Libra and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Libra and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Sitting side by side in the calendar, the match between Libra and Scorpio in astrology is a deep and complex one.

With one a social butterfly and the other a dusky arachnid, it can seem an impossible gap to bridge in helping these two get together.

Misunderstandings, unspoken feelings and internal yearnings likely define many a relationship like this.

Yet overcoming all that needn’t be difficult, especially if you brush up on your knowledge of Libra and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to which awaits just below.

Libra and Scorpio compatibility overview

In astrology, matches like the romance between Libra and Scorpio are always remarkable matchups to study and analyse.

That’s partly because, if you look at the months in which these two were born, it makes them astrological neighbours.

Debate is fiercely divided between just how viable it is to date one’s astrological neighbour – the star sign directly before or after one’s own.

Yet whatever a given zodiac professional’s stance on this issue, one thing we all agree on is that these relationships are anything but dull.

That’s probably because astrological neighbouring star signs often vary wildly from one to the other – it’s not a smooth transition of personality traits, but often a jarring jump between philosophical outlooks.

For instance, here, Libra believes in justice, while Scorpio prefers revenge.

This isn’t to say that romance for Libra and Scorpio is impossible – far from it. However, there ought to be some awareness of each star sign’s personality traits before getting involved in what does and doesn’t work here.

Starting with Libra, we know that their astrological symbol is the scales. Libra people believe in equality and balance – they play fair and expect the same of others.

Libra folks also tend to see life in twos, or in contrasting aspects they feel compelled to bring into harmony through their actions.

In keeping with that, Libra people have an eye for details, especially where aesthetics, beauty and refined appearances are concerned.

They’re often artisans of some sort, or creatively gifted in some way that helps make beauty shine in their surroundings.

Compare this light and airy energy to Scorpio – a star sign so complex there are at least four animals representing it, one of which is mythical.

The namesake scorpion is the most famous of these though, defining how these people have a stinging wit and a crafty way of being at times.

However, other animals representing Scorpio include the eagle, the serpent and the legendary phoenix.

The latter is especially interesting, as it symbolises the more or less indestructible nature of Scorpio people – they seem reborn, like whole new people, after disastrous life events.

Scorpio people challenge life from a position of gut feelings and keen observation, and they dare the depths of being that folks like Libra find simply distasteful.

Yet this relationship has the potential to create yin-yang energy of light and dark – although it might not be easy.

Matches between the Libra woman and Scorpio man

Make no mistake – the Libra woman is often very much in demand. She’s not only good looking, but intelligent and capable alongside it, and goes her own way in life with decisions based on careful and balanced consideration.

Men can’t help but try their luck with her, not least since she’s so rarely single – this is a woman built for partnership, and she loves having someone to care for and dote on.

Yet she isn’t one to jump right into a relationship off the bat, preferring a slower and more traditional approach.

This all suits the Scorpio man just fine. He’s someone content to watch life from the sidelines for the most part, but only so as to identify the most opportune moment to put his agenda forward.

His is a powerful inner fire, and through his strength of will he tends to get what he wants.

He’s also more charming than astrology often gives him credit for, and because of that, he’s able to position himself just so, and catch the Libra woman’s eye.

She won’t have a clue where he came from, but make no mistake – he’s planned on getting her alone with him for a while.

Dates are likely to be a little secretive as a result, but no less romantic for it. These are two very loved up individuals more often than not, and waste no time getting to know one another once they both realise it’s safe to do so.

However, the Libra woman is someone who always seems to be busy, and it could try the Scorpio man’s patience to say the least.

He likes to have her close at hand, yet she’s content to flit about meeting up with all kinds of people.

The Scorpio man knows it’s unreasonable to be jealous of those who get to spend time with the Libra woman rather than him, but he can’t help himself.

Yet expressing this, or trying to get her to keep still, comes off as monstrously possessive and controlling.

The Libra woman takes her personal freedom seriously, and isn’t afraid to cut and run if the Scorpio man becomes too overbearing.

Yet she does herself no favours by playing it so cool and aloof all the time – she’s not going to impress her Scorpio man that way.

The way the Libra woman distances herself from her emotions means she isn’t as expressive of them as the Scorpio man likes.

Having said that, if he presses her to show them more, he only pushes her further away, creating a hopeless cycle for the pair of them.

The good points:

  • The Libra woman and Scorpio man are both romantic, and will express this to each other thoughtfully as they define how much they mean to each other
  • The Libra woman always tries to put her partner first, doing anything to please her Scorpio man
  • The Scorpio man offers strength and reassurance when the Libra woman’s mind works overtime, giving her clarity and peace

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio man likes to be in control, and he often comes between the Libra woman and her freedom by mistake as he does so
  • The Libra woman’s mind moves so fast that she seems scattered at times, and feels far away to the Scorpio man
  • The natural charisma that the Libra woman has almost seems flirtatious, awakening terrible jealousy when witnessed by the Scorpio man

Matches between the Libra man and Scorpio woman

Few people are as welcome in every corner of the community as the Libra man, whose natural grace makes him appreciated wherever he goes.

Generous to a fault, this good-looking fellow commands respect without ever demanding it in anger, and is someone who wins trusted friends effortlessly.

He’s also deeply romantic at heart, finding the modern ways in which the dating game is played a touch too impersonal to be viable for him.

Yet when he meets the Scorpio woman – intense and mysterious – he’ll find his more conventional courtship rituals go down ever so well.

The Scorpio woman is someone who gives her heart entirely to the man she loves, and she’ll do everything in her often surprisingly formidable power to see him happy and content.

The Libra man will want for nothing while under her thrall, and she has an irresistible allure that’s both shy and sensual.

That’s because, beneath her ice-cool exterior, a roaring sea of emotions rolls and thrashes within the Scorpio woman’s soul.

Her emotions shift almost by the hour, meaning the Libra man is never sure what to expect, and she’s incredibly insistent that the Libra man is hers alone.

To her, it’s a kind of forbidden devotion, and it might strike the Libra man as a step too far. However, to keep the peace, he’ll do his utmost to stick with it at first.

Yet he should be careful not to be seen letting his charm loose with anyone else, lest the Scorpio woman fly into a fury.

She’s all but impossible to thwart once the red mist descends, so the best course of action is to duck and cover and wait for the tempest to blow over. It’s at this point that the Libra man might begin to feel he’s out of his depth.

Yet the Scorpio woman just as easily spoils him rotten to keep him on side, even when his emotions have cooled off and she’s urgent for his touch.

The Scorpio woman is emotionally intense in ways that often smother and drown the Libra man, but she’s ironically giving what she wants to receive.

The Libra man cannot give what he doesn’t have though, and will find that anything he offers never seems to be enough – and worse, that eventually even his best is accused of being only half effort.

The good points:

  • The Scorpio woman is a remarkably loving and enticing partner, doing everything she can to please her man
  • The Libra man’s traditional ways of wooing are very happily received by the Scorpio woman
  • Both partners are wary to trust new people, and are relieved to find in one another that their precious secrets are protected

The bad points:

  • The simplest decisions seem to baffle the Libra man into a standstill, which can become frustrating
  • The Scorpio woman lives through incredibly intensive mood swings that can sometimes make her mean and agitated
  • The Libra man is of the mind, but the Scorpio woman is of the heart – they profess their love so differently that they barely seem to align in the end

Libra and Scorpio friendship compatibility

As two people who love equality, fairness and seeing that those less fortunate are able to make their way in the world without impediment or judgement, Libra and Scorpio friends are often united in principle if little else.

While their ways of dealing with perceived injustices are very different – Scorpio’s sudden strikes, versus Libra’s guiding hand – there’s a sense of kinship between these two.

Libra and Scorpio friends make great activists or social commentators.

However, not all such friendships need to be engineers of sweeping change. There is still plenty this pair can offer one another, although Scorpio won’t get too close to Libra – they recognise how Libra can fly off to do other things with other people at a moment’s notice.

Scorpio can’t fully adhere to someone apt to be a social butterfly and dash around for weeks at a time, impossible to get hold of.

Scorpio needs a more constant connection for their closest friends, but Libra needn’t feel offended. It’s just a difference in how these two-star signs interact.

In essence, Scorpio makes few friends and keeps them close, and only the closest still of those people are able to learn their deepest secrets.

Libra could well be one of those friends, but needs to show Scorpio they’re not a fly by night fair weather friend.

The best way of doing that is safeguarding Scorpio’s honour when they feel down, sticking by their side during hardship, and never, ever judging them on their emotional responses to things.

That is, after all, exactly what Scorpio would give their closest confidant, and they expect no less in return.

On the lighter side of things, fun activities for Libra and Scorpio tend to be outings to out of the way venues, or interesting new art exhibitions that explore the taboo and macabre.

Libra is adaptive enough to see the grace in these things, and Scorpio relishes exploring the mysterious and forbidden.

Libra and Scorpio marriage compatibility

As it happens, both Libra and Scorpio are the kinds of people who only are interested in settling down with The One.

Their lives are often dedicated to the pursuit of their soulmate, and they may well identify that they’ve found that in one another if the issues in this relationship are overcome.

Libra is a star sign that never feels quite right if navigating life’s journey alone, and much prefers having a dependable and trusted partner to bounce ideas off and look after.

Scorpio fills that role wonderfully, and similarly sees love as a long-term conquest.

However, Scorpio should be mindful that marriage to Libra doesn’t give them control over their spouse – nothing ever will.

Scorpio gets flustered when life spirals out of their control, and is much the same when people don’t act the way they want – but none of these things are for anyone to command.

Libra is hopefully sensitive enough to distinguish that the Scorpio spouse’s need for control is actually a form of vulnerability and insecurity – things Scorpio hates to admit to.

Tenderness and affirmation that Libra will always be there does much to comfort the Scorpio spouse.

However, Libra can rest assured that the Scorpio spouse will also be loyal, loving and expressive in marriage – perhaps even to excess at times.

Scorpio’s emotional ways are quite intense, as astrology has gifted them with the ability to feel more fully than anyone else.

Yet their romantic expressiveness is extreme, and might well smother Libra, even years into the marriage.

The Libra spouse responds by trying to tactfully withdraw and get room to breathe, but the Scorpio partner just feels abandoned in these moments.

It’s a difficult challenge for both partners, as to bridge the gap one or the other has to change fundamental traits in their nature, which is often an unfair thing to ask – even in marriage.

However, the dedication this couple shares long-term means that Scorpio and Libra marriage intends to last.

Libra and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

With one partner remaining light and adaptive, and the other stubborn and dusky, it’s clear to see why Libra and Scorpio problems arise from time to time.

Libra responds to life with the head, and Scorpio with the heart – there’s a lot of miscommunication to overcome here.

Both star signs are also remarkably charming, but can’t quite get onboard with how each other go about it.

Libra will feel that Scorpio’s sometimes brutal honesty should be called up by those receiving it far more often than it is – how do they always get away with being so rude?

Yet Scorpio will see how Libra says they feel one way about someone, but then acts entirely gracious and polite in their presence, often to steer their actions towards a desired goal.

Libra regards this as diplomacy, but Scorpio believes it’s manipulation.

Trust is sacred to Scorpio people, so seeing how Libra is able to put on such a performance may make them trust Libra less. After all, if Libra says they love Scorpio, is it genuine, or in pursuit of a hidden agenda?

Yet Libra is nowhere near as scurrilous as Scorpio seems to think, and resents the accusation if it’s broached their way.

In fact, Libra will be surprisingly sulky at even the most well-intentioned criticism, although Scorpio can’t hold the moral high ground here either.

That’s because Scorpio’s pride is often a touch grandiose, and they will huff and puff over any insults, even if those insults are ones they’ve tricked themselves into believing people have made.

Libra will find they’re often having to talk Scorpio down over essentially nothing.

Libra will often prioritise things that the Scorpio partner finds difficult to understand. To Scorpio, the relationship is always a priority, yet Libra believes that their love life should be balanced with their social life, career and family concerns.

Libra will spend a lot of time darting around between these different areas of life, and dedicating energy to keeping them in line as they see fit.

Scorpio will feel like a part-time priority as a result of this though, yet speaking up against it has them being accused of being needy and clingy.

Both of these star signs have a habit of shutting down and going ice cold when issues arise that hurt them, and this only serves to exacerbate problems best discussed.

Yet when Scorpio indulges in heavy emotional talk, Libra gets nervous and skittish, preferring to exit the conversation entirely.

This makes Scorpio feel like their concerns go unheard, while Libra feels like their every action is being scrutinised to excess.

Resentment and doubt can build up over time, as neither Libra or Scorpio are inclined to expose their vulnerable sides if they don’t feel respected.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

When two astrological neighbours get together, the results are always fascinating – albeit often pretty tricky and emotionally charged for the individuals involved.

Libra is a star sign that prefers a peaceful existence, and where rudeness, abruptness and disharmony simply cannot be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Scorpio is a star sign that lives life intensely, and often through agonising hardships that give them a cynical edge that clashes with Libra’s grace.

The ruling planets of each of these star signs only further illustrate their differences. Libra is ruled by planet Venus, a planet that governs romance, beauty, art and compassion.

Meanwhile, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, ruler of the underworld, of death, other people’s money and sexual intensity.

These planets are already remarkably disparate, but to complicate matters further, Scorpio is also ruled by the planet Mars – a planet of war and bravery, and direct impulsive action.

Indeed, a whole article could be written on just how complicated the Scorpio persona is.

And of course, that makes it hard for many of us to truly get close to them, and Libra is no exception.

Yet both partners will often feel as though the expectations the other has of them shift on a dime, not helped along much by Libra’s flighty indecisiveness.

It’s a shame, because at the core of all this is a pair of old-school romantics who just want to settle down and feel the wonders that love can offer.

Yet Libra and Scorpio in love often feel like they’re speaking the same language, but saying very different things – a difficult but potentially rewarding match awaits the brave here.

Libra and Scorpio compatibility score: 5/10

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