Leo and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Leo and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Imagine the hottest celebrity couple you know, then dial up the drama, the spice and the excitement to eleven – that’s the spotlight-stealing love of Leo and Leo!

These two big cats work hard and play hard, but won’t always play nice unless they’re pampered just right.

This feisty partnership is too hot to handle for most, and might even leave the Leo folks involved burnt out and bruised if taken the wrong way.

Avoiding those blowouts means learning the inner workings of Leo and Leo compatibility – the definitive guide found here will get you up to speed with that in no time.

Leo and Leo compatibility overview

Astrology teaches us that the star sign of Leo is somewhat straightforward – these are up front and honest people who say what they mean and mean what they say.

Yet even with Leo’s heart so endearingly worn on a likely high couture sleeve, there’s plenty more to delve into here.

Two Leos in love will mingle the energies we’re about to discuss in all manner of intriguing ways, and no two couples made up of such striking personalities will ever be alike.

However, a few broad strokes to start off this analysis will still paint quite the informative picture.

Understanding the symbolism of Leo is a good place to start, and the individuals in question rarely waste any time explaining what their zodiac symbolic animal is.

The proud and mighty lion is indeed the animal Leo represents, from the constellation in the stars to the traits of these folks in reality.

You’ll find Leo people proud and confident, often with striking hair in the same way a male lion’s mane is his signature feature.

Yet like the lioness, Leo people also often move with noticeable grace, and are warm and protective of those they hold dear.

Lions are regarded as the kings and queens of the jungle in the animal kingdom. Likewise, some say the Leo star sign is the king or queen of the zodiac – a proud Leo person themselves may indeed put this notion forward if conversation ever turns to astrology at a dinner party.

Whether the zodiac truly has a monarch, as such, is always a keen debate – but no matter the truth of the sentiment, rest assured Leo will act as though they are anyway!

These are natural born leaders with a gift for being the centre of attention – and getting a bit sulky if they’re not.

The warmth of the Leo personality, the brightness of their being, and of course the heat of their passions all tie in with their ruling planet.

Well, that said, while all zodiac signs have a ruling planet, of course dear Leo wants to be unique – their ruling planet technically isn’t a planet, but our own sun.

Like the sun, Leo folks like things to revolve around them, but not out of a selfish need for control as much as a desire to let their radiance shine out.

The sun gives us life, after all, and likewise Leo people like to let their own nourishing warmth bring out the best in people and spark up new ideas.

So far, this all sounds rather wonderful, but remember that we’re talking about a Leo and Leo relationship here.

Two suns, two lions, two leaders – can any relationship successfully involve two such vibrant and immense personalities?

Matches between the Leo woman and Leo man

Astrological love matches between two of the same star sign always prove interesting to dissect and evaluate.

Part of that is due to the fact that true understanding of these match ups comes from seeing things from each gender’s point of view – so let’s start with the Leo woman.

This is a woman with plenty of admirers, and who knows just how to keep them interested without risking her own often tender heart.

She’s not one to admit vulnerability easily though, and is in fact a fountain of inner strength and conviction. She gets her way more often than not.

There’s a star quality to the Leo woman, make no mistake, but the same is often true of the Leo man.

Many of these handsome devils are a lot more quiet and reserved than conventional astrology would have us believe, but don’t believe the disguise – everyone notices when he enters the room.

A sparking chemistry is sure to arise between the Leo woman and Leo man in love, and their early days of dancing around one another will prove sensual.

In other words, the lioness or the lion will pounce, and the pent up heat between the two will have them retiring to the den in due course.

Leo people fall in love fast, and perhaps at double the speed when two of them are involved.

The Leo woman is romantic and keen to let her man know she adores him, but also expects to be his top priority in kind. She knows she’s a hot commodity that deserves affection and attention.

However, as time goes on and the whirlwind romance settles into a sweet, but no less intense, union, there could be some ego clashing to contend with.

The Leo man is an embodiment of utmost freedom, and doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do or what isn’t allowed.

But of course, this being a relationship of two strong star signs, the Leo woman wants her voice to be heard. Furthermore, she isn’t one to be told what to do or what is or isn’t allowed either.

Both partners expect to be independent people who can tend their own needs first and foremost, and clash when the reality isn’t this expectation.

Arguments between these two fiery lovers can swell to inferno levels of heated debate and roaring tirades, yet just as quickly blow over into nuzzles, cuddles and plenty of making up in bed.

The good points:

  • Instant attraction is acted on without delay – two lions circle each other and pounce into playful rough and tumble fun
  • Both partners are honest and forthright with their views and opinions – nobody is playing games here
  • There’s a deep understanding of one another here, letting rare moments of a Leo letting their guard down shine through for each partner

The bad points:

  • The Leo man expects to go his own way and do his own thing, and every so often will drop the relationship to go out with buddies with little forewarning
  • The Leo woman has high expectations and can be demanding, yet will find ordering her Leo man around soon proves a fool’s errand
  • Both of these Leo lovers are naturally a little flirty, and this could spark up some jealousy from time to time

Matches between the Leo man and Leo woman

Understanding a Leo and Leo love match from the point of view of the Leo man means taking a look at this livewire of a relationship from the point of view of a natural born hunter.

With his broad grin, a twinkle in his eye and a confident swagger, the Leo man plays the game of life by nobody’s rules by his own.

He could be a rebel, a heartthrob, a successful businessman or an offbeat artist who’s travelled the world – whatever mask he wears, he’s fuelled by an inner fire few can match.

The Leo man is ambitious, good-looking, charismatic and often brash.

He’s also not shy about his love for the ladies, and his eye is sure to catch the inescapable allure of the Leo woman before long.

There’s a kinship between this pair that does a lot of the early ice breaking for them, allowing their spontaneous best selves to come forward.

In the Leo woman, the Leo man finds a ready and willing playmate who can match, if not outpace, his own spontaneous love of life’s pleasures.

There isn’t any adventure out there that this woman isn’t willing to take with her man.

In fact, there can be a little bit of competitiveness between the two – the lighter side of egos clashing.

The Leo man and Leo woman in love could well dare one another to go the extra mile or push the envelope, and they will each put on quite the performance for one another.

Yet her straightforward way of being is of great comfort to the Leo man too, as there are no feminine wiles in play from the Leo woman beyond the occasional fluttering of lashes when they pass a clothes boutique with a sale on.

The Leo woman won’t tolerate the Leo man stepping out of line though, so he’ll have to curtail his wandering eye and leave his appreciation of other ladies well and truly behind – even remarking that someone other than his Leo lady is looking good today is likely to make her eyes flash green with envy.

As time goes on, the Leo man sometimes learns the hard way that the Leo woman sees her life subconsciously as a great performance.

Everything has dramatic flair – joy is infectious and explosive, and sorrow sees her playing the victim in ways that are sometimes unbecoming.

It can be a bit of a strain, because the Leo man wants to feel like he matters.

Yet his natural grandeur is such that if he tries to show this, he overshadows the Leo woman by mistake and makes her feel second best instead – finding the perfect footing for these two is a tricky balance to strike.

The good points:

  • If there’s an adventure to be had, the Leo woman and Leo man together can attain it – they’re an unstoppable team when they pull in the same direction
  • The Leo woman is just as sensually inclined as the Leo man is, and certainly not shy in showing it
  • Both partners are loyal and loving, with direct communication that gets to the bottom of issues fast – if sometimes a little lacking in tact

The bad points:

  • The Leo man better learn fast that there’s no room for his little black book, phone full of female contacts or raunchy social media starlets in this relationship
  • Both star signs love attention from the opposite gender but are also prone to jealousy – handle with care
  • The Leo woman will override the Leo man’s problems sometimes, making things all about her – even when they aren’t

Leo and Leo friendship compatibility

When Leo and Leo friends get together, it’s like two of your favourite famous faces getting together for a double act.

Making merry mischief is always on the agenda for this pair, but that doesn’t mean Leo friendship isn’t without its profound moments.

Shopping, fashion and spa days are likely to be activities that Leo and Leo friends cherish and bond over.

These folks like to look and feel their best, and are inclined to spare no expense in doing so – expect plenty of evenings spent flopping together onto the sofa at home with bags and maxed out credit cards.

Good food and fine wine often feature in the venues Leo buddies opt for too, and if there’s ever an opportunity for travel to hot and sunny climates, these pals are bound to take it.

In fact, by and large Leo friends are characterised by a shared talent for taking action first and sorting out the details later.

Leo people are very loyal though, and so are likely to make sure they are there for one another when times are hard.

Leo people are often more sensitive than they care to admit, and even surprise themselves by how hard they take things like rejection and heartbreak.

Only a fellow Leo can understand just how deeply this hurt can run, and they’re likely to drop everything they’re doing to rush to the aid of their fallen friend.

Of course, a shared love for the dramatic means these often billow out into sob stories for the ages, but at least they’re of like mind.

Of course, life for Leos moves fast and is a constant adventure, so negative moments never last for long.

Laughter, bright ideas and shared projects are likely to be the main way these friends click, although they should be careful not to overstep each other’s boundaries when defining who is in charge of what.

That domineering spirit and sense of self-importance could be the only thorn in the lion’s paw, so to speak.

Both Leo friends are keen to see their egos stroked, and if one seems to be getting more attention or progress in life than another, the odd bitter murmur could come forth.

Leo and Leo marriage compatibility

While even the proudest of Leo folks will admit they can, at times, rush headlong into love a little too recklessly, the good news is that they always want their relationships to last.

Just as lions often mate for life in the wild, Leo people are looking for their soulmate, and enter marriage with confidence.

It’s likely that the wedding party for the Leo and Leo marriage will be the stuff of legends, uniting everyone from both of their social circles and letting them each be the star attraction for one night only. The honeymoon will be similarly showy, but reserved more for their intimate enjoyment.

Married life tends to be romantic and cute between the Leo and Leo couple, who find in one another not just bedfellows, but best friends and confidants.

Over time, the sizzling passion gives way to a warmth and contentment full of snuggles, movie nights and travel plans.

In fact, the spirit of adventure is likely to last for Leo and Leo well into their autumn and winter years, with new vacation destinations or road trips being planned and acted on with gusto.

Photo albums full of proud moments by historic global landmarks will likely make wonderful talking points.

In fact, this is a married couple who always has a story to tell, and they enjoy weaving new narratives together as protagonists of their own internal movie studio.

Yet these starlets can clash on the metaphorical red carpet if one seems to be becoming more important than the other.

Leo arguments in marriage are raucous and rowdy, but luckily short lived.

Leo people are very full on, and two Leos twice as much, so this is likely for the best – although there’ll be no holds barred in the skeletons that come out of the closet in these slanging matches.

Leo and Leo: Common issues and problems

Put simply, most of the issues that come from Leo and Leo love affairs stem from the fact that both of the people involved have more than healthy levels of ego.

Neither wants to play the role of sidekick to the other, deep down, or have their freedom or confidence challenged.

Leo pride is legendary among astrologers, and because of that, neither partner is likely to apologise if they did something wrong.

In fact, Leo people of either gender are more likely to blame the victim, deflect the shame elsewhere or find other extenuating circumstances at fault.

Even if confronted with enough evidence to make a high court barrister blush, Leo will doggedly claim that they are in the clear – and if two partners are absolving themselves of all blame and refusing to take accountability, disagreements can fester fast.

Leo affection can also be somewhat capricious from time to time, and if these folks don’t feel like they’re getting enough attention at home, they might try and innocently court it elsewhere.

Yet if they get too caught up in this thrill-seeking, they could well stray almost by mistake – disaster!

In fact, getting caught in the moment overall is something of a Leo trait that can cause them problems as much as creating opportunities.

Things like impulse spending or sudden splurges in what are thought to be sure first investments that go awry can bring these folks to ruin overnight.

And of course, because Leo people expect a certain quality of life, they may not be so ready to slum it while their beau is down and out – even if they say they are.

Greener pastures can turn the lion’s head in these times, and they’re swift to fall out of love if a more glamorous life is promised elsewhere.

Perhaps ironically, both Leo partners can get convinced about the notion that their partner only ever focuses on themselves.

Both Leo partners want to be the topic of conversation or the central coordinator of a big night out, and they sometimes forget they’re a team, rather than rivals.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

In astrology, many of the most fascinating matches between partners occur when both of them have the same star sign.

While each individual’s birth chart will give them extra depth and nuance, two shared Leo sun signs promises a punchy, lively and often remarkable match.

The heat given off by this pair can’t help but sizzle, and even if things go wrong down the line, these two will always feel strangely drawn to one another.

There could be a sense of danger or tension to the relationship that they both subconsciously let happen to liven up life for each of them.

Theirs is a love story worthy of a silver screen adaptation, just the way they like it – yet it’s important that Leo pride doesn’t come before an all too possible shared Leo fall.

Leo is ruled by the fire element in astrology – an element that burns brightly, but can flicker out if not well tended.

So it is with this burning duo, who must remember to lavish praise on one another as much as continue taking care of number one.

Get the balance right, and these are two big cats who can hunt down the greatest adventure and wealth that life can offer – with plenty of passion too.

Leo and Leo compatibility: 7/10

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