Leo and Pisces Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Leo and Pisces Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

While you can expect a great deal of romantic sentiment from the deep emotions of both Leo and Pisces in this match, there are also a huge number of other issues to consider in taking this partnership forward.

Proud Leo and intuitive Pisces are of like mind in many areas, but worlds apart in countless others too.

Heartache and hurt can follow the unprepared, creating arguments and tiffs where misunderstandings arise.

Avoid them with this insight into Leo and Pisces compatibility – the definitive guide to understanding this relationship.

Leo and Pisces compatibility overview

Big smiles and big hearts are definitely things that Leo and Pisces pairings have in common. So too are sensitive sides, with both of these star signs proving more easily hurt than they often like to show the rest of the world.

Yet to truly understand the Leo and Pisces match, delving deeper into each individual’s astrological makeup can help shed light on why the philosophies of this pair often seem at odds.

In many respects, it has to do with the elemental side of these star signs.

Every zodiac sign, alongside its constellation and mythology, has a ruling element. In the case of Leo, that element is fire, and sums them up perfectly.

Fire signs are warm, brave, full of heated passion and emotion, and quick to act with complete confidence and self-belief.

On the other hand, Pisces is a zodiac sign ruled by the water element. Water in astrology symbolises that which is hidden, but also emotions, intuition, healing and psychic power.

Likewise, Pisces people are kind and nurturing, but also able to intuit things with astonishing accuracy.

Yet if you took water and introduced it to fire, it’d make some steam at first, but quickly get drowned out.

This is the risk that many Leo and Pisces love affairs face – Pisces has deep, all-consuming emotions that could well swamp Leo and extinguish their sense of self.

Being controlled or contained does not appeal to Leo one bit. Their star sign is symbolised by a lion, after all – and anyone who has ever seen the dissatisfaction on the face of a lion pacing a zoo cage knows how those proud beasts hate being confined.

Like the lion, Leo is fearsome when they need to be, and they get what they want with decisive action.

But they’re also playful and loyal, with often majestic movements and a love of lounging around, watching the world go by.

Pisces people are symbolised by two fish circling one another, top to tail, in an endless cycle.

Astrologers distinguish this as the way in which Pisces lives in two worlds at once – the realm of dreams and imagination, and our own grounded reality.

Pisces often deals with concepts and feelings that the rest of us can’t relate to, but this dual perspective also touches other areas of their life too.

Rather than harmonise opposites, Pisces lives two opposing ideas simultaneously at times, and deals with the confusion that creates as they go.

Leo moves in straight lines, decisive and bold, while Pisces swims around decisions here and there, rarely wanting to commit to something they might regret.

This is just one of the many factors behind why Leo and Pisces couples sometimes run into trouble – but the truth runs much deeper still.

Matches between the Leo woman and Pisces man

The Leo woman is a proud, distinguished and accomplished individual who says what she means and means what she says.

She’s drawn to life’s winners, which means she might overlook the Pisces man at first – his presentation isn’t the cocksure and confident type she usually goes for.

The Pisces man navigates life mostly by gut instinct, but can easily get swept away by romance.

The glamour and allure of the Leo woman is hard to ignore, and the two share a childlike curiosity about the world which may well draw them together.

The Pisces man gets a little tongue-tied when encountering a good looking lady, but he doesn’t need to worry.

If the Leo woman has him on her radar, she’ll make her intentions known fast, if not outright making the first move. She’s very direct in her intentions, especially in love.

Therefore, as far the Leo woman and Pisces man dating goes, expect her to insist on adventure and romantic getaways.

There’ll be lots of joking and charm back and forth, and certainly plenty of flirting. The relationship is likely to get physical sooner rather than later too.

However, as the relationship develops, the Leo woman’s need for independence ensures she’s off doing her own thing just as much as insisting she’s a priority in the Pisces man’s life.

He’s keen to have her close by more often than not, but she’s not going to sacrifice her free time so readily.

Yet the further the Leo woman runs, the more clutching at her sleeve the Pisces man can be.

While she loves the attention and affection he lavishes on her, it can become cloying after a time, and she needs to come up for air.

The Pisces man, on the other hand, is quite content to sink away from the world into his own thing. It’s likely he’s fond of escapism – fantasy books, video games or the like.

It’s harmless enough, but the Leo woman could well voice concerns that she wishes he’d engage with reality more.

Yet recharging the batteries away from the world is simply something the Pisces man needs to do far more often than the Leo woman.

Her own self-indulgent ways sometimes leave something to be desired too, as she has a remarkable sense of self-importance sometimes.

The good points:

  • Romance and emotional fulfillment brighten the beginnings of this relationship, giving both the Leo woman and Pisces man the fairytale love they always wanted
  • The Pisces man is more than happy to dote on the Leo woman, making her his queen
  • The Leo woman is physical and sensual in love, and always happy to fulfill what the Pisces man desires

The bad points:

  • The Pisces man wants constant contact, which exhausts the Leo woman
  • The Leo woman turns any conversation into one about her
  • The relationship can fizzle out fast once the Leo woman realises the excitement of the early days isn’t going to last once the Pisces man relaxes around her

Matches between the Leo man and Pisces woman

The greatest showman in all of the zodiac struts his stuff without a care, yet his head is often turned by the femininity and sweetness of the Pisces woman.

While she’s strong, she’s good at appearing vulnerable, which ignites his inner need to be a hero to a damsel in distress.

Both partners in a relationship between the Leo man and Pisces woman are kind and generous, and this means that the relationship is likely to get off to a good start.

The inherent charm that the Leo man possesses makes winning the heart of the Pisces woman pleasant for both parties.

He’s keen to take her to all his favourite hangouts and show her off to his friends, but sooner or later the Pisces woman wants to hide away from the world with him.

The Leo man will oblige, not least for the intimacy this promises, but won’t duck out of the limelight for long.

The Leo man is one keen to get out into the world to see and be seen, and he’s likely to want to continue his partying, business meetings and travel plans once the relationship is locked down.

The Pisces woman finds being extroverted exhausting, and likely won’t want to follow this herself.

She’ll be content doing her own thing and indulging her own ways of escapism and fun, which the Leo man might quietly consider a waste of time.

Yet his own way of being self-aggrandizing and feeding his ego likely drains her too, and she can’t help but think he’s a bit self-centred.

The Leo man sees himself as the protagonist of a great adventure story, and leads his life as if this were so.

The Pisces woman is a master of illusion, but also seeing through them – yet will find the Leo man bristles against the idea of not being the centre of attention if she suggests as much.

The Pisces woman loves deeply, and very expressively. She’s likely to text the Leo man at all hours from sun up until sun down, happy for his company – but the Leo man needs room to breathe.

This can be hard to find for him though, due to her clingy way of expressing her affection.

Sure, it boosts his ego plenty, but how is he meant to be himself under her constant watch? The more she clutches, the more he acts out and asserts his individuality.

This hurts the Pisces woman, making her feel isolated and abandoned from time to time.

The Leo man is something of a natural flirt, too, which doesn’t help the Pisces woman feel confident.

He doesn’t mean anything by his playful ways, but she’s only right in calling him up on it – trouble is, doing so makes him feel even more trapped and frustrated.

The good points:

  • Big dreamers with big hearts, the Leo man and Pisces woman create sparks of fantastic romance early on
  • The Pisces woman loves the idea of being protected, however strong she is – and the Leo man is keen to prove himself her hero
  • The Leo man gets loyalty and praise aplenty from his devoted Pisces woman

The bad points:

  • The Leo man is going to do his own thing his own way whether the Pisces woman likes it or not
  • The Pisces woman feels like the Leo man is her top priority, but she is only is when he feels like it
    • He wants to go out, she wants to stay in – they can’t always have it both ways

Leo and Pisces friendship compatibility

The stark opposites that complicate love between these two-star signs cause a fair number fewer issues when things are kept platonic, and so Leo and Pisces friendship tends to be more straightforward.

Leo is bold, confident and feisty, and is a fantastic friend when it helps Pisces coming out of their shell.

Leo friends like to seize the moment, go with the flow and make their mark on the world – often through legendarily large nights out!

Pisces is more drawn to getting comfy indoors, and might feel pressurised by their Leo friend to get out and about.

This isn’t helped by how spontaneous Leo is – Leo could well suddenly text Pisces to come out just as they’ve got settled indoors.

Leo gets frustrated at the slow pace their Pisces pal takes, but could learn much from that less in your face approach.

And when the chips are down and Leo is hurting inside, there’s nobody more compassionate or reassuring than a Pisces friend.

These two will certainly be friends for a good long time, as they both see all relationships in life as long-term, and prefer to let their loyalty shine through.

Leo will move mountains to protect their Pisces friend, and Pisces will use their gifts of insight and intuition to help guide Leo’s path.

The Pisces friend may duck out of the way of their Leo friend sometimes, and usually that’s when their antics are stirring up mischief.

Drama tends to follow Leo folks wherever they roam, but Pisces is very uncomfortable with that, and will step aside if it looms on the horizon.

But of course, should Leo really be in trouble, Pisces will be there to help in a heartbeat.

If anything, Pisces can learn from Leo that some selfishness is healthy, and not to always put the needs of others above their own requirements in life.

Leo and Pisces marriage compatibility

There’s a long-term view to love and romance in both Leo and Pisces people, and both of these star signs often dream of having a big fairytale wedding that celebrates having found the love of their life.

Of course, the allure of this fairytale wedding is a bit different for each star sign.

For Pisces, it’s about making a fantasy vision a reality, with beautiful decorations and smiling friends and family all around. For Leo, it’s about a celebration of themselves and their love.

In married life, this sense of self-importance for Leo will be a defining quirk of the relationship. Leo’s needs will often overshadow those of Pisces, who is passive enough to perhaps let it happen.

The couple will live wherever works best for Leo’s career, for instance – which also always comes first.

Pisces will lavish love and affection on Leo, and receive plenty back, but will also often shrink into the marriage and find ways to daydream within it.

Leo can run around winning the day’s bread and boosting their own social status all they want – Pisces is content to go their own way.

Leo should be careful not to take the Pisces spouse for granted though. This kind of loyalty, easy going affection and commitment isn’t as easy to find as Leo sometimes likes to think.

Propping up a partner goes both ways, and Pisces doesn’t have the same self-confidence that Leo does.

Naturally, the Leo spouse will do their best to prop Pisces up in this regard, but could end up feeling like they’re throwing all their effort into a bottomless well.

Pisces often simply doesn’t act on good advice or motivated intentions, preferring an easy and comfortable life.

Comfort is boring to Leo though, and they need to be very careful not to let boredom creep in so much that they start seeing opportunities elsewhere.

Shopping around within the marriage is sure to break Pisces’ heart, but Leo might just cut and run to seek a thrill without warning.

Leo and Pisces: Common issues and problems

We’ve already talked at length about how the selfish streak of Leo, coupled with a sense of impulsiveness and brashness, can create issues for this couple.

Pisces can be hurt or bewildered by Leo’s actions in the moment sometimes.

Yet what often follows, and deserves more discussion, is the fact that Leo often sees nothing wrong with their actions, even when outright told they’ve behaved in ways that are hurtful.

In short, Leo pride is so strong that they often quite simply refuse to apologise.

Conversely, Pisces is so keen to keep the peace that they could well apologise to excess when problems arise.

Worse still, Leo might blame them for something they themselves did, deflecting the shame, and Pisces will accept it.

Leo’s proclivity for doing what they want, when they want to, can sincerely hurt Pisces.

Yet the more sensitive souls that they are, they either won’t admit when their feelings have been hurt, or they’ll find their uneasiness cheerily laughed off by Leo.

By and large, both of these star signs tend to keep their hurt to themselves, and cave in to the silent treatment if upset with one another.

Naturally, it doesn’t take a relationship expert to say that hiding these issues from each other and punishing each other with coldness doesn’t help the relationship.

Once the excitement and newness of everything slows down in love, Pisces is ready to settle in for a quiet life of emotional contentment with one another.

Yet Leo wants all of the excitement all of the time, and will begin getting their thrills elsewhere if it can’t be rekindled with Pisces.

Pisces is very emotional, and in moments of tension or disagreement, won’t be as keen to keep up the fight as Leo is.

Arguments always end in Leo’s favour because of how draining these disagreements are to Pisces. Leo thinks they’ve won the point, but Pisces is simply too empty to continue participating in a circular debate.

In the end, Leo could well make their excuses and leave for new excitement elsewhere in love, especially if a new face has made itself known.

This can be so sudden and sharp a break that Pisces could be inconsolable for months afterwards.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

As fans of relaxation, the good times and hot and steamy romance, Leo and Pisces have much to agree upon.

Yet it’s the sense of self, or lack thereof, in this relationship between these partners that often causes so much of the mess.

No relationship is ever truly impossible, but having a happy union of hearts is often far more difficult and hard work than many realise.

That’s especially the case here, with Pisces preferring an easy life, and Leo not always having the eye for responsibility needed to do the soul work.

Leo is ruled by the sun in astrology, which means that they feel themselves to be warm, bright, and – of course – at the centre of us all.

Meanwhile, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, master of illusions, taboo feelings and the great unknowns of life.

The fact that these celestial bodies are at pretty much the opposite ends of the solar system to one another does plenty to symbolise just how worlds apart the thinking is between Leo and Pisces sometimes.

Yet if Pisces learns to speak up without fear when they’re feeling wounded, and if Leo learns that putting themselves first isn’t always the way to success, love and honesty can take the lead.

Doing so means swallowing plenty of pride though – a much taller order for Leo than for adaptive, free-flowing Pisces.

However things pan out long term though, a steamy match in the early days is certainly promised, with lots of chemistry and laughter that can make this a match that’s memorable if nothing else.

Leo and Pisces compatibility score: 4/10

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