5 Ways to Tell if Your Leo Man is Cheating on You

5 Ways to Tell if Your Leo Man is Cheating on You

Is Your Leo Man Cheating on YouWondering what the tell tale signs are that your Leo man is cheating on you? In this special report I will give you the five key signs that your Leo man is cheating on you. It is not easy to accept that someone you love is being unfaithful but if you have the slightest suspicion you owe it to yourself to find out the truth. You know what they say after all – there is no smoke without fire.

 If you are in a relationship with a man born under the sign of Leo the Lion you have to remember, you are dealing with quite a character. Leo males are known for their need for mastery and control. They also feel that they need to be a part of something greater and bigger than themselves.

It is not uncommon for people born under this sign to be quite judgmental. However, this form of judgment is different from the kinds of judgment done by people born under different signs. The Leo man judges others based on their hierarchy. In other words, are you part of the “in group” or the “out group”? Are you part of my inner circle or not? You have to keep these things in mind when trying to figure out if your Leo man is cheating on you.

The Leo male personality tends to revolve around these impulses and personality centers. Moreover, even if you think that your Leo man doesn’t fit the stereotypical Leo male personality profile, dig deeper. These are personality centers that have their own emanations or related personality profiles.

Their overlying focus is on the sense for mastery and a sense of control either of self or others, usually both. Here are five ways to tell if your Leo man is cheating on you.

He stops asking about what you’re doing

A key part of the Leo male’s controlling nature is that they need to be aware of what’s going on in the lives of people they care about. They have this kind of emotional and personal radar. They like to map things out. The last thing a Leo wants is to feel odd like he has lost control.

As a result, they’re always asking what people are doing and this can often be misconstrued or confused as gossiping. However, they are always trying to map people out in terms of interpersonal relationships but also in terms of emotional space and emotional relationships. You know that there is something wrong when your Leo man is no longer doing this type of emotional mapping.

It is as if he stopped caring. This can indicate that his emotional attention has shifted to another person. Pay attention to any patterns. If he stops asking what you’re doing and this persists for quite a long time, you might need to start getting curious and start digging under the surface.

He doesn’t care about the outcome of your projects

One of the great things about dating Leo guys is that they can really help you with whatever projects you are doing. Either they can give you feedback, or they can actually physically help you. They can pull strings to get you the resources you need, or they can even do research for you. This trait is particularly strong for Leo signs in 2016.

This is part of what makes them so endearing and romantic. They try to get into your world and help you. This is of course not as altruistic as it seems. This all feeds into  their need to master a situation or control a situation. Some overly sensitive people get turned off by this. However, take it for what it is. It’s their way of showing that they care.

You know that your relationship is in trouble if the Leo man in your life has stopped asking about the outcome of your projects.

Don’t confuse this with asking about your project. Leo men actually don’t ask about your project as much as the outcome of your project. There is a big difference when people are concerned about the outcome, they are concerned about your success. In other words, they are concerned about you being happy and getting what you want.

When you notice that your partner has stopped asking questions regarding outcomes and results then this might indicate that his emotional focus has shifted to another person. Keep in mind that any shifts in emotional focus might not just mean a shift to another person but might also mean just a person has falling out of love with you. It does happen.

He is more than happy to butt out

If you know your Leo man in and out, you know that he loves to butt in. You know that he likes to make your business his business. In some situations, this can be quite comforting. Everybody loves an ally. Everybody loves to have somebody on his or her side. However, it can get quite suffocating and it can stifle your range of motion as well. This is especially true if you are a creative person. Be that as it may, it may be a sign of trouble for your relationship if the Leo man in your life is more than happy to but out.

In other words,  you don’t even need to tell him to butt out or stop meddling, he would misinterpret what you say as saying, “butt out!” and he would do it on his own. If you see this happening too frequently this might indicate that he is trying to create emotional distance between you and him.

A key element in Leo psychology is the need to master one’s emotions. When you see him trying to do this, it could be a sign of him mentally preparing for an emotional disengagement with you. It is a red flag. Of course, one incident where he happily butts out doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is on a slippery slope to breaking up.

Just look for patterns, if this keeps happening along with the other signs mentioned in this article, then you should start getting worried and start putting a plan of action together.

He’s not as sensitive as usual

The interesting thing about Leo men is that they try to master every situation. This applies to both external situations and, of course, their own internal emotional constitution. As you can tell, this is like walking on a tight rope-it’s very hard to do.  This is why it’s not unusual for most Leo men and women to be quite sensitive.

There is this inner tension between outer reality and an inner need to control. They are very sensitive, and they can get quite defensive. If you see your Leo male partner not being as sensitive as usual and actually letting things slide off his back you should start paying attention to him more often. You should start seeing if this is part of a positive personality growth or a sign that there is a growing emotional distance between you and him.

Usually Leo’s sensitivity is not a bad thing in many circumstances and with the right kind of partner, it can actually be transformed into something positive. However, if you see the negative side of his sensitivity, if you see him being less sensitive and start sliding towards not caring at all, then you should start to worry and take action.

He starts showing signs of cooling passion

The Leo man is born under a sign that is, of course, based on the lion. The lion has historically been all about courage, and all about passion. Leos are not afraid to show their level of passion. They are not afraid to show their level of commitment. In many cases, one of the biggest weaknesses of the Leo personality is their all-or-nothing frame of mind, especially when it comes to issues of control.

This can cause particular problems in Leo and Gemini relationships.

If you see the level of your Leo partner’s passion dwindling, you should start digging deeper. How do you know? Pay attention to the words he uses. If the words he uses aren’t as superlative as before or as extreme as before, you know that his passion level is dwindling. If you don’t see him being as extreme in a good way as before, you can tell that the passion level is going down.

When you see this, start asking questions. Feel him out. Listen, there may be certain issues that are diverting his attentions and could have led to him to cheat on you.

Keep the signs above in mind. While they are not in of themselves dispositive if taken together in a broader context, they can indicate infidelity at worst, or at best huge emotional distance opening between you and your loved one. The good news is that you are always in control. There is always something you can do to resolve the situation. You just need to keep your eyes open and not be in denial, or worst, misread the signs.

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