Virgo Leo Love Compatibility

Virgo Leo Love Compatibility

virgo leo love compatibility 2014

For Virgo Leo compatibility, it is fast shaping up to be a challenging year. We’re not just talking about political changes, economic challenges, job uncertainties and educational turbulence; we’re also talking about relationship issues between Virgo and Leo Zodiac signs.

With that said, what makes for a bad year for one person can make for amazing year for other people. It all depends on the particular configuration of opportunities, mind-sets and skills you that you have and that you can bring to the match between Virgo and Leo. This is true when it comes to jobs. This is true when it comes to money and this is definitely true when it comes to relationships and compatibility.

Different horoscope signs line up differently in terms of relationship compatibility. This is definitely true of Virgo Leo Compatibility. Keep the following themes in mind for the coming year when it comes to love matches between Virgos and Leos. Remember that horoscope signs provide a personality configuration that doesn’t really change.

As a result, Virgo Leo compatibility doesn’t really change with the years. What does change is the intensity or even trajectory of emotions, but in my experience the same issues keep coming up again and again. The themes listed below played out five years ago, 50 years ago and will play out a 100 years from now, that’s just the way these two horoscope signs emotionally line up.

Read Virgo Leo Compatibility in terms of this reality. It’s not the kind of emotions that will change, it’s the intensity and degree of emotions.

Virgo and Leo Matches and Compatibility

Leo signs are all about realism, after all, they are often perceived as leaders. They often perceive themselves as leaders. As a result, they tend to look at reality the eye, grab it by the hair and knock it down.

Leo signs and personalities are all about charging in and taking control. Leo will look at reality and view it as a challenge and try to make it to the best of their abilities bend to their will, that’s the Leo character.

The Virgo on the other hand, looks at the world in terms of ideals and if the world doesn’t match those ideals, they feel bad. They get disappointed. They lose their optimism. It’s not uncommon to see a Virgo be pessimistic or even cynical. It’s easy for a Virgo to lose hope. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Virgo will stop trying. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Virgo becomes lazy or just gives up, but Virgo deep down inside is disappointed.

When you put these two together, Virgo Leo Compatibility can produce situations where the Leo realities crash head on into Virgo ideals with negative results for the compatibility between these two signs.

Leo signs will try to do things regardless of how it looks as long as it gets done. The old saying of, I don’t care whether a cat is white or black as long as it catches mice, fits the Leo mentality perfectly.

Virgos on the other hand, prefer to do things a certain way at a certain time and at the certain sequence. This is typical of Virgo’s traits.

As you can already tell, this can result in lots of misunderstandings between Virgo and Leo in relationships. Virgo Leo Compatibility is all about Leo taking charge and Virgo feeling slightly strange. On the other hand, when Virgo and Leo mature enough in their relationship, Virgo can appreciate how Leo takes care of situations and Leo can appreciate how Virgo will focus on certain procedures.

As the relationship matures, Leo tends to be less impulsive and brash while still producing the right amount and type of action. Virgo on the other hand, steps back from being disappointed when things don’t pan out exactly according to plan and allows him or herself to appreciate the Leo partner for getting things done. In other words, Virgo Leo compatibility is all about growing together and building a long term relationship based on shared ideals.

Matches between Virgo Men and Leo Women

For Leo women, one of the biggest relationship issues that they will ever face is who gets to be in the spotlight. Leo women personalities love to be in the spotlight. They love to take credit. They love to be the decision maker even though the idea came from somebody else. They like to steal other people’s ideas and steal credit.

Virgo men can feel quite cheated and betrayed if you take their ideas and you claim the credit and Virgos tend to look at the world in a very black and white way so you really have to watch what you say and watch what you do.

Otherwise, even the smallest thing if perceived negatively by the Virgo partner can be blown out of all reasonable proportion. This can happen when it comes to spotlights. In any given relationship, there’s always a spotlight involved – i.e. who will be the public face of the relationship.

Who will be the spokesperson for the relationship? If you are a Virgo man a relationship with a Leo woman you should let the Leo do it. Leo loves to do that, however, you should impose a condition.

They will only be in the spotlight if they follow some of your suggestions. This is how Virgo Leo compatibility can really take off. As long as Virgo has some feedback as to how Leo will handle the spotlight, everybody will be happy.

Leo women can actually even benefit because Virgo men are such purists regarding particular things to say, sequences, processes that Leo can even become a better person in the spotlight. It can be a win-win situation, as long as both don’t try to take each other down. This type of Virgo Leo relationship can be a mutually advantageous situation. Supportive Virgo partners insure that their Leo partners feel important in their relationship.

Lets face it, if you are a Virgo in a Virgo-Leo match up, you’re going to be in the supporting role. Regardless of what your ideals say, regardless of what the perfect relationship you may have painted in your mind, you’re going to be in subordinate role.

The question you have to ask yourself is can you live with this type of situation?

If you want to be in a relationship with that Leo, you have to take this pill and you have to swallow it. If you can’t, don’t let the relationship develop further, step back and find somebody else, seriously.

Otherwise, it’s not going to pan out into a long term relationship.

The key way to maximum, Virgo Leo compatibility is a supportive Virgo partner that allows the Leo partner to take charge. If you are a Virgo you should support the Leo in your life any way you can.

The best way you could show your support is to stop being so negative and stop criticizing so much Virgo. AstroZone do an excellent job of explaining how this can help with compatibility between Virgo and Leo.

Instead of criticizing because you’re disappointed, focus instead on how you can help. Focus instead of the things that were done right and build upon them. The good news for Virgo and Leo is that as they get older and as they mature on a personality level, can minimize rough edges of their personalities, this is the key to Virgo Leo compatibility.

Virgos can grow to be less negative and less pessimistic, on the other hand, Leos can grow to be more giving and thoughtful and sensitive, and moreover, they can grow to be less impulsive. Once both partners achieve a certain level of maturity, Virgo Leo compatibility can really take off. It can lead to not just material blessings, but also deep emotional friendships that last forever.

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