The Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo

Your Moon sign speaks to the ‘nurture’ side of your personality, as the Sun signs speak of the ‘nature’ of the person you become, on your journey through this world. The Moon represents the Mother energy. Your Moon sign often mirrors the way you were mothered.

For this reason, it makes sense to view your Moon sign as the embodiment of your inner child. Indeed, your Moon sign is determined by your name, birth date, birth location, and birth time. So, rather than always feeling comfortable with your Moon sign, you may feel rather embarrassed by some of its features. Be aware that this discomfort is a sign that you either have outgrown some of your childhood tendencies—or you still need to.

Your Moon sign speaks to your true self. It speaks to your experience growing up, and resulting outlook on the world. In essence, you are looking for your mother. Your Moon sign is the embodiment of your inner child.

It is important to offer this character as much acceptance as you would to a younger version of yourself. You will feel the growing pains. Do not stop on your search for the enlightenment the Moon has to offer you.

The Moon in Virgo Traits

The Moon in Virgo reveals that they are perfectionists. You often seem to be in fantasy land when it comes to the level of desired attention to detail. When you are able to achieve your vision, it is a trailblazing one.

Lunar Virgos, depending on their sun signs will vary in the severity of their perfectionism. If you have an Aquarius sun sign, you will be more laid back than the average Leo-Virgo or Aries Virgo, for instance. You are hard to work for, but easy to love.

You are way more relaxed in your home environment than a professional one, although you make each look deceptively easy. You may complain about your laundry list of to-dos, but you secretly pine for free time to do chores and run errands. You are task-oriented, and very hard to knock off your game.

The Moon in Virgo Women

Virgo women often get categorized as divas. Sadly, the higher up in your profession, the more likely this claim will be aimed at you. Remember that you are a strong asset to any company you are a part of. You are the only one who can speak your mind, so do not let anyone stop you.

You come across as whiny and bossy. Often, this does not even bother you. If it does begin to nag at you, though, you can easily find ways to change your tone. Try shifting your focus to asking how others can be better showcased for their own talents, and not just how they can help you look good.

One picture of the Moon in Virgo women is that of the doting homemaker. One who spends her days tidying. She organizes, cleans, and prepares the home each night for the next day’s activities. She micromanages everyone with the authority of a stereotypical nosy aunt or grandmother.

Another vision of the Virgo Woman is seen in Beyoncé. She is an infamous Sun Virgo, but obviously, the list-making qualities and attention to detail can be used for creative and professional uses, as well. Virgos usually seek behind-the-scenes jobs, but depending on their star sign, they can truly pull off any role in the theater.

The Moon in Virgo Women is sisterly. She will not coddle you—but give life hacks, instead. She will not be ceremonious in the way she prepares you for life. She may test you via trial by fire. However rough your initiation, know that once you have been approved by a Virgo, you are the gold standard.

While not known for your eloquence, you do know how to troubleshoot problems. Friends may be upset by your opinions, but they can certainly always count on you, to tell the truth. Make sure that your comments are worth the pain they might cause.

Even your nest friend in the world for the past 30 years knows you only mean well, but will probably smack you the next time you ask if ‘that’s what you’re wearing?’ Honesty may always be your best policy, but there is a time and place to hold your tongue.

For the sake of your loved ones, learn when your critical voice is necessary. You may want to edit every single little thing, but this will drive some people up the wall. It will drive others out the door.

The Moon in Virgo Men

The Moon in Virgo Men sees them mirroring the actions of the satellite itself. Lunar Virgo males are careful observers of their surroundings. They are able to recreate images and feelings in a way that makes them great at directing and producing.

The Virgo, or Virgin, is so named because of their supposed incorruptibility. The Virgin eye will see things no one else can. Like a chef who knows just what ingredient is missing, this person is a valuable asset to any group project. Although, they will likely cause tension within the work group with their tendency to get hung up on ‘small things’.

Virgo men, Solar and Lunar, are more likely to catch your stare from across the room than approach you with an already-paid-for drink to offer. While these practical guys love to be handy and do things for you, they are not the type to peacock. They do not like to brag about their material possessions.

The Moon and Virgo in Love

The Moon and Virgo in Love are there to remind you that you have things to work on. Moon in Virgo parents, for instance, act on observation of their children when the intuition does not automatically kick in. You will need to feel appreciated in your helper role, or you will get burned out quickly.

Virgos do not do things for the recognition, but being taken for granted will cause them to stop helping, in protest. Lunar Virgos know when they are being lied to by their loved ones. They sense the unsaid.

Do not expect your Lunar Virgo love to sit still for long. These creative, intellectual people will find a way to pitch in, wherever they are. For many Virgos, living alone or keeping a separate sleeping space is common.

Between being shy and not wanting others elbowing into your routines. Do not be afraid to both extend yourself more to others, and invite them in more. You are everyone’s favorite host and party planner.

The family and community will see you and your partner as pillars. You will not ask for a parade in your name, but you will make sure that everyone is taken care of. You like to make things presentable, but more important—you do not let anyone or anything slip through the cracks on your watch.

Your close friends, family, and romantic partner will all benefit from your strengths. Be careful not to also tax the group with too much nit-picking. It is hard to appreciate beauty or intelligence as it is being shoved down your throat; which is what people sometimes feel you are trying to do with your ideas.

Temper your anxiety by throwing nervous energy into a new hobby. Learn the intricacies of a new language. Practice yoga and mindful meditation—for both the physical and mental release they provide you in times of stress.

A Virgo in love is more likely to fill up your gas tank while borrowing your car. You plug up phones and turn off faucets without being asked. You still come across sometimes as needy and whiny. Respect the fact that not everyone speaks the same love languages as you.

Dates for the Moon in Virgo

Luckily for you, there are free websites that offer Moon Sign Calculators. Plug in your chart information, which takes only a few minutes. You will get a diagram of the Zodiac, usually color-coded. Your Moon sign, like your Sun sign, will be indicated on this chart.

Due to the personal nature of the details of your birth, Moon sign dates are best left to examining after you have figured out your Lunar sign. Your Moon and Sun signs may match. If they do, this only reaffirms the characteristics of your sign in both your natural and your nurtured self.

If they do not, it would be to your benefit to study the differences. You might have made conscious changes in your personality over time. You might see something of your inner child in your Moon sign that you want to reincorporate into your adult life. You will learn more about yourself and what you need in a relationship from this study.

Final Thoughts

Your reactions to stress are tied to your Lunar Moon. Representing the comforts that you grew up with, the moon will draw you into thinking about your childhood. You make great parents and guardians, as well as teachers.

You are not a huge fan of open displays of affection or violence. Virgos need to stay busy but do not necessarily thrive in leadership positions. You are the best in off-camera functions. You catch mistakes better than anyone.

This critical eye can drive you and others crazy. You get anxious and overanalyze. Making lists helps you stay organized and feel productive, but be careful that this habit does not turn into an exercise in procrastination. You love to cross ‘make list’ off of your list, but is this really helpful or productive?

Ask yourself how you can reconcile your shy nature with your need to control. This will come into play when in romantic and family endeavors. You know that you get overwhelmed easily, so find a way to communicate to your partner when you are in distress.

Letting those close to you know how you are feeling is as much for your sake as theirs. You will feel uncomfortable at first, but that is better than becoming depressed. You have so much positivity in your life, so learn to look for the bright spots.

Although your initial reaction will be to worry and panic, try to temper this by your level rationale. You are an intellectual. You are not as emotionally supportive as your fellow fire sign of Leo, but you love to help others in practical ways.

Any time your obsession with flaw-fixing starts feeling like too much pressure, remember that professional help might be an option. If you can afford it, you will benefit from the thoroughness of the process. You might be able to pick up on the necessary changes in your life rather quickly.

Virgo, there is no problem you cannot solve. Draw on the strengths of loved ones when you start to melt down. They want to support you. Your fellow fire sign, the Leo, would love nothing more than to cheer you on.

By studying the differences in your Zodiac Sun and Moon signs, you may find what traits you share or envy from each of your friends. As you look around the Zodiac cycle, take an inventory of qualities from each that you could adapt to fit your own needs.

Borrow the confidence of a Leo, or ask them to come to a difficult doctor’s appointment if you are too nervous to go alone. Talk to a Cancer Sun sign friend if you need to navigate a sticky situation at work. You have at your disposal all the tools to fix all the problems you see.

Remember that each problem will need a solution. If you bring up exceedingly more problems than solutions, you may lose some of these friends. Work hard to show your gratitude to those who support you.

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