5 Reasons Cancer will Find Love in 2022

The sensitivity and family values of the Cancer star sign are a big part of this zodiac summer baby’s reputation – but so too is a feeling of low self-esteem and a sense of cynicism with how the world is run.

Nonetheless, Cancer is a romantic star sign through and through, and finding a faithful partner and building up a family unit in a beautiful home is one of the most vital soul missions of this star sign.

This often leads to children, pets and white picket fences – wholesome, but by no means lacking in excitement.

However, ask any Cancer you know and it’s safe to say that the last few years especially have been ones rich in heartbreak, in disappointing discoveries and, at worst, people simply not proving to be who they said to Cancer they were before entering the relationship.

So such an emotive and sensitive star sign as Cancer, these twists of fate can often prove devastating, compounding their crab-like instinct to retreat into their shells and never again emerge.

Yet if there’s any time it’s best to emerge and strut your stuff on the ocean floor, Cancer, it’s 2022. There are plenty of fish in that sea, after all – and here are 5 top reasons why Cancer people can expect love and romance in abundance in 2022.

Reason 1 – Cancer has become more discerning

Although it can be embarrassing to admit for the Cancer folks involved, there have been times in which the fear of being alone, of being overlooked, of being ignored or of being forgotten have caused these sensitive spirits to align with partners in the past who they knew, deep down, were bad eggs.

It’s a tough pill to swallow Cancer, and a natural feeling to have – no matter one’s star sign, that fear of being without one’s soulmate comes to even the most ferociously independent people from time to time.

The good news is, 2022 – in many respects a year of winding down the narratives of the 2021 as we collectively prepare for the 2023 – is a year of Cancer people basically cutting the bull.

Having been on the wrong end of heartbreak once too many times, Cancer folks are discerning in their partner choices now.

This isn’t through cynicism or judging others, either, but rather because Cancer has graduated in 2022 from the school of hard knocks to now perfectly understand his or her own worth.

And you’ll be amazed, Cancer dearest, just what a message that sends out to the universe – and how bountifully you will reap what you have sown.

You’ll attract a new love who understands your value as fully as you understand your own – and who is willing to let that appreciation shine in some scrumptious ways.

Reason 2 – Hook up culture is dead

Although Cancer people can be flirty and fly by night with the best of them, their deeper soul longing is one of a consistent and deep connection with a loyal and reliable lover.

How wonderful it is to see, then, that the casual dalliances that have shaped much of this decade are falling out of vogue in 2022.

You might have to bite your tongue, Cancer, when your friends formerly involved in this lifestyle speak in less than glowing terms about all the fallacies of hook up culture you were wise enough to mostly avoid.

The ghosting, the mind games, the shallowness, the nasty, ugly, used feeling.

And as the wheel of fortune continues to turn, so to speak, Cancer people will find throughout 2022 – right up until the stroke of midnight on 31st December this year, so please be patient – an electric spark of potential exists that will turn casual conversations into deep soul bonds with a special someone.

Don’t be surprised if one night, you and your new beau are looking into one another’s eyes, and he or she suddenly says, “I had never really thought I’d settle down until I met you…”

It’ll be hard to hand yourself a slice of humble pie when the intrinsic values that you’ve held for so long finally get vindicated!

And have no fear, either, Cancer dearest – the lover entering your life in 2022 will prove faithful and entirely devoted to you, leaving you nothing to worry about.

Reason 3 – Cancers only move forward in 2022

Part of why Cancer people are characterised by the Crab in ancient astrology is because the folks born under this star sign have an (admittedly endearing) way of scuttling and dancing around a subject rather than jumping right in.

So it is too with love and romance, with Cancer people – the keeper of balance among the Water element star signs – fixated on ensuring that all is even and beneficial in a prospective new partnership before taking the plunge.

The darker side of this otherwise rational mentality is that sometimes, especially when the dating pickings seem slim, Cancer folks can look back on recent or not so recent relationships with a really powerful pair of rose-tinted glasses.

The temptation to double-dip in 2022 might feel strong, Cancer, but it’s only that – a temptation.

Far more brilliant is the forward motion you can take if you can muster the courage, and you’ll find that going back to spend just one more night with an ex for old time’s sake will be a flash in the pan thrill at best.

Yet your new partner, in keeping with your evolved emotional intelligence and overall clarity of mind, will prove that you needn’t have just one night of pleasure when you could have a week or two of it, to the point of blissful exhaustion!

And of course, following up those more intimate moments with moments of genuinely touching care and compassion will only sweeten the deal, dear Cancer.

This is another invitation from 2022 to recognise your own self worth and act upon it.

It’s okay to be selfish if doing so doesn’t damage others, and certainly if doing so means you get the rewards your soul has been crying out for.

Steel yourself in 2022, Cancer, because to truly lock in your happiness, you might need to take a very scary but deliberate step forward.

Reason 4 – In 2022, Cancer’s loyalty is being rewarded

Far too often in previous years, Cancer people have invested their famous sense of loyalty and sticking to the course – not just in romance, but in their career, their friendships and even their faith – and come out of the equation empty-handed.

You can appreciate how even the most spiritually-minded and highly trusting Cancer people – heck, any star sign – will find this consistency in being unrewarded pretty disheartening. Yet in 2022, all that changes.

It can be confusing to learn, Cancer, that all the lessons you’ve undertaken that seem to have taught you to be careful who to trust are now being reversed.

In 2022, you have you let yourself trust people, and the process, as they say, for the best results to be yours.

This will, of course, be difficult at times, but take heart – the partner you meet as these lessons from life mature within you will renew and rejuvenate your faith in people day by day.

The more you give the more you get in this relationship, Cancer – as it should be.

And you’re not the one having to be proactive with your famous generosity either, because you are set to be spoilt and pampered in ways that erase all that past hurt and bitterness.

This is a joyous time, but also one in which you’re advised to keep your feet on the ground – although it’ll be tempting to keep them warm in bed with your lover!

I say this because the need for compassion, family values and spiritual sensitivity in the world is very high in 2022, and Cancer people will often be called to report for soul duty, so to speak, and help out wider humanity in small but meaningful ways.

And it’s tough to be ready to get the job done if you’re a little distracted by the bedroom!

Reason 5 – Cancer people are making a fortune in 2022

Even the most spiritual Cancer person who has shunned materialism and lives by the principles of love and peace can’t help but hoot triumphantly when a big payday lands in their account.

Cancer people equate financial plenty with comfort, stability and security, which are all important things for building both a family unit and a relationship.

If you have felt, dear Cancer, as though you have been swimming against the tide for the longest time in your finances, with money going out no sooner than it comes in, this is the year in which the winds of change will have you sailing to the shores of plenty!

This change will happen gradually, but try to pay attention and express gratitude for it as it comes.

The universe resonates with this appreciation and will endeavour to replicate this good fortune for you time and time again as 2022 goes on.

Why am I emphasising this money angle so much? Well, in purely practical terms, dating is expensive.

So if Cancer folks are to meet new prospective partners during the course of 2022, however much those partners might spoil them, there are going to be times you need to cough up some change.

But more long term, that stability and security that I mentioned means that, all being well, Cancer will be sitting on a nest egg that’s ready for them to build a new life with their soulmate with – no doubt topped up by that person’s own fortunes, be they meagre or mighty, as the relationship gets more serious.

This has been a decade in which money and its value – culturally as much as fiscally – has been called into question, and many of us have simply resorted to taking heart in the fact that numbers on a balance sheet should in no way rule our lives.

And while you may well share this sentiment, Cancer, you know that you have the home of your dreams with your soulmate will require a certain degree of resources ready to be mobilised.

How wonderful, then, that these funds will begin to arrive in almost magical concurrence with your chosen new partner.

Final Thoughts

The way in which circumstances play out in the life of the average Cancer soul often leads these people to develop a sense of cautiousness and wariness.

In other words, when things start to go well for Cancer people, they become super vigilant, ready for things to fall apart at a moment’s notice.

There’s almost an expectation that this will happen, and a sullen yet triumphant remark of “I knew it!” if it does indeed go awry.

In 2022, a wonderfully lucky year for money and romance alike, I urge Cancer people to not let their suspicions, fears and anxieties get the better of them.

To feel this apprehension is perfectly natural, but you need not let it rule your life – nor become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It may well surprise you to suddenly be earning so much for such little work compared to how much you’re used to putting in – and likewise, Cancer people may be outright alarmed at how well life seems to go in 2022, to the point of feeling suspicious!

Cancer people, like the crab, are known to clutch at things, and so the temptation is always strong to pinch at a situation and try and steer its course into patterns Cancer people recognise.

At the subconscious level, this can manifest as unknowing self-sabotage, because Cancer doesn’t know better.

But please stand back and let 2022 work its magic for you, Cancer, to make your world a bright and fulfilling place.

Believe me when I say this year isn’t above distracting you with a fabulous new partner if it means it can work on revitalising your life in peace!

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