Virgo Taurus Compatibility

Virgo Taurus Compatibility

virgo taurus compatibility 2014

With Virgo Taurus matches sparks are certain to fly. The compatibility between Virgo and Taurus is always challenging and it contains to be a challenge for both signs when it comes to compatibility in friendship and romance.

Virgos tend to be idealistic regarding what they want. They tend to focus on a certain look, a certain attitude, a certain personality, a certain way the world should work. That’s how the Virgo mind works. Everything has to have a certain rhythm, a certain set of rules, a certain appearance.

In many respects, this is what can make a Taurus attractive to Virgo.

When it comes to Virgo Taurus compatibility, the relationship can be quite shallow but it can also become deep depending on the level of personality development of the Virgo and Taurus partners involved.

Taurus, as we mentioned earlier, tend to be good-looking people. We’re not just talking about physical traits we’re talking also about emotional and spiritual and other internal factors. They tend to have a certain glow that reassures people around them.

They tend to have a certain magnetism that draws people to them. Virgos have this ideal picture and many times it is not uncommon for a Virgo to get drawn to a Taurus. If you are wondering if there is such a thing as Virgo Taurus compatibility, the answer is a resounding yes. In my experience it’s usually the Virgo being drawn to the Taurus and less likely to be the other way around. This attraction between Virgo and Taurus is actually very similar to the relationship and compatibility between Virgo and Sagittarius.

Here are key factors to keep in mind when assessing Virgo Taurus compatibility –

Taurus Virgo Compatibility and Lust

As mentioned above, Taurus signs tend to be good looking both internally and externally however this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the ideal partner for a Virgo.

There are many things in life that look great at first but given certain circumstances might make for a bad ending. This is definitely true when it comes to Virgo Taurus compatibility.

The Virgo should keep in mind that when trying to get together or develop a relationship with the Taurus that looks aren’t everything.

One of the common causes of problems regarding Virgo Taurus compatibility is when Taurus good looks run out for the Virgo. How can this happen? The Virgo gets attracted to the very good looking, at least in terms of appearance, Taurus.

However, the Virgo has certain ideals. Up to a certain point, the Virgo leaves the Taurus because he or she thinks that the Taurus partner is shallow, petty and really not a good person. What happened? It’s very easy for the Virgo to basically paint him or herself into a corner and emotionally leave the relationship. This happens because the Taurus fails to live up to the Virgo partner’s ideals.

This is one of the dark sides of Virgo Taurus compatibility. Getting together is not the difficult bit. Starting the relationship is easy. The problem is maintaining and growing the relationship. Virgos tend to do this. Taurus’s partner might even throw up his or her hands and say, “What did I do? Where did things go wrong?”

The key to sustainable Virgo Taurus compatibility is to communicate with the Virgo clearly in such a way that you are sure of what the Virgos ideals are.

In other words, pay attention to that person’s preferences. If the person is going in with blinders, and Virgos tend to do this a lot, watch out. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you get hurt.

Virgo Depth versus Taurus Materialism

Virgos can become really deep. They become really emotionally and spiritually developed. This is one of the greatest gifts of the Virgo personality type, and this is also one of their greatest curses. It can become a curse when the Virgo is actually fairly superficial and just pretends to be deep.

The funny part is that they’re not fooling anybody around them. They’re just fooling themselves. It’s not uncommon for the Virgo to be just as materialistic as the next person but come up with all these justifications and pictures in their head.

In other words, you’re doing the same thing as everybody else, but you think you’re doing it for nobler reasons and elevated purposes. Cut the nonsense! That is precisely what a Taurus partner would say to a Virgo. Taurus, on the other hand, is usually honest regarding their materialism.

They like to look good. They like to live in nice-looking homes. They like to drive nice-looking vehicles. They like to get paid a lot. They like money. For the Taurus, there’s no shame in that game!

The problem is when they get into a relationship with a Virgo, and the Virgo has these ideals. It can make for a very frustrating relationship. Many Virgos are deep. Sure enough, but some pretend to be deep and that’s where the problem lies.

Virgo Men and Taurus Women

Taurus women tend to look at things on a “what you see is what you get” basis. They don’t have the time or energy or patience to really dig deep and figure out what certain things mean. They’re not into symbols. They’re into what they see.

Taurus women are all about cause and effect and they like to keep things very straight forward. That’s why many Taurus signs tend to become rich. They focus on what exists in the real world, and they solve problems one problem at a time.

Virgo male personality types, on the other hand, can become quite emotional, especially if their ideals aren’t met, especially if their ideals of a perfect world somehow don’t pan out.

As a result, their Taurus partner might find him or herself trying to console the Virgo and the Taurus partner might feel that it’s a waste of time. They don’t speak the same emotional language. Virgos, on the other hand, might think that their Taurus partner is very shallow and overly materialistic and petty.

The problem for compatibility between Taurus and Virgo here is not whether you two could be friends or could be lovers. The problem is that they are far too busy judging each other to think about what is best for their relationship.

The Virgo can take things too emotionally. The Taurus can become quite cold emotionally because they tend to be materialistic. The reality is that this match can and does produce great relationships, you just have to know when to stop. Virgo just needs to know when to let go and accept the Taurus partner.

A Taurus, on the other hand, has an easier time accepting the Virgo because, as mentioned above, the Taurus tends to be fairly superficial and focus on what they see. They are very eager to move on and solve the next problem. If the Virgo partner can let go and be a little bit more flexible, this relationship cannot only just survive but also thrive.

Can Taurus and Virgo Relationships Cause Depression?

For a Virgo and Taurus relationship that pretends to live in an ideal world, you can get disappointed quite frequently. That’s just the fact of life. The saddest part of it all is that you set yourself up to fall.

This is one of the most frustrating aspects of Virgo Taurus compatibility because the Taurus can often feel that he or she is an emotional baby-sitter to the Virgo partner.

The Taurus, based on their emotional constitution that focuses on what you see is what you get philosophy, tend to be quite stable. They like their food warm. They like their houses comfortable.. That’s it. They’re very basic people. They are what you see is what you get.

Virgo, on the other hand, tends to be very emotional, and they tend to look at things in terms of symbols and depth. While there is a space for this and there are many situations where this is a blessing, it can easily turn out to be a curse in terms of Virgo Taurus compatibility.

The key here is for Taurus’s stability to give enough cover for the Virgo to develop emotionally enough where the Virgo then starts supporting and helping the Taurus become even deeper and more emotionally aware person. It can work out. It just takes a lot of work. It’s really a question of Taurus’s patience.

Taurus can be very patient. However, if the Virgo pushes the envelope too much, Virgo Taurus compatibility can only go so far.

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