Leo Personality Traits

Leo Personality Traits

Individuals born under the sign of Leo may lead different lifestyles but they feature similar sets of Leo personality traits which make them unique, interesting, and special when compared to people under the other Zodiac signs.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac calendar. As the name implies, Leo primarily symbolizes the brave hunter and king of the jungle, the lion.

The inherent nature and characteristic of this majestic animal are apparent in majority of people who were born under the sign of Leo.

Probably two of the most remarkable personality traits of people born under Leo are that of kindness and generosity. Although the level or intensity of these traits differs from one Leo to another, people of other signs will clearly see these traits across all Leos.

Here are other characteristics of individuals under the Leo sign.  Those who are born between July 23rd and August 22nd can use this guide to reflect if they feature such personality characteristics. However, do not think that you need to have all these traits.

Lifestyle, upbringing, and several other factors are determinants to an individual’s persona. Simply, you cannot have all the positive or negative traits since there are no two people who can be identical anyways!

The Personality Traits of Leo are as follows –

–          Risk takers

–          Deeply passionate

–          Big spenders

–          Courageous

–          Adventure-seekers

–          Vain

As you can see people born under Leo feature both good and not-so good personality characteristics. The extent of these personality traits and characteristics will depend on their capacity to control their feelings, emotions, and opinions as well. For instance, being vain is generally not a bad trait.

Of course, everyone wants to look pleasant and desirable to others, right? If kept within acceptable levels, being vain can bring opportunities in career and even in one’s love life. A stubborn trait is acceptable and deemed correct if you are trying to prove a rational point of view.

You are not afraid to stick to your ideas and opinions and endure criticism so you can prove that you have a point as well.

Leo’s Key Planet

The key planet of Leo is the Sun. Although not necessarily a planet but a star, the sun perfectly depicts the most endearing traits found in Leos. Just like our sun’s solar system, Leos exude high energy whenever they perform at home, at the workplace, or are simply with friends. These individuals are center of attention in situations as their ideas are bright and their arguments are just as fresh and invigorating as the sun.

Leo’s Key Element

Fire is the key element of people born under Leo. Fire is known to bring forth heat and light. Its flames give warmth to those who need it and are even a source of sustenance for some. The unpredictable and sometimes illogical traits of fire are similar to that of Leos. Their great sense of intuition and instinctive nature enables them to endure and survive a life full of challenges.

Independent Leo Lions

One of the most desirable traits that Leos have is independence. When used properly, this trait can catapult a Leo to success and the fulfillment of dreams. The ability to live alone and still have the strength to endure hardships despite being alone is attractive especially when you see it a woman born under Leo. You can read my full and detailed analysis of the Leo Woman personality characteristics here.

Much like the intensity and brilliance that fire displays, a great sense of passion is apparent in people born under the Lion’s sign. Until they achieve their goals, their enthusiasm in their work and activities will shine relentlessly through and through.

Leo in Friendships

The great sense of adventure and enthusiasm of Leos enable them to attract a lot of people, who eventually become their friends. The warmth that emanates from deep within can be seen in their highly outgoing attitude. Due to their highly energetic trait and warm-spirited traits, they are very likeable to other signs. Although they are highly independent creatures, they are not self-centered and would go a mile or two to help friends who are in dire need of their assistance and comfort.

Although friendships hit rough spots, Leos do not hold grudges against others. They rarely look at shortcomings from the past and instead forgive friends or people who have wronged them. This may be a double-edged short t Leos who trust the wrong types of people.

Leo in Love

As much as Leo’s are spoiled, they command the same amount of love and attention from their partners. People under the sign of Leo is an adventure seeker, thus they are energized with new experiences and activities when together with someone they adore. They want to share wonderful new experiences with their loved ones, thus making relationships with Leo more fun than usual. Leo and Aries are an excellent example of this “perfect” match. You can read my complete analysis of Leo and Aries compatibility here.

Leos are naturally romantic creatures. The source of their true happiness and contentment in human relationships is romance, passion, and a lot of love. Their charisma will make anyone fall for them immediately, while their passion for true, unending love sustains the fires of passion in between a Leo and a partner.

Leo Negative Personality Traits 

Only a few undesirable, negative traits can be seen among Leo:

  • Their domineering personality can be a bit of a problem, especially if they need to deal with people with dominant personalities
  • Although passionate, Leos exhibit jealousy when the attention they need is not provided by others
  • At times, Leos do give in to melodrama, especially in situations when they are highly criticized for their actions and activities.

So now it is over to you – are you a Leo and do these personality traits sound familiar to you? Are there other Leo personality traits that you think we have missed but should be included?

Maybe you know a Leo and have your own thoughts on their personality profile and characteristics. 

Simply leave your thoughts in the comments below and lets start a discussion about the key personality traits of Leo the Lion.

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