The Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces Traits

The Moon in Pisces Traits are inspired by the twelfth, and final, the house of the Zodiac. Being the last sign, you are the most universally-minded and spiritually mature. Your sign is the culmination of all previous 11 signs, meaning that you can see your reflection in all people—even those who are very different.

The Moon in Pisces brings an extra dose of extreme sensitivity and empathy. During this time, your emotions will be at an all-time high or low. The Moon in Pisces reacts under stress by wanting to find unspoken ways to fix problems with others. The Mutable (suggestible), bleeding-heart Pisces, and the feminine Moon will have you wanting to save the entire world.

The Moon in Pisces Women

The Moon in Pisces Women brings out their maternal spirit. You will want to manage your living space and those within. Your love is contagious, especially with the Moon in your Sign. Lunar Piscean Women are happiest when everyone they love is well-taken care of.

The Moon in Pisces Women have a tendency to be the type to need saving, or long to save another. Did you see your mother in a positive, ambitious light or unhappy light?Meditating and reflecting on how you view your relationship with your mother will inform you as to why you find yourself more often in the role of being taken care of or being the caretaker.

Remember, the Moon in Pisces affects your childlike, subconscious desires. You may not even realize that you are acting upon these influences, now. Reflect upon the equality of roles and responsibilities in your relationships to see if everyone is carrying their own weight. If not, you must address this while the Full Moon and New Moon strengthen you.

For women, the Moon in Pisces will have you longing to find love and a partner, more than ever before. This desire to grow as a person will rise, as the face of the Moon appears larger and larger. Take note of the anxiety you feel when alone. You are feeling the necessity of change, and the New Moon and Full Moon will bring change soon.

The Moon in Pisces Men

The Moon in Pisces Men speaks to the way they view their maternal relationships. These men cherish the wide-eyed dreamers who can make them laugh. These men love poetry, music, and the arts. The Moon in Pisces Men might seem like it would make them overly sensitive or effeminate—but, the opposite is often true.

Lunar Piscean Men can be knights in shining armor. He will hit every box on your ‘Perfect Guy’ checklist. He is sensitive, but also wants to be your nurturer and provider—or even become a parent. Be careful that you are not lured by false promises, as Lunar Piscean Men are sometimes the ones who need the saving.

Men with Moon in Pisces do not need to be constantly entertained. They are used to alone time and will value both of your independence. These men are kind at heart and are usually faithful in monogamous relationships. The Moon will affect this man more than men of other signs, so show them you care about what is going on with their lives, emotions, and decisions.

Once you prove to a Man with Moon in Pisces that you will be there for him, it is highly likely he will not want to let you go. Remember, he is in touch with his true desires. The Moon pulls our deep desires even further toward the surface, so be ready for his declaration of love—and for him to act on them. His appreciation will mean a lot to you because it is not just handed to everyone.

The Moon and Pisces in Love

The Moon in Pisces in Love needs you to be fulfilled and will bring love your way. Pay attention to the Moon phases, as these reveal changes in your sign brought on by Lunar activity. Love and fulfillment are on their way to you, so prepare yourself by reflecting on what the past year has taught you. In your search for love, what is the most common type of person you have been drawing into your life?

The Moon and Pisces in Love show the intense amount of energy you will spend on your own inner exploration. You must realize that to find fulfillment is to find the healthiest balance between giving and receiving. Your penetrating and empathic (and, perhaps even psychic) ways will be helpful in your search for love and fulfillment.

You will know your lover when you find them. The Moon and Pisces in Love bring a sharp focus when finding your love. One that meets you, half-way, in your relationship.

The Moon in Pisces starts off almost invisible, disappears, reappears, becomes full, and starts waning. Your paralleled fears and anxiety about your love and fulfillment will swell and break during your Moon phases. Prepare pathways in your life to usher out negativity, and bring in newer, more positive ideas.

Your best prospects for Moon in Pisces Love are Cancer Moon and Scorpio Moon. These loves will help you in terms of finding stability. These sensitive souls will appreciate your extraordinarily compassionate side. Your dream man could be a doctor, a First Responder, or hospice worker.

Your worst prospects for Moon in Pisces and Love are Leo Moon and Virgo Moon. Leo Moon will try to dominate your free spirit while demanding a lot of reassurance from you. The Virgo moon will mandate strict discipline—even perfection—from you, which is something you do not aspire to. Both signs might try to change who you truly are, Pisces Moon.

Dates for the Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces (February 19-March 20) begins as the Last Quarter Moon, which starts the day before, February 18th. The New Moon falls on February 26th. March 5th brings the First Quarter Moon, with the Full Moon showing on March 12th. The last day of the Moon in Pisces finds it back in Last Quarter Moon.

The New Moon in Pisces, on February 26th, brings a new outlet for you to release negative energies. You are the ultimate empath. You can find fulfillment in alone time, such as doing yoga, sketching, or writing short stories. Your quest for love will go more smoothly, while you find something new and fun in your life to talk about over your next dinner date.

The Moon can encourage you all year. The New Moon in Pisces will ignite your search for new love. You will meet new people who can help you network or navigate a new area of life. Make a date with a new love interest to try something adventurous together.

Dates for the Moon in Pisces fall year-round, annually. In 2017, the Moon shows up in Pisces 4 times. The New Moon, as mentioned above, falls during the time of your star sign. On May 19thand June 17th, the Moon in Pisces shows up in Last Quarter phase. September 6th brings the Full Moon to Pisces.

Final Thoughts

The Moon in Pisces can accentuate your inner Drama Queen. People may label you as such, or worse. Know that your urgency of emotion (while hard on you) is a huge blessing to those around you. Those same critical people will come to you when they need a shoulder to cry on!

Your love will find you while you are finding your own new project. Without starting the new hobby or social group you are meant to, you might not ever meet this person. So, volunteer at the animal shelter if you want to find a guy who loves dogs. With the Moon in Pisces, you will benefit from working or helping somewhere that involves caring for the sick and less fortunate.

A Question for You, Dear Pisces:

Pisces, in your relationships, do you play Victim or Hero?

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