Cancer and Pisces Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Pisces people are among the most wistful and whimsical in the zodiac, so it’s little surprise that romance between the pair often hits the ground running.

Cancer and Pisces couples can get caught up in the swirl of emotions and butterflies in the stomach – hopefully not at the expense of reality!

Understanding this deep and meaningful match fully means that Cancer and Pisces partnerships have the best chance for a long and successful relationship together, without falling to any of the hurdles facing such sensitive souls.

To do that, you need an in-depth look at Cancer and Pisces compatibility – the definitive guide to helping these lovebirds relate at their best can be found below.

Cancer and Pisces compatibility overview

There are a fair few romantic star signs in the traditional zodiac, but Cancer and Pisces combined have the opportunity to outshine them all when it comes to tales of true love and little gestures of affection.

Cancer and Pisces couples are both born under star signs of the water element. Every star sign out of the twelve has one of four elements that helps reinforce the personality archetypes they exhibit.

Water elemental star signs are emotionally charged, but also intuitive, sensitive and often artistic. As you can imagine, this helps the romance between Cancer and Pisces blossom nicely.

Understanding each individual zodiac sign and their symbolism does much to help shed light on how they are in relationships, too.

In the case of Pisces and Cancer in love, both of these star signs have symbolic animals in the zodiac that are water creatures, further reinforcing their connection.

Cancer is symbolised by the crab, and the characteristics of that animal often show up in the characteristics of the person born under this star sign.

For instance, crabs are able to live both beneath the surface and upon dry land, just as Cancer people adapt well to even the most disparate surroundings.

Cancer people also have tougher exteriors than their softer inner areas suggest, and grab onto what they want in life with an unshakeable grip – just like the closing of a crab’s claws.

Pisces has an animal symbol, on the other hand, that’s simple on the surface but shrouded in mystique the more you get into it – already rather like Pisces people themselves.

Their symbol of two fish swimming in circles from front to tail around one another speaks of an innate duality in Pisces people, a preference for doing both things at once rather than making a decision and going in cycles because of it.

The similarities can also be seen in the ruling planets of both Cancer and Pisces. Although the planets themselves are as far apart as you can imagine – and arguably, one of them isn’t even a planet at all – there is a common thread that binds them much as there is between Cancer and Pisces soulmates.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, symbolising that which is hidden, but also home comforts and inner emotions.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, meanwhile, and rules also over dreams, illusions, spirituality, and even good old-fashioned confusion.

These more esoteric issues brought up by each planet gives an almost otherworldly sheen to Cancer and Pisces compatibility, both for good and for ill.

Matches between the Cancer woman and Pisces man

If there were ever going to be star-crossed lovers in the zodiac, the Cancer woman and Pisces man could well qualify as the most heart-rending of the bunch.

There’s a touch of destiny that seems to bind these people, bringing them together even cross the most unbelievable distances or circumstances.

The Cancer woman certainly puts her trust in fate, but equally trusts in herself to achieve and accomplish.

While she stands out in a crowd due to an often loud and riotous style of laughing, her actions most of the time tend more towards the graceful.

She’s trained herself to have a public persona that effortlessly fits into every situation, but within is a worried soul with a tender heart that’s easily hurt.

If there’s one person capable of seeing past the surface to the true inner core every time though, it’s the Pisces man.

These people are often described as connected to psychic energies or insightful realms of being, but just as often Pisces men particularly put their faith only in hard facts and solid sciences – entirely unaware of the inner intuition guiding their actions.

Imaginative, playful and often rather flirty, the Pisces man sees something of a kindred spirit in the Cancer woman.

They won’t so much approach one another as feel almost guided by fate to do so.

They won’t necessarily rush either, but definitely feel a solid and sparky connection to one another almost immediately that they both feel nervous in bringing into conversation.

Of course, everyone around them can see that the Cancer woman and Pisces man are into each other, but they’ll break down the barriers in their own time.

Once they do, they become the cutest couple on the block, a miniature tornado of love hearts and selfies that sweeps across parks, restaurants and lakeside getaways.

Water is very important to this pair, and they’ll likely spend a lot of their time either by the coast or by bodies of water that they find soothing and rejuvenating.

The Cancer woman has met her match for mood swings in the Pisces man as the relationship goes on though, and that could surprise her at first.

She’ll at least be able to relate to this behaviour, and the relationship is far too mutually rewarding to let it get the better of them.

His forgetfulness and daydreaming, on the other hand, will get under her skin just as much as the Pisces man is annoyed at her oversensitivity to everyone’s remarks.

Not everyone is out to get her, he’ll remind her, as she jibes at him having his head in the clouds – yet these quibbles are minor and infrequent, and on the whole this relationship settles into a beautiful rhythm very swiftly.

The good points:

  • The Cancer woman and Pisces man are able to intuit one another’s needs very quickly, creating an unspoken link between them
  • The couple find their feet quickly and are loving and forgiving of one another, creating a solid bond that can last
  • The Cancer woman’s homemaking abilities and the Pisces man’s imagination make their lives together safe and peaceful, but inspiring

The bad points:

  • The couple’s life together can become so idyllic it almost becomes a dream, making the harsh twists of reality a shock they can’t adjust to
  • Codependency can emerge if time apart isn’t honoured – instead, the pair will miss each other almost to the point of anguish
  • Both partners can fall prey to overindulgence in food, wine or other pleasures, losing sight of themselves

Matches between the Cancer man and Pisces woman

The same sense of being fated to meet one another, as discussed with the Cancer woman and Pisces man, is just as strong a piece of the puzzle here with the Cancer man and Pisces woman.

There’s a sense that this pairing simply has to happen as part of each individual’s own soul journey, but whether that’s reality or fantasy becomes quickly apparent when the pair come together in a relationship.

The Cancer man feels a certain kind of pressure in society that has him always with his guard up, not least because his sensitivity within is something he feels he can seldom safely express.

Being easily hurt as a man, even in today’s more balanced times, is something that he feels usually doesn’t get the understanding and compassion he’s not even sure it deserves.

Yet he’ll find all that and more in the nurturing embrace of the Pisces woman, who by her very nature is caring and compassionate, but also appreciative of a man who’s more tender, rather than rough and ready.

In short, the Cancer man and Pisces woman relationship is set up to entice one another from the outset, and the chemistry at play is immediately apparent to them both.

The Cancer man takes his time in moving forward after things he wants, preferring to dance side to side and examine his options like his symbolic crab – so it could take time before he asks the Pisces woman out.

Luckily, her intuition is the sharpest in the zodiac, and she knows he’s on the level. She’ll put out her feelers and demure flirtations until the Cancer man knows it’s safe to go ahead.

Once dating begins, the couple will retreat from the world for a time, becoming very private from others not by design, but by becoming deeply spellbound in the love they’ve found in one another.

It’s important to come up for air every so often, but so intoxicating is the chemistry that the partnerships becomes deep and intense quite quickly once the barriers are down.

The Cancer man is enchanted by the imagination and dreamlike optimism of the Pisces woman, although from time to time will have to remind her that reality might not always pan out the way she likes.

She’ll similarly uplift him in his crankier moments without him realising, her jokes and humour and promise of a brighter tomorrow meaning he’s never wallowing in negativity for long.

In their darker times, the Cancer man will often feel almost as though he has to parent the Pisces woman sometimes, as she can often have a lost or almost childlike quality that means she gets daunted by the world and needs a little guidance.

By and large though, this couple plays off one another beautifully, and can form a lasting connection without too many complications that can really go the distance.

The good points:

  • Both partners feel safe, at peace and comfortable in being themselves with one another – the Cancer man and Pisces woman rarely get that chance independently
  • The Pisces woman gets as good as she gives in terms of care and compassion from her Cancer man
  • Romantic escapes and cosy nights in make this a couple who have found all they need in one another

The bad points:

  • The relationship can be so all-encompassing to this pair that they completely lose sight of all else in life
  • The Pisces woman can drift directionlessly from time to time, and the Cancer man feels overly responsible for her welfare
  • The Cancer man’s mood swings could catch the Pisces woman unawares, especially if he’s particularly cranky

Cancer and Pisces friendship compatibility

Although the romantic bonds between Cancer and Pisces matches go deep and can last a lifetime, they’re just as palpable and profound in the realm of friendship too.

After all, part of how and why Cancer and Pisces compatibility works so well is because the duo see in one another a tremendous sense of kinship and common ground.

The great philosophical debates and whimsical what if scenarios could prove the conversation topics that take the Cancer and Pisces friends long into the night in conversation and imagination, and they both relish the chance to explore the conceptually unknown in that way.

That said, there’s plenty to be had in the real world too, with Cancer and Pisces people often loving to get out and about to movies, shopping or meals out – but just as comfortable putting together quiz or movie nights for their nearest and dearest.

Pisces is a pleasure seeker, while Cancer is often gifted in the culinary arts.

Between them, Pisces and Cancer friends could prove the most wonderfully enthusiastic foodies, settling in for delicious meals at all the hotspots in town – as well as those out of the way places they’re especially talented in finding.

Unearthing the hidden, in fact, is one of the great talents of the Cancer and Pisces friendship, as this duo has an innate understanding of the unspoken motivations of people surrounding them.

While it’s not detective work per se, this pair of friends could prove highly capable in unearthing any rotten apples in their social circle, or helping those around them in times of hardship and heartbreak.

They’ll be there for one another in such times too of course, as both Cancer and Pisces understand how deeply life’s twists and turns can hurt them.

When one feels wounded and down, even over something others would laugh off as trivial and nothing worth dwelling on, the other will be there and ready with tissues, a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Cancer and Pisces marriage compatibility

Out of all the zodiac, this is perhaps one of the strongest matches for marriage that lasts – although care should still be taken in certain respects.

Both Cancer and Pisces were born romantics, and Cancer especially tends to dream of making a home life with children and pets even as far back as childhood.

Pisces, capable of turning dreams to reality, is more than happy to join in on this plan.

Cancer is also family oriented, and the wedding will prove a wonderful way for them to get everyone together and having a good time.

Pisces secretly scoffs at a lot of the pomp in the ceremony, but is nonetheless delighted to have found a solid mate for life to whom they feel nothing but respect, devotion and even some idealisation.

A loving home and a relationship of equal give and take is important to the Cancer and Pisces married couple, and they’ll both do their utmost to make sure it lasts.

Arguments are infrequent and rapidly smoothed over, and open communication means that they’re able to plan their goals for the relationship and move towards them with clarity.

Both Cancer and Pisces will retreat into themselves from time to time, even in married life – a natural defence mechanism that they share and can therefore be tolerant of one another for.

Once the partner in question is ready to reconnect, the other will be ready with open arms.

It’s likely that pets and children will play a big part in the marriage of this couple, even long into later life – and if unfortunate health problems develop for either Cancer or Pisces in old age, they’ll find no carer more compassionate and generous than their spouse.

In sickness and in health indeed, Cancer and Pisces married life is one where the creation of peace and open affection is always sought and put as a priority, and it’s likely that neither could ever want for more once they’ve committed to one another.

Cancer and Pisces: Common issues and problems

There are so many positive qualities to Cancer and Pisces relationships, that it can be difficult remembering that there are issues to watch for and work through in this couple, the same as any other. They’re minor, but definitely there.

For instance, Pisces people have a tendency to impulse spend that can create problems, especially in this times when a partner has to help bail them out due to their irresponsible spending.

However, Cancer folks are extremely careful with their money, and don’t enjoy having to suddenly splash out on this kind of thing.

Pisces people are also very indulgent, and have a tendency to prioritise escapism to a quite strong degree.

There’ll be times when the Cancer partner is unable to get the Pisces partner out of their head, to look up from their phone or to lock up the drinks cabinet for their own well being.

However, Cancer people are also quite indirect in their communication and actions, without meaning to be – crabs walk sideways, after all.

Often they’ll feel hurt at something that the Pisces has no idea they said or did, and because Cancer doesn’t want to talk about it, Pisces might be facing the silent treatment and have no idea why.

Moreover, as the relationship develops overall, Cancer and Pisces run the serious risk of losing themselves to one another.

In the absolute worst case scenario, this can mean that if the relationship breaks up, each individual has no clue who they truly are at a fundamental level anymore.

Throughout the relationship itself, it can also manifest as inadvisable codependency that stops the pair flourishing as individuals.

Talking things out overall can also prove difficult for the Cancer and Pisces couple, because both are so easily hurt by even the most well-intentioned criticism.

Learning to be impartial and to take facts as they are is a big lesson here that will help in the long run, but isn’t always easily learned.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Cancer and Pisces rank among the best matches in the zodiac time after time, whatever astrologer you ask, and once the dynamics behind this connection are understood, it’s easy to see why.

This pairing brings together the best in both of them, and puts caring, nurturing and loving behaviour at the forefront of all Cancer and Pisces do together.

The sensual side of love is likely to be fulfilled too, and in times of hardship and need, the pair will stick together without any thought of trying to be anywhere else with anyone new.

Loyalty, love and a long lasting relationship seems assured, but care should also be taken that certain character flaws – moodiness, self-indulgence, self-pitying – don’t get in the way of a beautiful bond.

Cancer and Pisces almost seem to weave magic in their footsteps as their relationship matures, and they’ll never need to worry about losing interest in one another or love going astray.

Affection will continue in this pairing long into their twilight years – an inspiration for us all as devotion and a kind of healing energy springs forth from this partnership.

Like the rest of us, they’ll face trials and tribulations, but Cancer and Pisces are far too committed to one another to let that get them down for long.

Cancer and Pisces compatibility score: 9/10

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