The Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer

The Moon is at peace, in Cancer. Cancers are natural homemakers. The Moon feels strongest in this sign because the feminine traits flourish under the nurturing Cancer.

Your Moon Sign is not fixed, meaning you are gratefully open to the Moon’s influence and help.

The Moon in Cancer Traits

The Moon in Cancer speaks to your subconscious need to be sheltered. Think of the Crab’s hard outer shell, protecting the vulnerable life inside.

You are this way, too, Lunar Cancer. You find love and fulfillment when you can feel secure in your home, and in your romantic relationships.

Change is very hard on you. You like your grounded routines and habits. In times of transition, you experience a lot of stress. Cope with this by talking about it with close friends, or journaling about it.

You can manage your anxiety by channeling that nervous energy into care-taking. You can make dinner for a neighbor who is sick, or water their plants when they go out of town.

You can do kind things for those you live with, such as cleaning a communal space or doing someone’s laundry. Show them you are thankful for them by finding other ways to covertly show you care.

The Moon in Cancer Women

The Moon in Cancer encourages you to satiate your need for seclusion and alone time, but the worrier in you may take this to the extreme.

Lunar Cancer Women are happiest at home, but when surrounded by loved ones to dote on.

Lunar Cancer Women seem intimidating to many men. Your outer shell, like the Crab, can seem impossible to penetrate, at times.

The lucky few who get past your tough exterior will be handsomely rewarded. You are a caring, funny, and nurturing Moon Sign, who is very easy to love.

The Moon in Cancer Men

Men with the Moon in Cancer show elevated desires to protect their partner and home. These men may be homebodies. However, they keep the house clean and split chores, evenly.

Although they can come across understandably ‘crabby’ sometimes, they are very loving to those in their inner circle.

These men often have a great sense of humor. They do not need to be the life of the party, but their dry wit will keep you laughing.

A man whose Moon is in Cancer is, at heart, a protector. This man will be loyal in relationships. You can confide your deepest secrets in him, and it will only make him trust and respect your bond more.

The Moon and Cancer in Love

The best prospects for Love for the Moon in Cancer are fellow Lunar Cancers, Lunar Pisces, and Lunar Scorpio.

A fellow Cancer will embrace your love of fluffing the nest—and you will enjoy doing this together.

A Moon in Cancer makes a great partner for someone with Moon in Pisces, also. A Lunar Piscean has a lot in common with you.

You both value the other’s intuition, as well as their caring nature. These two signs often, influenced heavily by the Pisces, share an unspoken language— and they form a natural pair.

Lunar Cancer and Lunar Scorpio may also make a very strong love match. Fulfillment in this relationship is natural because you are both very sensitive and emotional beings on the inside and have hard outer shells, for protection.

Your personalities mesh well, once you decide to let each other in. The partner with Moon in Scorpio must be careful not to become too enraged when upset—and are usually able to calm down, with the help of their beloved Crab.

The worst prospects for Love for the Moon in Cancer are Lunar Aries and Lunar Libras. The fiery Lunar Aries burns through the Lunar Cancer like a hot knife through butter.

These signs, which could have somewhat compatible Star Signs, will never be on the same emotional level. Lunar Cancer may find the Moon in Aries is not tempered enough for their tastes.

Likewise, Lunar Libras are judges, by nature. A Crab will feel under constant inspection, increasing their already existing insecurities.

The Libra will feel the Cancer is too slow to act, too emotional to act, or both. This union will cause frustration on both sides and is better left as a friendship, at most.

Dates for the Moon in Cancer

Dates for the Moon in Cancer occur not only during the reigning time of the Star Sign of Cancer (June 21-July 22).

The Moon will affect your childlike and emotional side all year long. Below are dates that show what the Moon will be up to during the time of Cancer, but also at various times of the year at which the Moon will affect Cancer the most:

The Moon in Cancer starts as the Last Quarter Moon, which begins on June 17th. There will be a New Moon on June 24th, followed by the First Quarter Moon July 1st. July 9th will see a Full Moon.

The Last Quarter Moon appears on July 16th and ushers out the period of Cancer Star Sign.

The Moon in Cancer holds a major emotional responsibility to self. The Full Moon that shows up in Cancer, on January 12th, is a Full Moon.

On April 3rd, a First Quarter Moon will show up in Cancer, followed by a New Moon in Cancer, on June 24th.

October 12th sees the Last Quarter Moon phase; the last date for the Moon in Cancer, of the calendar year for 2107.

Your year starts off with a Full Moon (January 12th), which sheds light on your current situation. With this clarity from the Moon, you see how blessed you have been.

This is a happy time of plenty for you. Be grateful and mindful of others, who are less fortunate.

If you find yourself feeling overly emotional during the Moon’s presence, try to use this energy for positive results.

If you are worried about the elderly in your community, volunteer to read or sing to them once a week, for example.

You may feel a bit uncomfortable, but the Moon will shine on your inner ambassador, bringing peace and tranquility.

The New Moon in Cancer (June 24th) brings what seems like a dark time. Use this time wisely—because soon, you will face new challenges.

Take the lessons from your reflections on the previous year’s learning. This ‘dark spot’ might depress you, but it can guide you as well—whatever is bothering you the most is begging you to make that change in your life.

6 Little Known Facts About the Moon in Cancer

When the moon ventures into Cancer, you are going to quickly understand how it is able to make such a positive difference in your life beyond what you have experienced up until this point.

However, the only way in which you are able to ascertain this is if you can go ahead and look at a series of facts attributed to it

1. You feel more at peace.

When you have this combination, there is no doubt that you feel more at peace with everything that is going on in your life, and who would not want to experience that kind of thing?

You are able to look at what is going on and come to a logical conclusion as to what to do next.

2. You feel the need to be sheltered.

Another thing that you will tend to feel with this combination is that you have to be sheltered in life, and you will indeed go out of your way to protect yourself wherever possible.

This is something that the moon is going to help you with as it gives you a sense of being shielded which then, in turn, means you can create the perfect protection for each and every situation.

3. You hate the idea of change.

For you, the idea of change is something that fills you with dread, but there is very little that you can do to really combat it.

Instead, you need to get into a position whereby you can cope with change as best you can and realise that there are different moments where it is truly for the best.

4. You always need some alone time.

For the women that are influenced by this combination, there is a sense of you needing to always find some alone time in order to allow you to get in touch with aspects of the inner you.

This is not the easiest of things to do, but you are going to be able to find ways and means of getting to this point simply because you realise that it is essential to the security of your future.

5. You are the protector.

The man with this combination is going to come across as a main protector for both his home and those he loves.

This is something that cannot be shaken by him, and there is a sense that people around him just have to accept that this is the case and that nothing can alter it.

6. You can come across as slightly intimidating.

As the moon gives you a confidence boost, then it can be possible that you will come across as being slightly intimidating if you are not careful.

This applies to both sexes, but it is primarily the women that can then scare men with the way in which they view themselves and the world.

The moon is certainly far more powerful than you would often expect to happen, but you just need to hold on for the ride that comes with it. Remember, it will be far more positive than you would expect.

Final Thoughts

Lunar Cancer, remember that not everyone is as sensitive as you. You may hide your emotions well from some people, for a time, but they eventually surface.

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who do not criticize the pace at which you move along in life.

Like the Crab that symbolizes your Zodiac house, you will never really see your life’s path as a straight line.

This may be a con in some Star Signs’ books, but remember that it is your strength. You can recognize and navigate obstacles better than any other sign in the Zodiac.

You excel in social networking, so do not fall into the trap of becoming a hermit, dear Crab.

As you zig and zag past problems, be aware of what you can learn from each. Try to be more visibly approachable to those you love.

If you are not happy leaving your home for social activities, then make sure to invite friends into your space.

You will find love by getting out of your comfort zone—even if that starts with simply hosting new people in your own space.

A Question for You, Dear Cancer:

Cancer, which one of the following are you most likely to do for a loved one: Surprise them by picking up the dinner tab, letting them pick the next movie you see, or buying them a fuzzy new robe and slippers to leave at your place?

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