Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer demonstrates the strengths of your Zodiac symbol, the Crab. While you have a hard exterior, protecting your soft inner self, you still shy away from overwhelming stimulation.

If prodded too much, you retreat, which comforts you and gives you space and time reflection and growth.

Some may misunderstand your need for a fight tendencies, but your actions are mere in self-defense.

Mars in Cancer Traits

The Fiery and Masculine energy of Mars in Cancer will give you bravery to face more fears. You will feel more capable and equipped when Mars is in your Sign.

You may be a homebody, but you know how to make your man feel like King of the Castle.

Your isolation is your respite from the rough world, and you have very specific tastes concerning home management, budget, and appearance.

Cancer is the Sign most closely related to emotional sensitivity. They are hesitant and shy around new people because they want to make sure they will not get hurt.

People with Mars in Cancer are incredible in bed, because they view their bed partners as soul mates, in most cases.

Even in non-committed relationships, you can have life-changing lovemaking experiences with a Cancer, in the presence of Mars.

Mars in Cancer Women

Women with Mars in Cancer make excellent comforters and counselors. You are the type bring a potted plant and pictures of loved ones into your cubicle—maybe even a rug and a lamp.

You like your creature comforts, and you tend to get –well, crabby—when you are not in your comfort zone.

Be aware of the limitations that this strict routine can place on you. While you may seek comfort in these rituals, they may also hinder you search for new and healthier coping mechanisms.

You have strong maternal instincts, even if you do not want children of your own. You would make a great teacher, therapist, or stay-at-home-mother thanks to your love of children.

Women with Mars in Cancer love to help others by organizing, planning, and hosting meetings and parties. You would benefit from making social contacts with people who you share interests with.

You need to get out of the house more, so look for an outgoing friend to shadow—a Leo is a great conversationalist and wonderful wing woman.

Mars in Cancer Men

Men with Mars in Cancer love to cuddle. This man is all about laying in your arms, and with his head on your chest. They feel safe and protected, in the lap of their protector.

You are soothing and calming to their tired nerves, and they will make sure that you feel just as good in their company. Once committed, a Cancer will stay loyal forever, and you will be spoiled!

With Mars in Cancer, Men can feel controlled by their own emotions, at times. So, in bed, take the pressure off this man by taking control.

A Cancer will usually seek out a more outgoing mate—partly because they like to be dominated in life and/or in the bedroom.

If your man allows you to see his submissive side, know that this comes with the responsibility of protecting his vulnerable ego. Do not shame or laugh at him.

Your Crab is very soft-hearted, and will not quickly forget your harsh words or careless actions.

Treat him with care, and you will be handsomely rewarded with affection, especially when he is feeling extra tough under the influence of Mars in Cancer.

Mars and Cancer in Love

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who appreciates all the time and energy you put into making your house a home.

You are not materialistic—rather your partner knows that you are all about nurturing others and helping them feel comfortable, as well.

You are a pacifist and peacemaker, and you are a wonderfully sweet soul, protected by the strength of Mars in Cancer.

Find a partner who can stay home with you. Find someone who will be loyal and respectful to you.

Find someone who is the dynamite lover you crave in your comfortable and carefully curated home life—you will find love and fulfillment with a detail-oriented Virgo.

Their inner perfectionist and shy personality will cozy right up to your warm and loving heart, with Mars in Cancer.

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who is not respectful of your home.

If you are in love with a Pisces, who needs more alone time and space than most other men, you will not be fulfilled.

Similarly, you might be burned out by a social Leo or an Aquarius that has Fire in other parts of their Zodiac chart.

Dates for Mars in Cancer

Mars enters Cancer on June 4th. Mars will not enter the next sign until July 20th. Be sure to use this precious time to accomplish important goals concerning your own fulfillment and finding love.

You spend the majority of time in a comfortable radius from home base, so use this time to step out and feel courageous, thanks to the strength of Mars in Cancer.

7 Little-Known Facts About Mars in Cancer

Whenever you encounter Mars in Cancer, then it can often be attributed to a number of different aspects to your personality and the way in which you view various areas of life.

However, by exploring these different facts that will follow, you will be able to build your very own picture as to how this astrological combination may influence you personally.

1. It encourages real inner strength.

First, with Mars in Cancer, it means you are going to be able to draw upon huge reserves of inner strength that you were unaware that you even had.

There is a real bravery about you that means you will stand up for what you feel is right and will portray a hardened exterior even though you may be feeling different on the inside.

2. You will generally feel more capable.

When you have Mars in Cancer, it will tend to be the case that you are going to feel more capable of dealing with whatever life can throw at you.

This is certainly tied in with the inner strength that you will feel that you have, so nothing is going to be too problematic for you.

3. You are very sensitive when it comes to emotions.

You have this ability to pick up on the emotions of others as you are viewed as being extremely sensitive to them.

Also, you know how to say the correct things at the right time that will undoubtedly make everything feel so much better and you have the faith in your own self to be able to do this.

4. You are extremely good at comforting people.

Mars in Cancer will also indicate that you are extremely good at being able to comfort people.

This is especially true when they are at their lowest ebb, and it is all thanks to the way in which you have a real understand of their emotions.

5. You are pretty good at organising.

There is also a tendency for you to be quite good at organising everything in your life, but people need to be willing to give you that opportunity.

You like things to be in perfect order for ease of use, and you will strive to go and work hard at discovering the best order for things, depending on their purpose.

6. You like to have a protector.

You are also going to be quite happy with the idea of having a protector, as the sense of being safe and secure will be important to you.

This is something you will seek out, but you are wise and cautious to make sure that it is the right person for you.

7. You are exceptionally loyal.

With Mars in Cancer, you are able to show to others that you are extremely loyal at all times.

Finding somebody to commit to in any meaning of the word will prove to be difficult, but when you find that someone, then life becomes very different.

Ultimately, Mars in Cancer is going to result in a sensitive individual who is kind to others and is loved by many.

There is no doubt that you do indeed have a number of rather wonderful attributed that are often lacking from others.

Final Thoughts

Cancer, it certainly can be tempting to turn a blind eye to negativity around you.

You want to run away from people and things that make you question your security and sanity and opinions—which is more than understandable.

However, in order to find fulfillment and love, you must be willing to endure time in the real world and real relationships—with real people, with a real problem.

When Mars is in Cancer, you have a protective force behind you, and you will be able to overcome the obstacle that has kept you from finding love, most recently.

Remember that you do not grow when you are most comfortable, so charge your batteries and get back out there, Girl!

You have good-looking men to meet and no one to stand in your way—you will find happiness, and Mars in Cancer will guide your way.

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