What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Pisces For The Year Ahead?

What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Pisces For The Year Ahead?

The 12th-star sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is a star sign who often needs little in the way of introduction.

These people are equal parts rational and mystical, even-tempered and emotional, artistic and pragmatic.

They make for fascinating friends and devoted lovers, but can also have a self-destructive side that can manifest as indecisiveness, procrastination, laziness and more. Indeed, the darker side of the self is so often what holds the best Pisces people back.

However, as far as being in tune with the greater workings of the world is concerned, the intuition of Pisces people is hard to beat.

These folks have a way of seeing right into the undercurrents of a given issue, and connect to it in ways so mystical they can barely articulate what they feel in words.

It, therefore, makes sense that the Pisces star sign especially is one for whom lucky symbols, lucky colours and, indeed, lucky numbers prove incredibly motivating and reassuring.

2022 is a big year for many of us, and for Pisces people that is definitely the case also.

These insightful souls can gain much by paying attention to their lucky numbers this year – noticing where they appear, and the moments of remarkable synchronicity and the messages they carry with them.

Pisces Lucky Number 3

You know what they say – 3 is a magic number. And which star sign is more magical than Pisces, able to take advantage of this magic?

Pisces people are always closely attuned to the mystical and unseen sides of life, and so it is when welcoming the energies of the number 3 into their world, and their heart.

Indeed, Pisces people born on the 3rd March, or in years like 2003, 1993 or 1983, can expect a very prosperous 2022.

Even those without a superstitious bone in their bodies will notice the so-called Rule of Three – the fact that things in life tend to come in threes, from time to time.

Pisces people are especially aware of this trend, even if they themselves are wholly logical Pisces people in practice.

And in 2022, seeing things pop up in trios will become an even more prominent characteristic.

A lucky break at work or in love might well arrive with Pisces through three excited text messages that ping on their phone back to back during 2022.

Likewise, a child turning 3 this year, March – third month of the year – and moving to a new address on the third floor or in a building number 3 in its street address can all lead to magical moments for Pisces.

These lucky breaks will seem altogether coincidental to others, and everyone will look on you during 2022, Pisces, as though you’re someone with a very charmed life.

But, ever insightful, you’ll likely know better, dear Pisces – seeing the number 3 and its influence on events at every turn. Nothing gets by you!

Lucky Number 30

It stands to reason that the number 30 is a lucky number for Pisces given its connection to Pisces lucky number 3 for 2022.

However, unfortunately, just because 30 is 10 times 3, that doesn’t mean it’s always going to mean 10 times as much good luck when it shows up in life!

However, this is a number of the completion of cycles and life chapters, and symbolises a contented culmination to things and a gaze towards a new horizon into which you can expect to step with quiet confidence.

Having the confidence to believe in one’s ideas is very important to Pisces people, who are that empathetic and emotionally fine-tuned that they can sometimes feel buffeted off course by the more powerful attitudes and verbal persuasion of others.

The number 30 will show up in moments when the universe is trying to coax Pisces towards a lucky break, but is also ensuring that they follow their own inner voice and not the overwhelming ideas and coaxing of others.

You’ll find, dear Pisces, that the moments in which this number shows up to this effect might surprise you.

It could be on your bank statement – a transaction that stands out to you in some way – or on the 30th of a given month.

It could even be a flash of inspiration that strikes just as bus number 30 drives by, seemingly out of nowhere!

However good fortune graces you, Pisces, keep in mind that this ending of cycles is always to your luckiest benefit.

And likewise, if you’re turning 30 this year, 2022 will prove a year of many changes – uncomfortable at times, but with lucky breaks laced throughout.

Lucky Number 7

Almost every culture in the world has a superstitious appreciation for lucky number 7, and 7 is a lucky number for Pisces people both in 2022 and countless other years besides, too.

The number 7 is a number of a sudden windfall or a big moment of good lucky that somehow redefines how daily life is led.

A windfall of $700 or so, that seems to fall on the lap of the Pisces person during 2022, is a superb example of this.

However, it might also transpire that a single Pisces person will meet their soulmate in 2022 and find their birthday is on the 7th of a month – or that they were born in the 7th month of the year.

Pisces people who have been struggling during the course of recent years with their month are advised to stay the course just a little longer.

The lucky number 7 – a job interview leading to a role in an office on the 7th floor, even – might well lead to a sudden new beginning.

Creative Pisces people can expect their passions to take off and become a decent little earner seemingly all at once.

If you find a new client who has a deal too good to be true, Pisces, ask for 7 days to think over the contract – you’ll find your new client might boost their prices to win you over.

Lucky Number 16

Sweet 16 is especially sweet to Pisces people during the course of 2022.

This is a number of coming of age and of looking towards new beginnings, in many ways having much to do with Pisces lucky number 7. And of course, 1 plus 6 is 7!

Those ideas that Pisces has been working on that seemed to be waiting for just the right moment – the opportune moment – to take flight will reach their zenith when the lucky number 16 is involved.

Pisces people born 16th March can expect to have an especially lucky 2022, in which events will fall in line beautifully, step by step.

Love and romance that make Pisces people feel as though they’re 16 all over again is also in the cards during 2022, no matter your birthday.

The 16th of each month, mid-month, is a good time to take stock of events during the year, Pisces. Make time on the 16th of each month to touch base with those you care about, or to meditate alone.

Be it in conversation with someone near and dear, or through insights gained in meditation, a sudden flash of ideas and good fortune – a new opportunity, or setting up a date with a new partner to be – may well become all the clearer for happening on the 16th of a given month.

Is 21 really a lucky number?

21 is a lucky number for Pisces people not only because it once again represents the new beginnings and coming of age that shape much of how Pisces can be lucky in 2022 – but also because, of course, 2 plus 1 makes Pisces lucky number 3.

The number 21 is important to Pisces people in 2022 who have felt like they’ve been patient for long enough.

They say that turning 21 is when the world opens up to you, and that’s definitely the case for Pisces people in 2022 who are turning aged 21.

However, this lucky energy of opening opportunities exists for all Pisces people during the course of 2022. The 21st of the month might well be the date you learn about landing that dream job.

The flight that leaves at 2100 could lead Pisces to the vacation that changes their life forever for the better.

Whenever you notice the number 21 while out and about, Pisces, take a look around at your surroundings, or take a moment to open your mind to the ideas swirling within you.

You might be invited through a moment of good luck to see how you’re often not as trapped as you feel!

Numbers to avoid

Pisces people often need to pay attention for those numbers that are unlucky just as much as they do lucky numbers, and that’s definitely the case for 2022.

Pisces people can feel discouraged quite easily when life doesn’t go their way, and it’d be terrible if an incident of bad luck were to dissuade these folks from making the most of what promises to be a stellar 2022.

The number 5 is one such number that Pisces people are advised to avoid. While this is a number of collectivism and of banding together in many interpretations, this creates friction with the soul path of Pisces in 2022, and so it’s often a number whose influence leads to moments of bad luck.

Pisces people often have vivid dreams – and also very nasty ones that disrupt their sleep.

Although it’s only a small moment of bad luck in the grand scheme of things, you might find those dreams that disturb you the most wake you with a start in 2022 at 5AM.

The number 65 is similarly aligned, although steers more towards the issue of finance or of poor communication with a loved one.

The number 65 might show up in times when bills land on the doormat in ways that disrupt your vacation or wedding plans, Pisces.

Always do this when you see lucky number 25

The number 25 is lucky for Pisces because it’s an age in which their life tends to favour them, luck wise, but it also more widely symbolic of collecting resources, collating data and readying for the next step.

When you see number 25 out and about, Pisces – be it the date on the calendar, the number on the train you’re about to catch, the gate number of the flight you’re about to take or even your ticket number at the deli counter – it’s a sign from life that good fortune is coming your way.

However, it’s important to be open to the notion of luck reaching you in unexpected ways, Pisces, so you need to trust the process and open up a little bit.

While we all have our own defence mechanisms in life, you might need to let your guard down to let the good luck in!

My Final Thoughts

Pisces people are that much more in touch with the mystical and surprising in life, and because of that, it’s sometimes that much easier for them to notice when lucky numbers are nearby, inviting them to align with the stream of good luck they deserve.

But of course, Pisces people are also a little infamous for being daydreamers or having their heads in the clouds, so these same moments of synchronicity might pass them by.

So take caution, dear Pisces, and keep your wits about you! There’s every reason to make 2022 your year if you know where to look.

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