Pisces and Pisces Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

When two of the greatest dreamers and imaginations in the zodiac unite, it’s more than likely you’re looking at the relationship between Pisces and Pisces.

Matches between two of the same star sign are always intriguing and complex, and that’s definitely the case here.

Pisces people are deeply intuitive, and regardless of gender, they make their way through life with gut instinct. Yet they’re so mysterious that they could well even baffle one another!

A tangle indeed, unless you’re willing to get up to speed with Pisces and Pisces compatibility – the definitive guide to which awaits you below.

Pisces and Pisces compatibility overview

Romance, emotion and deep, meaningful connection are all qualities of life that this star sign can’t help but indulge in – and it’s twice and nice when it’s a romance between Pisces and Pisces.

Dating the same star sign as oneself is always quite the adventure, but it’s important to understand why.

To do that, it’s best to ensure you’re up to speed with exactly what makes Pisces such a complex and mysterious star sign.

In many ways, they don’t mean to be – it’s just that these are very deep people whose minds seem to occupy several aspects of reality all at once.

Many astrologers believe that, because Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the traditional zodiac, their star sign represents the completion of the soul journey.

It’s sometimes said that Pisces people incorporate a little of every star sign before them, but you can rest assured they’re never smug about it.

In fact, Pisces people are often among the most humble, self-sacrificing and big-hearted in the zodiac.

What they are most often known for is their tremendous senses, as well as their overall sensitivity. More than emotionally, this sensitivity also is tuned to the feeling of their surroundings.

Pisces people can often sense things before they happen, and can feel the animosity between two people who, face to face, might be nice as pie to one another.

It’s often an exhausting process for these folks to be so tuned in to everything all the time.

For this reason, you’ll find that a Pisces and Pisces couple spends comparatively little time in the public eye.

Many will accuse them of shrinking away from the world and getting lost in the relationship, but for these two, that time to recharge is important.

Of course, it’s all too easy for Pisces people of all kinds to get caught up in escapism and avoiding the harsher truths of the world.

They need to be careful not to fall into a cycle here, and with two of them each indulging in such behaviour, it can become a tricky thing to nip in the bud.

Remember, the symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming around one another in an endless circle.

A Pisces and Pisces relationship is likely made up of two people who are trying too hard to rely on the other for all the decision making – but also one of tremendous tenderness, thoughtfulness and love.

Matches between the Pisces woman and Pisces man

Although it has already been established that Pisces and Pisces romance is a complex matter, there is further analysis to be had here.

After all, each gender of Pisces is likely to see the relationship from a different point of view, so understanding those perspectives is very important.

In the case of the Pisces woman, the romance is likely to be a dream come true – although it could take some time getting up to steam.

Pisces people of any gender aren’t necessarily careful in love – and on the contrary, often need to make sure their hearts don’t spiral away from them too much.

The Pisces woman is likely to try and keep the fact she’s attracted to someone to herself, with mixed but mostly successful levels of competence.

The Pisces man has sharp intuition, just as she does, but finds her enigmatic and difficult to read.

She doesn’t mean to be, and if anything finds the same to be true of the Pisces man.

It’s a delicate dance of hidden emotions that these two will no doubt weave around one another, perhaps for months at a time. Both feel a chemistry in the other, but are too shy to act on it.

Luckily, almost feeling as though they’re guided by fate, they’ll get together eventually – and when they do, find that their relationship is as much about the unspoken and undercurrents as it is the consciously enacted and verbally spoken.

This is a multidimensional romance indeed, likely to entirely consume both the Pisces woman and Pisces man in love.

The feelings will entirely capture them, dragging them into their own world of affection and allure.

It’s beautiful, inspiring and likely to be long-lasting, as neither of these partners are altogether inclined to stray.

There’ll be a sense that each partner can anticipate the needs of the other and react accordingly. The Pisces woman is also tremendously giving of herself to the Pisces man.

However, neither she nor her partner likes to rock the boat too much, and as much as their relationship is built on those little things that go unsaid, there can be a risk of avoiding that which really ought to be spoken of.

Little annoyances or miniscule moments of hurt could well be swept under the rug by the Pisces woman.

Similarly, she may well excuse misbehaviour from the Pisces man, or others around her, that is actually well worth calling up as rude or inappropriate.

However, quibbles like these are few and far between – both in a good and a bad way. The Pisces woman comes to depend on her Pisces man, without pressurising him.

Likewise, he is inspired by her ideas and perspectives, and together the pair can go on to create a magical romance together.

The good points:

  • The Pisces woman and Pisces man feel as though it’s destiny that has brought them together – and so in tune are they with worlds unseen, they might well be right
  • The Pisces man is tender and sensitive, so never overwhelms the Pisces woman with toxic masculinity of any kind
  • The Pisces woman has plenty of inner strength that she can call upon when the relationship feels to be in trouble – these two always bounce back

The bad points:

  • Both partners can get lost in their imagination, conjuring up problems in love that simply aren’t there
  • The Pisces man lacks self-confidence at times, and needs more than a little encouragement going after life’s opportunities
  • The Pisces woman shifts emotional states rapidly, making it difficult to catch up at times

Matches between the Pisces man and Pisces woman

The Pisces man is someone who often feels like a stranger in our reality – a step removed from how things feel to everybody else.

It’s an occasionally lonely place to be, but also where he frequently thrives, finding astounding new ideas in the collective unconscious to bring into our reality.

Pisces men are often imaginative and frequently gifted in art or some form of expressive vocation, such as acting or music.

However, being a somewhat self-effacing sort, he often needs a remarkable amount of coaxing to get his feelings out into the open.

It’s here that the Pisces woman can prove an all too welcome guiding light to the Pisces man.

His need to avoid the harsher side of life can sometimes manifest in indulgent behaviours that veer towards the dangerous – drinking or worse, for instance.

The Pisces man can’t help but feel an attachment to the Pisces woman, often within moments of meeting her.

She has a tranquil beauty about her – reserved, but not aloof or necessarily shy. Instead, much of what she is all about goes unsaid – yet the Pisces man can somehow feel it.

It’s incredibly likely, however unbelievable as it may seem, that the Pisces man and Pisces woman will naturally and swiftly develop an empathetic bond with one another.

Each seems to feel the emotions of the other with such richness and fullness that it’s as if they’re their own emotions.

In fact, separating this emotional entanglement from one another can prove a challenge from time to time, and from the perspective of the Pisces man, it can be more difficult still.

After all, despite society’s advances, men often still feel as though emotional excess is taboo.

Yet the Pisces man feels very intensely, and has precious few ways of expressing that. How wonderful for him that the Pisces woman can show her compassion and nurturing to help him realise that not only is he safe to do so with, her, but is abundantly welcome to as well.

This is a couple made up of two loyal souls who can’t help but be drawn to one another, and has every chance of lasting a lifetime.

The Pisces man and Pisces woman need only be sure that they don’t let their fantasies run away with them, and remain true to themselves throughout.

The good points:

  • The instant chemistry here is so much more than just physical, and it’s likely this duo can feel like they’ve found their soulmate
  • The Pisces woman listens, but never judges – finally, the Pisces man is safe in exposing his sensitive side
  • The Pisces man can offer grounding and solidarity to the Pisces woman when she needs it most, preventing her doubts getting the better of her

The bad points:

  • This couple can be a little on the wishy-washy side when it comes to decision making, and neither can spur the other into action easily
  • The couple’s disagreements can tend to be left unresolved, as each partner shrinks back into retreat rather than risk confrontation or arguing
  • The Pisces man can be self-indulgent to a fault, losing himself to hobbies or habits that leave the Pisces woman confused and alone for lengths of time

Pisces and Pisces friendship compatibility

There’s nothing fishy about the friendship between Pisces and Pisces – these two are born decoders of life’s great mysteries.

When their discussions take off, these two can sit up until sunrise debating the great mysteries of life.

It’s likely that Pisces and Pisces friendships take place outside the norm in some way. Remember, these two people are natural introverts, and are unlikely to want to be around big friendship groups for too lengthy a time.

Make no mistake though, two Pisces friends can also party with the best of them when the time comes.

Thanks to having such complex personalities, they can conjure up the most outlandish confidence you can imagine, as well as incredible flirtatiousness too.

However, it’s more likely their Pisces friend that gets to see the real self of these people.

Pisces friends are never fakers, but they know what they need to do to get by in social circumstances – and can chuckle about how exhausting they find it among themselves.

Pisces and Pisces friendship is often more likely than most to include some sort of artistic element or imaginative quality.

It could be they bond over a hobby that involves the imagination, like arts and crafts or a board game group – and it’ll be at the heart of their friendship.

Only a fellow Pisces friend is able to relate to just how important the unseen side of life can be.

Similarly, Pisces and Pisces friendships are always there to bail one another out or lend a sympathetic ear when the time comes.

The friendship is likely to last a lifetime, and what makes it particularly profound is that Pisces and Pisces friendships make use of this star sign’s gift for dualities.

Put simply, Pisces can see several perspectives on a situation at once, and can also use this to advise one another impartially.

Pisces and Pisces marriage compatibility

As people who are naturally romantic, and who believe that every relationship they enter is one set to last a lifetime, it makes sense that there’s almost an inevitability to Pisces and Pisces marriage.

In fact, each Pisces partner has likely been dreaming of their wedding day for some time.

There’s a touch of fairytale magic to weddings that Pisces people, no matter their gender, can’t help but be beguiled by.

Naturally, this can cause them to believe they have found The One in partners entirely unsuited for them from time to time, so urgent are they to make things works.

Luckily, that’s simply not the case here. Pisces people are well equipped to deal with the kind of intensity and self-doubt that comes with falling in love, but also making it last.

Rather than feel daunted by commitment and the prospect of hard work at a relationship, they relish it.

The marriage between two Pisces people is likely to be a very long lasting and fulfilling one, with much in the way of kindness and understanding.

Romance and those little thoughtful gestures are also likely to continue years into the bond, even as passions settle.

One Pisces spouse seems to be able to effortlessly read the feelings of the other, and these two are wonderfully gifted in anticipating the needs of the other too.

Yet vivid imaginations can just as easily play tricks, so both partners ought to be careful in keeping it real.

Whether they go on to have a massive family, a dozen pets, or just see out their lives in the loving company of one another, the Pisces and Pisces marriage is one designed to last.

Both partners just need to make sure that they’re addressing the issues that arise as they go.

Pisces and Pisces: Common issues and problems

As is often the way with two of the same star sign dating, there is certainly such a thing as having too much in common, or being too alike.

And as touched on in the marriage discussion, Pisces and Pisces couples can sometimes avoid the big issues without meaning to.

In relationships, issues left to fester or remain unspoken of frequently go on to become much bigger problems later down the line.

Yet with Pisces and Pisces in love, there can be a tendency to skip over even the tiniest quibbles in pursuit of a peaceful existence.

Sometimes this is out of fear of reprisal or fear of vulnerability, but can also be as simple as one or the other Pisces partner just preferring a quiet life.

What does it even matter in the grand scheme of things, they ask?

The little things that annoy us about our partners are indeed often just little trivialities that are barely worth our attention – quirks, and nothing more.

Yet many are also here to each us about ourselves and one another, and Pisces partners can run the risk of missing out here.

Compounding this problem in an almost ironic way is the idea that Pisces and Pisces lovers can sometimes simply invent problems in the relationship as a consequence of their own individual imaginations.

For example, something as innocent as a misinterpreted look or a text message left too long unanswered can cause huge anxiety spikes in either Pisces partner.

Rather than bring this up though, they’ll sit alone and ruminate on the doom of the relationship – but it’s all in their head!

It’s worth discussing the notion of escapism to excess, too. Pisces individuals alone can end up spending far too much time and money on ways of escaping reality – TV series binges, moreish online computer games, or getting just tipsy enough to forget their problems day after day.

That can be problem enough, but with two Pisces partners in the mix, one can enable the other, and they can both spiral away together.

They could lose weeks to lounging on the couch watching TV, invest hundreds in videogame hardware each, or fall to ruin from one drunken night after another.

Letting the relationship take over altogether is a common risk of any partnership where a Pisces is involved, let alone two of them.

Their love is so deep that they forget their individuality at times, and this can make moments in which they’re away from their partner more agonising than needed.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

To astrologers, there’s always a great deal of fun to be had in analysing the potential of a relationship made up of two of the same star sign.

When the parters involved are both deliciously complex Pisces people, it’s even better. Luckily, it’s pretty good news for the Pisces folks involved, too.

Finding someone who can give their tender sides the respect they deserve is rarely easy, so the two can breathe a sigh of relief in discovering one another.

They say romance is dead, but anyone witnessing the love that blooms between a Pisces and Pisces couple might find plenty of ways to argue with that more cynical overview.

This is a pair for whom affection and moments of tenderness flow effortlessly.

That flow is perhaps explained by the fact that Pisces is a water sign – and that element, in astrology, always speaks of intuition, emotion and deep, stirring feelings.

Pisces and Pisces relationships rarely follow the lines of logic – but they don’t need to.

This is a couple that goes their own way in life, following dreamlike paths that only they understand.

From time to time, this can take the partnership in directions a little removed from reality – places that can be tricky to get back from if they get out of hand.

For Pisces and Pisces couples, the best advice is to never be afraid of speaking your mind, no matter how tricky it seems.

Keeping things that bother us to ourselves in a relationship can upset its balance, and create snowballing issues later down the line.

Pisces and Pisces compatibility score: 8/10

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