Leo Ascendant Explained

Leo Ascendant Explained
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What does “Leo Ascendant” Mean?

This special report analyses the effects of Leo Ascendant. This is a topic that a lot of people get confused about so in this special report I will explain exactly what Leo Ascendant means and how it will affect you in the coming months.

The term Leo ascendant and rising sign are used interchangeably and directly refer to the zodiac sign located on the Eastern horizon when a person was born. The ascendants shift in two hour intervals where each sign of the Zodiac are being represented on one 24-hour day. This means that a person usually enters his ascendant for two-hours in a day. The ascendant will embody an individual’s in physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Essentially, an ascendant Leo is the mask which one wears when initially meeting other people. It is through our ascendants that acquaintances understand us. Instead of looking through one’s true personalities, we see their ascendants instead.

The sun sign of course is our core traits and characteristics and they eventually exude once we let ourselves open to other people and become a part of their lives, as much as they are to ours.

Think of an ascendant as your autopilot– the immediate reactions and set of behaviors that you exhibit when interacting and communicating with new individuals as you walk through life. Our rising sun features the defense mechanisms we have in coping with new issues and situations as well.

It is how we adapt to foreign matters that we experience from day in and day out. Our ascendant is more apparent to others, and is most commonly overseen by ourselves. And this is why we simply need to let ourselves grow on others before we cast our true impression of them.

Our characters are typically modified by planets that influence our respective ascendants. Planets that bear the ascendant and its location as well as the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the ascendant also influence how an individual behaves overall.

One must also remember that the environment, lifestyle, and historical background determine the intensity of the characteristics from the rising sun.

It’s very easy to identify one’s ascendant. Astrologers believe that by exactly knowing when and what time you were delivered will pinpoint your very own rising sun.

Even the location helps in assisting astrologers of identifying the rising sign to the exact degree.

With the number of zodiacs and ruling planets as key factors in the determination of an individual’s rising sun, there are exactly 144 ascendant combinations in all.

This means that for an individual born under the Zodiac sign, Leo, he has 12 possible ascendants. As mentioned, by knowing the exact time and place of birth, one can definitely identify as to what rising sun they possess.

Ascendants for Leo

If you were born between July 22 and August 23, you are a Leo. If you are already aware of your rising sign, but are still clueless of what it actually means, here is a list of the 12 possible ascendants that you possess and the characteristics that come with being under your specific rising sign:

Leo Ascendant Aries

This only means that your external traits and behaviors are that similar of those born under Aries as their ruling sign. Of course, this may be the opposite or simply different from what’s within, and those are the traits inherent among Leos.

Both Leo and Aries share fire as their key element. This means that passion, enthusiasm, and intuition are traits that others will see in you consistently. Because of the highly courageous attitude brought about by your ascendant, you are most likely careless in performing activities and making decisions. Once your acquaintances become true friends, this is when the loyal and entertaining Leo comes along and shines.

Leo Ascendant Taurus

Both Leo and Taurus are Fixed signs which mean that you display stubborn, but domineering behaviors. It is due to your Taurus ascendant that you are perceived as a generous individual. Taurus Rising means that your source of happiness is from sheer simplicity of life. Your rising sign’s pragmatism and your ruling sign’s sense of creativity are what make you the centre of attention among friends and family.

Leo Ascendant Gemini

Leos with Gemini as their rising sign are mostly extroverts and carefree in nature and are conceived to be inconsiderate and insensitive at times. Zodiac tells us that both Leo and Gemini are friendly in that they are very warm even to strangers who they have met recently. Leos with Gemini rising are best appreciated for their humor and are some of the most attractive creatures you will ever meet.

Leo Ascendant Cancer

With Cancer as your rising sign you are more careful when meeting new people.  You patiently wait until you deem a person deserves to know more about your true, inner self- that is a Leo who is loyal and honorable individual. Your carefulness also keeps your guard up at all times, especially when in a foreign setting or situation. Leo and Cancer compatibility is fully explained here.

Leo Ascendant Leo in

If you are twice a Leo– whereby your ruling and rising sign are identical, what others see is exactly who you are inside and out. You are fun to be with, accommodating, warm, and are blessed with unparalleled fortitude and charisma. Leos are known for their bravery, especially when they have great sense of security and protection from friends and loved ones. Life is a stage for people born under the Leo sign, and you enjoying assuming different roles, most especially when they are fun and entertaining to you!

Leo Ascendant Virgo

The combination of Leo Sun and Virgo Rising often results in characteristics that project an irreproachable self-image, humility, and well-behaved manners. From your Virgo rising sign, you are very much reserved and cautious when meeting people for the first time. You are very much fearful of new things, persons, and objects as factors which may ruin the balance in your life. It is also due to your Virgo ascendant that you will always find fault with the activities and opinions of others. All these sense of cautiousness disappear once you feel secure with people. Soon your fun and exciting true self will soon roar and explode for your friends to experience in awe and admiration.

Leo Ascendant Libra

Libra Rising gifts you with a tactful, endearing, and highly sociable flair. New people will see you as a nice person. It is also due to these sets of traits in the surface that you are extremely good in matters of arbitration and negotiation. Your social skills are commendable as evident by your initiative to start a conversation, and eventually friendship with people you just met. Under the subtlety of your actions, friends actually know that you always have this need for attention and admiration. The fortitude and obstinacy will shine through the subtlety from your rising sign.

Leo Ascendant Scorpio

This is probably the most antagonistic pairing there is for people born under Leo. Although exhibiting a set of opposite characteristics, Leos and Scorpios share some peculiarities, endurance, and resistance in dealing with certain situations. With a strong sense of self-confidence and esteem, you are most likely to get upset with negative criticisms from other people and will work to prove a point. Your ruling sign makes you melodramatic and may scare people who initially met you as a friendly and colorful person. During initial meetings, you are subtly mistrusting and stubborn, but all these will soon disappear once you find people who you trust.

Leo Ascendant Sagittarius

There is nothing narrow or pretty in your characteristics if you bear this combination. You may not understand the concept of contentment that other people feel despite their limitations. The rising sign and the ruling sign make you all the more grandiose and euphoric, and that is why you love to seek thrill and excitement through different life adventures.

Leo Ascendant Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn share the same vision of the world and are often flamboyant and grandiose in nature. You always strive to please and never disappoint. Capricorn rising make it seem to others that you prefer to be alone and that this predicament is very much appealing to you. Two characteristic traits from your ascendant are detachment and moderation, but is usually a knee-jerk reaction when meeting people during the first few times. Of course, this is way different from the aristocratic and chivalrous states that you keep inside.

Leo Ascendant Aquarius

Aquarius is exactly opposite of Leo in the Zodiac wheel. This means that Leos who feature true traits such as uniqueness and jealousy will also exhibit conflicting characteristics. This is not a bad combination at all. With your Rising sign, you look forward to a positive and bright future. A bit stubborn and a nonconformist, you are most likely to pursue individuality and collective progress to succeed. In order to be happy  and content, Leos with Aquarius rising need to find harmony between that part of you who seeks and values recognition and that part of you which yearns to for sharing and freedom.

Leo Ascendant Pisces

With Pisces ascending, you are viewed by others to be perfect- both charming and enigmatic who is not capable of committing flaws. With your rising sign, you take advantage of opportunity when it is offered to you. Although your inner self displays the melodramatic and frank side of you, you seem to exhibit the opposite to strangers and acquaintances. The common traits among Leos and Pisces are those of unwavering generosity and idealism.

If you have questions about what Leo Ascendant means for you feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer any additional questions you might have.

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