July 17 Zodiac

July 17 Zodiac

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on July 17?

If you were born on July 17th, your zodiac sign is Cancer.

As a Cancer born on this day, you are very big on possibility. You look at any kind of situation, and you get excited about the fact that it is possible to turn nothing into something.

That’s how your mind operates. You don’t mind starting out with very little because you know that with the proper guidance, focus, and opportunities, things will pan out for you.

While it’s very easy for you to get excited about ideas on an intellectual level, it takes quite a bit of effort on an emotional front.

This is where you face your challenges. You can talk a big game about how positive you are and how certain outcomes can be, but, in most cases, you’re just paying lip service to positivity.

Deep down, you second-guess yourself, and you doubt your ability to turn ideas into reality. This is too bad because with a bit more of self-confidence, you are capable of achieving great things in life.

Love Horoscope for July 17 Zodiac

Lovers born on this day are very big on projection.

You’re a charming person naturally. It’s not hard for you to attract people into your life. However, attracting is one thing; keeping them is another.

The reason why you tend to have a very unstable romantic life is you project your worst insecurities onto the people who want to be in your inner circle.

It’s as if you treat the people who are nearest to you as emotional punching bags. This is not exactly a winning recipe for success in relationships.

Thankfully, you tend to learn quickly; so after a few heartbreaks here and there, things become clearer for you.

Career Horoscope for July 17 Zodiac

People born on this day are best suited for careers involving project planning.

You know how to think big. You know how to crunch numbers. You are also able to take an opportunity and boil it down to probabilities and contingencies.

When it comes to looking at the future from an emotional and objective eye, people come to you. You are able to make the right call on an intellectual level.

Unfortunately, when it comes your own money and financial investments, you are very conservative. In fact, scared stiff is more like it.

People Born on July 17 Personality Traits

You have an inborn sense of scrutiny. You know how to break things apart in your mind. You know how to slice and dice information.

People might get excited about a concept, but you’re able to reduce it down into numbers so any sort of weakness or strength can become more apparent. You have a natural tendency of doing this.

Positive Traits of the July 17 Zodiac

It’s very hard for you to get tricked or scammed.

This is not because you are naturally skeptical or suspicious; instead, when people are excited about a particular opportunity, you are able to break it down into numerical models in your head fairly quick.

Once an idea or opportunity is broken down into numbers, then its weaknesses or strengths become more apparent. This is why it’s very hard to scam you.

Negative Traits of the July 17 Zodiac

While your powers of analysis are almost at epic proportions, your power of belief runs in the opposite direction.

You become so suspicious of your ability to make the right call that you often end up not making a decision at all.

It’s not uncommon for people born on this day to become aware of powerful opportunities and either turn a blind eye to them or nervously turn them down.

You’re the type of person who would turn down Microsoft stock when it was still at five dollars a share or Apple stock when it’s almost worthless. That’s the kind of hesitation you often suffer from.

July 17 Element

Water is the paired element of all Cancer people.

The particular aspect of water that is most relevant to your personality is its transitory nature. If you leave water out, it’s going to dry up.

The same applies to your sense of enthusiasm. It’s easy for you to get excited about certain topics, but when the time comes to decide, you always find an excuse to pull back or not make a decision at all.

July 17 Planetary Influence

The moon is the ruler of all Cancer people.

The particular aspect of the moon that is most relevant to your personality is its tendency to change rapidly. This may seem natural. This may seem like the logical order of things.

However, this works to your disadvantage because it’s very easy for you to see how certain things can work out, but your mind changes so quickly that you often never take advantage of the things that you know.

My Top Tips for Those with a July 17th Birthday

Take more frequent leaps of faith. Knowing what you know and knowing how gifted you are with analysis, a bit of intuition can serve you very well.

If you just learn how to manage your fear, you would be able to walk away with a lot of big prizes in this life.

Lucky Color for the July 17th Zodiac

Your lucky color is light sky blue.

This is perfectly appropriate for your personality; it sums up who you are. Light sky blue is very pleasant to look at. It’s definitely not offensive and intimidating.

However, for it to have power, it has to either dissipate completely and become this bright light; or it becomes concentrated, and you end up with a powerful blue color.

It can’t stay in its current state. Unfortunately, that’s what you insist on.

Lucky Numbers for July 17 Zodiac

The lucky numbers for those born on 17th of July are – 62, 52, 59, 66, and 51.

This is the Most Common Mistake 17th July Zodiac People Make

By and large, people born on 17th July tend to be very determined to get things done.

These are people who move far down their career paths, who never give up on friends and loved ones, and will see things through to the end.

One thing they might not vocalise quite so much, though, is how much they worry about stuff throughout all this!

Indeed, the most common mistake made by Cancer people born on 17th July is simply investing energy and emotions into worrying about things beyond their control.

It’s all too easy for these otherwise intelligent and confident souls to entirely waste their days away waiting to hear back from a job interview, or waiting for that person you recently went on an awesome date with to text back.

Relax and let life do its thing! Patience is a virtue, after all.

Final Thought for the July 17 Zodiac

You have the potential to become extremely wealthy. Unfortunately, you also have the possibility to live your life in a very frustrating way.

It’s as if all these amazing opportunities keep passing you by. The answer should be quite simple. Don’t let your fears dictate you.

While it’s true that your chances of blowing it can be quite high, your chances of accurately identifying amazing opportunities are high as well. You need to know when to pull the trigger.

The good news is if you just practice this, eventually it becomes second nature to you. You would reach a point where you would be making more correct decisions than bad ones.

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