you need to preserve your credibility and personal authority.

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