Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Mystical, magical and definitely one of the most long-lasting zodiac matches around, Pisces and Scorpio in love can create beautiful music together. But as we all know, the course of true love never runs smooth.

Both of these star signs are sensitive spirits who can’t help but be ruled by their emotions – potentially clouding their judgement.

Yet by getting some knowledge at your back, you can avoid any problems yourself. Get up to speed here with Pisces and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to this magical match up.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility overview

When Pisces and Scorpio fall in love, two of the deepest emotional souls of the zodiac combine, in what can often feel like quite a fairytale romance.

This is an all-consuming love that strengthens both partners, but also lays some of their vulnerabilities bare.

Understanding the nature of each of these star signs does much to help illuminate why they seem to resonate at an almost subconscious level.

The intuitive link between Scorpio and Pisces in love is strong, and they often communicate without saying a word.

That’s perhaps because they are both star signs of the water element.

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has one of four ruling elements, and those of the same element tend to have a like-minded approach. Water elemental signs are tender, emotive, intuitive and mysterious people.

Yet it’d be entirely remiss to suggest that Pisces and Scorpio are entirely alike, even at the surface level.

While their deep hearts are certainly a rich area of common ground, the ways in which they interpret their inner water energy could not be more different.

Pisces people, for example, are symbolised in astrology by two fish that circle one another endlessly.

Likewise, these folks can often look as if they’re just treading water sometimes, putting off making decisions.

This is because Pisces people have the gift of occupying two realms simultaneously – our world, and a vast collective unconscious full of dreams and inspiration.

They see life in twos a lot of the time, and express these contrasting notions as a cohesive whole through their gifts.

Meanwhile, Scorpio is a star sign far more territorial, incisive and sometimes somewhat cutting.

There’s a ruthlessness to Scorpio energy, yet conversely one that rarely feels unfair – these people prefer to ask nicely first, but will tear down bullies or obstructions just as readily.

Scorpio is a complicated star sign. It has all the intuition and emotional depth of a typical water elemental zodiac sign, and the sting you’d expect of scorpion symbolism.

But these people are also represented in astrology by serpents, eagles and phoenix myths too.

While Pisces people can tend to dawdle in one spot, Scorpio people only keep still if they’re busy indulging in self-destructive tendencies.

It’s very difficult for these energised folks to truly ever stop, and their strength can become poisonous to themselves if left unchecked.

Pisces proves a most delightful guiding hand in this regard, and knows how to advise Scorpio on how to be without running the risk of dictating to them or controlling them.

Scorpio people and their immense pride certainly won’t stand for being ordered around, after all.

Matches between the Pisces woman and Scorpio man

Fated romance, guided by the hand of destiny, all a dream within a dream… it seems like a complete fantasy, yet for the Pisces woman and Scorpio man in love, this relationship can feel exactly this way.

This is often a union of two tender hearts who have been deeply wounded by life’s strange twists and turns.

There’s a sense of mysticism to the Pisces woman, who makes her way through life through her insight, often not explaining her actions to anyone.

She’s just as capable of rational thought too, of course – that duality in Pisces we talked about – but by and large is entirely enslaved to her feelings.

They’re her guiding light though, just as they are to the Scorpio man – a perceptive and introspective fellow who trusts his gut above all else.

The Scorpio man is a fantastic judge of character. Whenever he meets someone new, his first impression of them is usually their true self, no matter what else they present to him.

This makes him very slow to trust though, as he feels everyone is playing mind games with him.

Yet the earnestness and honesty of the Pisces woman could well capture his interest, simply because she can’t help but be her real self – especially around him.

These two will notice one another almost instantly, and slowly circle each other behind emotional walls they can’t keep up around each other for long.

In the Scorpio man, the Pisces woman finds someone protective, yet also capable of encouraging her to find her own independence and strength.

She in kind offers him nurturing and emotional fulfilment unlike anything he has ever known.

Like a warrior of old putting down his weaponry with a weary sigh after a long battle, the Scorpio man can finally let his guard down around someone who will never abuse his trust.

The immensity of that notion could well overtake him, making him feel sudden bursts of intense sentimentality.

Both the Pisces woman and Scorpio man in a relationship build their love to last. While both of these star signs could be said to give their hearts away easily, when it’s to one another, they can be confident of both pulling in the same direction.

There are still incidents worth watching out for though. For instance, the Scorpio man has a jealous streak that can border on the ridiculous at times – but luckily the Pisces woman is smart enough to know how to talk him down when his hackles are raised.

Likewise, when the Pisces woman feels paralysed by uncertainty, anxiety or letting her worries get away from her, the Scorpio man can put things into perspective with his quiet confidence – providing she listens to him, of course.

The good points:

  • A mysterious and almost fairytale relationship, in which two lost souls find one another and allow trust and intimacy to take hold
  • The Pisces woman is giving, generous and tender, always tending to the needs of her Scorpio man
  • The Scorpio man is loyal, protective and ambitious, and can build a wonderful life for the Pisces woman and himself

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio man’s jealous and possessive side could sometimes stir up drama where there needn’t be any – the Pisces woman will never stray
  • The Pisces woman can get caught up in herself and her feelings, to the extent that even the Scorpio man can’t reach her
  • Both partners can sink into the relationship so intensely they lose sight of their lives as individuals, and struggle to cope when apart

Matches between the Pisces man and Scorpio woman

Respect for sensitivity in men often seems to be more fun in theory than in practice in some societies, and for that reason, it’s little wonder the Pisces man often feels so isolated.

While he’s capable of putting up a front, his emotions betray him time and again.

His kindness and compassion as part of that are not to be overlooked though, nor his capacity for blistering intelligence touched by a kind of otherworldly grace.

Science fiction writers or academics who push the theories of knowledge are often born under this star sign.

The Scorpio woman, meanwhile, also sometimes bristles against the stereotypical expectations of her gender.

She tears down those walls early in her life though, refusing to accept the notion that she should be contained and curtailed.

She also has no qualms making the first move if she spies someone she wants either, and exudes a magnetic and enigmatic sensuality that draws in admirers, but weeds out the less than courageous.

The Scorpio woman has a habit of testing her men, seeing if they can match her intensity.

Yet in the Pisces man, this temptress finds a beautiful dreamer who can’t help but melt her heart.

She becomes more pussycat than ice queen, but don’t tell her to her face – vulnerability isn’t something she’s keen to admit.

Life almost seems to conspire to bring the Pisces man and Scorpio woman together, and it’s certainly in their shared best interest a lot of the time.

The Scorpio woman can guide the Pisces man when his daydreams become directionless, and he can calm her raging heart when life is cruel to her.

They’ll become a long-lasting power couple of the quieter kind – ruling from the shadows, all smoke and mirrors, yet paradoxically never misleading or dishonest.

Pisces and Scorpio in love simply inhabit an emotional realm a step removed from conventional reality.

Yet they both seem to flourish for it, and need only watch out for a few minor quibbles – some needless moping from the Pisces man here, or some unnecessarily cruel remarks from the Scorpio woman there.

The good points:

  • Tenderness and strength combine as two souls who often feel like outcasts instead realise they were made for one another
  • The Scorpio woman finds endless inspiration in the mindset and actions of the Pisces man, who leads by example by entirely happy accident
  • The Pisces man feels as though he can be sensitive around the Scorpio woman, but also feels inspired and emboldened by her strength

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio woman speaks her mind, often bluntly, and it could injure the Pisces man with ruthless remarks from time to time
  • The Pisces man can have self-indulgent ways where he wants to do nothing but immerse himself in escapism
  • Both partners can let the success of this relationship overshadow everything else, missing out on opportunities to grow as an individual or in the career space

Pisces and Scorpio friendship compatibility

Although the romantic connection between Pisces and Scorpio is strong, that doesn’t need to overshadow the more platonic approach.

All of the values that help Pisces and Scorpio romance compatibility flourish are just as helpful here.

As such, emotional connection, a reliance on gut instinct and intuition, and a healthy respect for the things in life that raw logic can’t explain are all areas of interest to the Pisces and Scorpio friendship.

It’s likely these two will bring out the playfulness in one another too.

Both of these star signs have an introspective side that makes them less inclined to be extroverted.

You won’t find Pisces and Scorpio friends being the life and soul of the party too often, as they tend to find too much socialising at once rather draining and exhausting.

Remember, Pisces is a star sign who has much in the way of empathy – so much so, that other people’s emotions can often overwhelm them.

Scorpio can prove a grounding influence, but also learn some tolerance from the approach of their Pisces friend too.

The Scorpio friend is likely to prove a very protective one, of no mind to let people take advantage of Pisces and their kindness.

Pisces people are often inclined to put others before themselves, even to excess. This means the Scorpio friend will be spoilt, but so will everyone else.

Scorpio can help remind Pisces to put themselves first once in a while. Ambitious and brave, Scorpio people face down even the most intense of life’s emotions and overcome them – and can give Pisces the tools to do likewise.

Both star signs are very loyal in friendship, and much prefer the stability that comes with making alliances that last a lifetime.

They will each make sure to be supportive and considerate of one another’s goals, and make wonderful memories for years to come.

Fun activities for Pisces and Scorpio friends tend to lean towards the outlandish and mysterious.

Scorpio especially loves to unravel the secrets that wait in the dark, while Pisces has remarkable skills of deduction and insight that help them look into the secret motivations of people.

Pisces and Scorpio marriage compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio are compatible enough in love that marriage almost seems inevitable.

To say that each of these signs is an old school romantic is an understatement – even if brooding Scorpio prefers to keep that tender side under wraps.

Pisces especially has a vivid imagination, and it’s quite likely that they’ve been daydreaming about the magic of their wedding day from a young age – whatever their gender may be.

Scorpio similarly adores the idea of undying devotion and passion so deep that it can’t ever let go of the other.

Both Pisces and Scorpio in love are loyal, and can’t abide even the notion of infidelity.

Couple this with the feeling that their relationship was guided into being by benevolent forces unseen, and Pisces and Scorpio marriage is more often a question of when rather than if.

The home that these two create together is likely to be a beautiful one. Pisces is gifted at creating peaceful surroundings, while the Scorpio spouse is likely to prefer a home that is complementary to that energy, private and away from prying eyes.

In fact, the Scorpio and Pisces married couple are likely to suffer if they’re put into a busy community full of noise and nosy neighbours – and Scorpio especially will find it hard to hold their tongue if subjected to such places for long.

As far as married life goes though, life will be peaceful and loving.

The Scorpio spouse shows a tender side nobody else gets to see as the relationship deepens, and as the years go by, the couple enjoy a gentle rhythm of peace and harmony.

However, Scorpio’s passionate side will never let the flame truly flicker out, and likewise Pisces will remain creatively charged and always ready to let new ideas take flight.

Long into their twilight years, this pairing can expect to enjoy a love that stands the test of time.

Arguments will be very few and far between in this relationship – not that either partner minds.

Scorpio can be combative, unlike the Pisces spouse, but respects them enough to put that more adversarial energy elsewhere, protecting the couple from those who look to meddle with it.

Pisces and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

The fact that Pisces and Scorpio are one of the most consistently successful and compatible relationships in astrology can lead to a little complacency on both their parts from time to time.

After all, relationships need conscious effort to sustain, even if chemistry does most of the legwork.

One of the issues in Pisces and Scorpio relationships to watch out for is the more acidic tongue of the Scorpio partner.

The scorpions of the zodiac are exacting and demanding people, who push themselves to their limits without remembering not all of us want to do likewise.

Scorpio can emit some scathing outbursts of honesty from time to time that really injure the tender spirit of Pisces.

What’s more, Pisces people overall are not fond of being criticised, taking it deeply to heart and slinking away silently to recover.

However, Pisces can also disrupt the relationship by being a little self-indulgent or resistant to motivation.

While it’s true that these sensitive and empathetic people need time to themselves to recharge from the world, they can take this to excess if they’re not careful.

Both of these star signs can be a little too fond of the silent treatment when problems arise too.

Freezing out one’s partner and withholding love and affection is punishing behaviour that only serves to create resentment and distance that needn’t exist – especially in such a naturally compatible bond.

Pisces needs to step up to the plate, and Scorpio needs to swallow their pride, as both signs force themselves to be honest with their feelings instead of just shutting themselves away.

They’ll find that it works wonders in the long run, making them stronger and deeper in love.

Scorpio’s pride can also be a thorn in the side of this relationship sometimes, especially if it means that they can end up underestimating their Pisces partner.

After all, kindness and a gentle nature doesn’t make someone weak, and Pisces is never a pushover where it really counts.

Scorpio also is prone to completely irrational fits of jealousy from time to time that need to be curtailed, kept under wraps or outright avoided.

Pisces might sometimes feel punished for absolutely nothing, simply for making conversation with someone outside the relationship.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Relationships in astrology that tick all the boxes are very rare indeed, yet if there’s one match that always seems ready to go the distance, it’s the relationship between Pisces and Scorpio.

This is a pairing of like-minded and big-hearted lovers, who can create their own safe space away from a harsh and often emotionally damaging world. Both of these partners are ready to give their all in nourishing and nurturing the other.

There’s a sense of kinship at play here too, as Pisces and Scorpio people often feel misunderstood by the wider world.

Pisces mixes dreams with reality so much they struggle to find their place at times, and Scorpio is so intense that they sometimes frighten folks away by accident.

Yet all the coping mechanisms that each of these partners develop just to get by are proven wholly unnecessary here.

Love sets Pisces and Scorpio free, letting them be their best selves in ways that inspire and motivate one another.

Of course, there are still hurdles to overcome, like the sometimes volatile nature of Scorpio, or the overly whimsical outlook of Pisces.

Yet together, with love and kindness, each can help the other become more rounded and whole a human being.

It’s rare that an astrological match up connects with such perfect harmony, yet it’s very often the case here for Pisces and Scorpio.

Past hurts and feelings of mistrust will melt away in this combination.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility score: 9/10

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PiscesGirl said on

As a pisces girl, I feel like no one will quite understand me like a scorpio man. Being both water signs truly helps us understand eachother more and makes us very emotional towards eachother. I just need to find me a scorpio man (:

Tymisha Bruce said on

Wow. I an a Pisces woman (23) & I recently reconnected with a Scorpio guy/friend . I haven’t seen him in at least a year or so, but as soon as we seen each other I could just feel the emotions and the intensity coming off of him but also coming from me too. Later we made love and MY OHH MY !! It felt like I was where I was supposed to be . I felt like he was expressing his emotions in bed and I felt every last one of them ! His friends were downstairs but I didn’t care about making noise like I would with anyone else, I just couldn’t resistit . And he told me he really enjoyed it. I feel like I love him but of course I won’t tell him now, me being a pisces – I could change my mind in a week lol. But I think he’s my soul mate for real.

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