Virgo and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

There are plenty of pros and cons to Virgo and Virgo relationships. Two of a kind is often twice and nice when it comes to love and astrology, but it can sometimes be double the drama when two of the same star sign pair up too.

Of all the star signs, it’s Virgo who likes to have a game plan more than anyone else. Avoiding the perils of heartbreak can be hard, but have no fear.

All you need is some insight into Virgo and Virgo compatibility – the definitive guide to this relationship can be found right here.

Virgo and Virgo compatibility overview

As perhaps the most cerebral star sign in the zodiac, or at the very least the one most keen on a methodical approach, love can be a bit of a baffling game to play for Virgo.

Put two of the same star sign into the mix – Virgo and Virgo lovers in this case – and the potential for confusion is high.

Virgo likes to analyse and deconstruct things, yet love is fickle.

They can lose hours of time going over the signs of whether someone is into them or not, to such an extent that their awesome minds work into overdrive and they make more problems than they solve.

Luckily, astrology has their back in this instance. Even though it’s always fascinating when two of the same star sign get together, a Virgo and Virgo relationship has one distinctive advantage to call on to help it succeed.

Put simply, it’s the fact that the other partner is also a Virgo! After all, this is a star sign renowned for its keen attention to detail and endless sense of refinement and perfectionism.

Virgo wants life to be organised and tidy, to an extent that many folks cannot hope to match.

So who else but a fellow Virgo would stand the best chance of meeting this star sign’s exacting standards?

Even so, there are other factors to consider in helping a Virgo and Virgo couple succeed. To understand why, dig a little deeper into what makes Virgo tick.

Virgo is symbolised in astrology by the virgin, but just as much in modern thinking by the young maiden who is new to the ways of the world, clutching a chaff of wheat.

Lots of people think this all makes Virgo people shy and naïve, even gullible.

But this is often an unfair assertion that entirely undermines the frankly dizzying brilliance of the Virgo intellect.

These are consummate people watchers – instead, the innocent nature of the Virgo star sign is instead their deepest inner wish that the world were just a touch less harsh and chaotic.

Virgo people are altruistic, and prefer kindness and compassion over bullying and despair. They’re a stickler for the rules though, so aren’t out to set in motion any big revolutions in bringing their desire for change to pass.

Instead, Virgo people want to be the best version of themselves, and create their surroundings in the image of perfection and order.

As such, when two Virgo people date, they tend to combine their ideals and collaborate on, basically, tidying up their corner of the world.

Two Virgos joined in this quest of the soul can be a force to be reckoned with. What’s more, with quick wits and an eye for detail, nobody is going to pull the wool over their shared eyes any time soon.

However, Virgo and Virgo in love can be a fussy and overly nitpicking combination if care isn’t taken.

They’re still individuals in their own right, after all, and can hardly be expected to agree on absolutely everything.

Matches between the Virgo woman and Virgo man

Although good old fashioned love and romance sings to the Virgo woman’s heart, the reality of such a thing – the fear of the unknown, the daring vulnerability of opening one’s heart – is far less appealing or practical.

The Virgo woman is extremely selective as to whom she allows herself to get close to – she’s been stung one too many times in the past.

Furthermore, she finds that a lot of people are a little too crass and vulgar to really let into her inner circle – especially where dating is concerned.

To the Virgo woman, a relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere is as good as not bothering.

To her, the butterflies of excitement and more carnal urges are all well and good, but they’re simply not enough to make her interested in anything but a long term love.

She’s also very much attracted to intelligence and a distinct world view. It’s here that the Virgo man enters the sphere of perception that the detail-oriented Virgo woman always puts out. Chances are, he won’t be aware he has done so at first, as she’s very subtle.

The Virgo man is a dazzling intellectual, and not lacking in a sense of humour either.

He leads an orderly life according to his own desires, and tends to take new ventures on very cautiously. He is doubly cautious in love for similar reasons, as he’s not keen on the unknown.

The Virgo woman therefore represents quite the puzzling prospect to the Virgo man. He likes to get to the bottom of things, and she’s so mysterious by her own design, that it becomes all rather mentally intoxicating to him.

Of course, his nature is the same as hers – and so he’s proving just as much of an enticing enigma to her own keen mind.

The Virgo woman and Virgo man dance around each other for quite some time because of this dynamic.

As such, it takes time for these two to get together, as neither wants to make a move until it’s safe.

However, there’s nothing but peace, love and plenty of mental stimulation to go around once the relationship between the Virgo woman and Virgo man gets up to speed.

The good points:

  • Loyalty and reliability are incredibly important to both the Virgo woman and the Virgo man, and they are overjoyed in finding it in one another
  • The Virgo man never loses his cool, always approaching issues in life with an open and analytical mind
  • The Virgo woman finds it difficult to trust, yet finds only patience and kindness in her Virgo man

The bad points:

  • The Virgo man prefers logic over emotion, to an extent that makes him cold and unapproachable at times
  • The Virgo woman can be aloof and overly fussy, to an extent that makes her nagging and contrary in the Virgo man’s eyes
  • Both of these partners have control issues, insisting on things going according to plan and reacting badly if events go awry

Matches between the Virgo man and Virgo woman

Even between two of the same star sign, the differences in perception on a given relationship held by the genders involved is worth seeing from every angle.

As such, the match between the Virgo man and Virgo woman is one in which personal introversion has to be overcome.

Doing so is entirely worthwhile though, as the Virgo man is rapid to discover. He maintains a somewhat solitary role in life, which in part comes from the fact that he has recognised from an early age that his mind moves far faster than most of everyone else around him.

It can be a lonely place, yet one that luckily doesn’t give the Virgo man too much in the way of cynicism.

In fact, the best of such gentlemen are giving and kind, a true example to us all – and certainly more than capable of showing due respect to a woman when they date one.

The Virgo man doesn’t rush into love though, and he finds that the Virgo woman actually appreciates this.

Both of these partners need plenty of time to let the relationship find its feet, and do not easily give in to their emotions, however strong they become within.

A powerful emotional reaction is entirely likely to bubble up here too, yet it’ll be one as much stimulated by the mind and by shared ideas as by physical and emotional attraction.

It’ll be nerve wracking for them both, to say the least – but well worth the investment.

That’s because both the Virgo woman an Virgo man in love rely on the knowledge that they’re opening their hearts to someone capable of respecting them.

Not only is this the case here, but the relationship thrives on the shared loyalty of this pairing, and is built to last.

However, as time goes along, the Virgo man can get a little wrapped up in his head.

So fixated is he on his thoughts and ideas, like the classical absent-minded professor we see in fiction, that he doesn’t always give the emotional support the Virgo woman needs.

What’s more, the Virgo woman herself has a tendency towards the aloof from time to time. Because of this, she can be a little judgemental or involve herself in gossip.

The Virgo man doesn’t see the purpose in this kind of behaviour at all, although it’s infrequent enough as to be harmless.

The good points:

  • Two cautious lovers who only open up to the truly deserving find that they’ve met their match in every way with one another
  • The Virgo woman is generous and compassionate, always ready to calm the bustling mind of her Virgo man
  • The Virgo man is never going to stray, and has eyes only for the Virgo woman, living up to the promise of devotion he makes to win her heart

The bad points:

  • The Virgo man often forgets that love is a two-way street, and that he needs to give of himself to keep things strong long term
  • The Virgo woman worries abut every little thing that’s out of her control, and this kind of insecurity can be difficult to comfort from time to time
  • Both partners here are perfectionists to a fault, so fixated on improving everything that they may forget to stop and appreciate all the wonders that they already have

Virgo and Virgo friendship compatibility

In the most traditional sense, Virgo is not a star sign who goes out of his or her way to interact with other people.

They aren’t always the lone wolves that some astrologers make them out to be, of course, but they certainly are somewhat selective in the company they keep.

Virgo people have no patience for rude, vulgar, disorganised people who are late without apologising or who keep poor personal hygiene.

However, people of like mind are always welcome – so it’s no wonder that Virgo and Virgo friends tend to hit it off.

They do so in their own quiet way, of course, and prefer to connect over sophisticated entertainment or in venues with a sense of grace and beauty. Virgo and Virgo friends have a kind of sophistication to them that’s matched only by their intellect.

With that in mind, it’s often puzzles or games of mental agility that appeal to this pair, and they tend to share hobbies that let them flex some intellectual muscle.

That said, don’t underestimate the kinds of art and creativity talented Virgo friends are able to produce either.

Virgo people like life to be of a certain standard, and also to make plans for the future that will play out to their exact specifications.

They find it difficult when these plans go astray, especially if they’re made to look foolish or feel embarrassed in some way because of that.

They may well find that it’s only a fellow Virgo friend who can understand just how gut testing an inner pain this kind of disappointment can be.

Yet not only will Virgo and Virgo friends commiserate with each other – they’ll think up brilliant new ideas and regroup together too.

It’s likely that these precise and pleasant friends will develop a long term connection that means they’re each never more than a phone call away.

Having that sense of security that can only come from a trusted confidant is reassuring to people who are often worried about how life plays out for them.

Virgo and Virgo marriage compatibility

To Virgo people, every decision is to be made not just in terms of the immediate benefits that come from it, but also – more specifically – the long term consequences that every decision brings.

This is partly why they are so analytical, and partly why they are so choosy in who they love.

Because of this, Virgo and Virgo marriage is often quiet a natural consequence of a Virgo and Virgo relationship.

After all, the latter would not have occurred if the two Virgo souls involved hadn’t contemplated the possibility of matrimony.

It’s romantic in a sense, but far more practical than anything else. Virgo is more sensitive than many give them credit for.

Heartbreak devastates them, so better that they settle down with someone who understands them – like, indeed, a fellow Virgo.

The marriage between two Virgo people is likely to be quite a fulfilling one, although it will be more played out in the mind and in reality than in endless sentimentality.

Having said that, even the coolest, calm and collected Virgo spouse will cave into their passions sooner or later.

Yet even when the honeymoon phase is over, the alliance that results is set to last forever – truly, Virgo and Virgo married couples are best friends to one another.

Arguments will be few and far between, and handled rationally – if a little clinically.

Raising a family together, should the family take such a direction, is a very fulfilling and mentally engaging way to devote their lives to the next generation.

Bright kids are sure to be raised in this household, although there may be a lack of emotional displays from the parents sometimes.

Virgo and Virgo: Common issues and problems

There is such a thing as being too alike – and even with that in mind, each Virgo partner is an individual in their own right, with their own view on what perfectionism and orderliness means.

Because of this, even the harmony between two Virgo lovers can occasionally be tested.

This could even be as simple as how the home is kept. For example, one Virgo partner might prefer washing the dishes after every meal, while the other might recommend a dishwasher.

The first Virgo insists that’s a waste of money, and points out it could break down.

The second Virgo suggests that it’s far more efficient than washing dishes by hand. Around and around the discussion goes, and the pair will be debating the merits and faults of their philosophy from sundown to sunrise if left unattended.

While not argumentative overall, Virgo people have a specific way of doing things, and become edgy when control over things they like to be just so are handed to someone else.

This can make partnership hard unless roles for certain things are divvied up between the two.

A love of peace means this pair will agree to disagree more often than not, yet Virgo and Virgo couples can also go to almost ridiculous lengths to avoid talking about a difficult topic too. Uncomfortable emotions are always to be avoided at all costs.

Yet sometimes that kind of vulnerability and discomfort is necessary not only to personal growth, but to the growth of the relationship as a whole.

By avoiding such tricky situations, the Virgo and Virgo partnership is actually hobbling their potential, long term.

Furthermore, when the time to open up finally comes, one Virgo partner must listen to the other without criticism or even the most well-intentioned of advice, until the other has finished speaking.

This is because, when baring their soul, Virgo folks are more susceptible to being hurt by criticism and facing their own imperfections than ever.

Virgo people often don’t realise they are nagging or criticising other people, and must be cautious of how their words are heard by the other.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

When two of the same star sign get together, it can often be a tricky riddle for professional astrologers to solve.

That said, it’s nothing if not consistently intriguing, and in the case of minds and hearts as complex as Virgo and Virgo in love, there’s plenty to explore.

No relationship is ever truly impossible, and as far as Virgo and Virgo compatibility is concerned, there’s a great deal of detail in the individual quirks of each partner to consider.

It’s a lot to take in, but leave it to the detail-oriented gaze of Virgo to decode it in an instant.

In an ever more rapidly moving world, it’s refreshing in its own way to see the care, diligence and consideration Virgo and Virgo lovers each show one another in taking their time. It’s as much respect for each other as their own well being.

It also takes remarkable self-control and self-discipline, qualities that a Virgo individual tends to have in spades.

However, it’s good for Virgo people to let go of control and see where the wind takes them sometimes – especially in love.

Though others may decry Virgo people for being so cautious, in this case, this attention to detail pays off.

Though it takes time in happening, Virgo and Virgo each finally realise they’ve found a wonderful soulmate in one another, and embrace the peace and harmony that brings.

Together, not only can their astonishing minds combine to bring forth new ideas and ways of being, but they can heal the old wounds and fear in one another, and encourage one another to be their best.

If love can be anything greater than that, we’d all like to learn what that is!

Virgo and Virgo compatibility score: 8/10

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