Make a Leo Man Chase You… Here’s How

Make a Leo Man Chase You… Here’s How

That sleek king of the jungle with his wild mane and eye-catching clothing may talk a big game, but you know deep down he’s a tender pussycat in need of a good belly rub.

Yet it doesn’t do to underestimate the Leo man, and finding your way into his heart can be an intense game of cat and mouse.

Leo men are commanding, intelligent and ambitious, and you’ll need to prove how much you’re worth prowling after.

You need to make a Leo man chase you… here’s how!

1. Win a Leo man’s heart with flattery

Whoever said that flattery gets you nowhere had clearly never crossed paths with a Leo man.

As much as it seems like the oldest trick in the book, the idea that Leo souls, both male and female, love compliments isn’t an exaggeration.

Of course, your Leo man is a clever cat, and he’ll know if you’re paying lip service and simply making up praise for the sake of it.

However, he’ll beam with the brightness of the sun that symbolises his star sign to your heartfelt praise too.

When you’re making a Leo man notice you, you can be as simple or as elaborate you like with the flattery. If it comes from the heart, then he’s sure to purr contentedly.

If you like his tie, his shirt or his new boots, say so. He’ll love it. Similarly, when the time comes to tell him how he’s inspired you and how much you think about him, he’ll be practically glowing.

The Leo man wants to be seen, to be recognised and to feel as though what he does in life matters, both to those he loves and also to the world. Demonstrate this, and you’ll be winning the heart of a Leo man in no time.

2. How to get a Leo man to chase you? Adventure!

Leo is a fire sign, and fire signs in the zodiac are given to raw emotion, taking life as it comes and giving their all to every moment. Excitement and passion go hand in hand with their outlook on life.

While both the Leo man and the Leo woman alike are sometimes teased by astrologers for their bouts of lazy, indulgent lounging, you’ll find that they’re also keen on adventure and spontaneous fun.

You can make a Leo man fall in love with you by showing off your love of travel, adventure and pushing your limits.

To a Leo man, life is a big journey to be undertaken with a flair for drama and buckets of enthusiasm.

Positive thinking and an almost child-like excitement for what the day brings proves a great way of seducing a Leo man.

When you show off how exciting you can be, you’re proving yourself irresistible to him, and he’ll pursue the chance to find excitement in life with you.

Keep things fresh and invigorating by suggesting new activities and ways to connect with your Leo man.

A sudden road trip, a new restaurant or secret speakeasy to sip gin in together all appeal to the curious, fast-moving Leo man’s mind.

3. Signs a Leo man is falling in love with you – he’ll say so!

If you’re tired of playing games with guys and trying to work out whether or not they’re into you, the Leo man will prove a breath of fresh air.

Leo men wear their hearts on their sleeves a lot of the time, and more than that, they see life as theirs for the taking. There’s no time to lose and no reason to be anything other than true to themselves.

What’s more, thanks to their love of big gestures, dramatic reveals and raw, sweeping emotions, your Leo man likely couldn’t hold back from telling you his feelings even if he wanted to!

In short, if you’re wondering how to tell if a Leo man is in love with you, you don’t need to worry. He’ll make it pretty plain from the get go, and even if he doesn’t speak it, a look from him is all it takes.

Of course, what can feel daunting here is that the Leo man will expect that kind of openness and demonstrative affection too. If you’re on the shy side, it’s important to push yourself out of your shell every so often.

4. Keep a Leo man interested by lending him the spotlight

The Leo man is the king of his domain, even if sometimes it does feel like he insists on that truth himself. It’s endearing, and the way he laps up the limelight is hard not to fall for.

More than anything, the Leo man wants to be seen and to shine in the spotlight. It’s why so many performers, actors and charismatic public speakers are often born under the Leo sign, as well as political leaders.

One of the big secrets to seducing a Leo man is letting him enjoy being the centre of attention. But more than that, you can actively steer that spotlight towards him to give him the chance to shine.

It’s not just hanging on his every word and giving him your full attention, although that will definitely help win over a Leo man.

For instance, if you’re out and about with friends and they give you the chance to tell a story about something funny that happened in your day, give the Leo man a chance to tell it.

Even if he doesn’t show it, he’ll adore the opportunity.

But better than that, he’ll remember that you’re someone who’ll happily give him the chance to be the focus of everyone’s gaze – and that’ll make a Leo man chase you more than you think.

5. Find your Leo man soulmate by following his lead

The Leo man is among one of the greatest leaders in all the Zodiac.

Just as the planets of the solar system spin around the sun that so symbolises him in classic astrology, so too do people tend to revolve around his words and deeds, taking inspiration.

A Leo is a natural born leader, and as such, one of the quickest ways of finding out what turns off a Leo man can be found by those presuming to tell him what to do.

At his worst, he’ll bristle at even the most well-intentioned advice, so it’s really important to deliver your view of his actions with tenderness and tact if you want to keep a Leo man interested.

Luckily, this is one of those situations that more or less solves itself. Simply leave him in charge of decision making and let him know that he’s the boss in all areas of life, and watch your Leo man purr.

The great thing is, he’s a lover of freedom as a much as he is command, so he’s not going to devolve into a control freak who demands to know where you go and why.

The Leo man may have a jealous side, but it’s much more reasonable and easily talked down than the likes of a Scorpio man.

Given half a chance, you’ll find that the Leo man is more than happy to suggest date venues and ideas, and more often than not he will be the one who’s initiated the chase when it comes to the game of love in the first place.

Even with his immense pride and tendency to love some ego stroking, it’s hard not to feel captivated by just how straightforward and forthright the Leo man is.

In today’s world, it’s refreshing to find someone who’s on the level and won’t play games, although he expects the same of you.

6. Attract a Leo man by being physical

The Leo man finds something very intimate and healing about physical touch, even moreso than other star signs at times.

If you’re aching for his touch, or wanting to reach out and squeeze his arm reassuringly when he talks about having had a hard time, don’t hold back.

Anyone who’s ever contemplated how to attract a Leo man has discovered that it’s actually the very moment they let go and show their attraction through a stolen touch or a suggestive caress that things start to fall into place.

It’s about as direct a statement of your feelings and intentions as it gets, and as far as your Leo man is concerned, that kind of directness speaks volumes.

Actions definitely speak louder with Leos in this more than any other way.

One of the biggest secrets about a Leo man is that he finds the white lies and half truths people tell each other just to get by in the world hugely pointless and confusing.

It makes less than no sense to him why people won’t be honest.

The Leo man forgets that we weren’t all born into this reality with his tremendous courage and charisma, which makes his moments of truthfulness hit home in their intended target every time.

Either way, it’s a big part of why the Leo man appreciates touch and physicality in romance a great deal, and you’ll find when you get close to him that he’s a tender, giving and intimate lover.

Even if it feels like you’re being way too overt with him at first, be bold in how you reach out to him.

Grasp his hand and squeeze when you’re emphasising a point in conversation, playfully brush dust off his suit jacket shoulder when he speaks, and definitely hold him tight when it’s time for a hug.

The Leo man will adore you for this, and you’ll find he’s more than happy to move things forward.

7. Keep a Leo man forever with loyalty

You’ll find that, even despite his charm and broad smiles, your Leo man only truly has eyes for you.

As already touched on, beneath his bravado and fearsome mane is a dear and sweet soul who just wants to protect you and take care of things on your behalf.

However, he expects that his loyalty goes both ways. When you win a Leo man’s heart, it’s more often than not with a long-term commitment in mind.

Remember, in the eyes of a Leo man, he’s the king and you’re the queen, and together you’ll build an empire for the ages.

Commitment and loyalty go a long way to reassuring a Leo man that he’s made the right choice with you, so avoid doing things that could make him jealous or have reason to suspect you’re not as invested in the relationship as him.

Also work to give him lots of confirmation, through both your words and your actions, that you’re into him and that you love your life together.

Sometimes this might feel like you’re repeating sentiments you’ve already told him, but if there’s one gentleman in the zodiac who’ll appreciate a repeat performance or three, it’s the Leo man.

The Leo man plays to win – and you may well be his next conquest

Falling in love with a Leo man is a game of contrasts, in which you’ll learn to work with not just his bold and confident side, but also the more hidden, sensitive and considerate soul who only comes out to play behind closed doors.

In the early days of getting to know him, it’s important that you show you’re fun and capable, but also willing to put him first from time to time.

Definitely be your own independent self, but keep in mind that a Leo man finds doting affection incredibly sexy.

The Leo man longs to be the leader of his domain, in all walks of life. You’ll find in him an ambitious man who values honesty and the finer things in life.

Give him every reason to know that you’re going to stick by him through thick and thin and be an uplifting influence, and he can’t help but fall for you.

Don’t be shy in getting touchy feely with a Leo man either. He favours the direct approach, and he’ll take the hint seriously – assuming he hasn’t pounced on you already!

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