Virgo Personalities and Key Characteristics

Virgo Personalities and Key Characteristics

virgo negative personality traits

Virgo traits and characteristics are detailed in this special report looking at the eight worst traits and characteristics of those born under Virgo. Like all signs Virgo has positive and negative traits so please make sure you bear this in mind when reading this special personality profile. I will be doing a follow up report on the positive traits of the Virgo personality very soon to balance this report out.

When it comes to negative traits for horoscope signs, you have to remember that negative traits persist regardless of the year. What is negative in 2014 is still going to be negative in 2015. What was negative in 2012 is definitely going to be negative in 2016. Negative traits don’t change. However, the resonance of a particular year does play a role regarding particular horoscope signs, positive and negative traits.

This should be a no-brainer. Different years bring different astrological combinations. The planets are lined up in different ways every single year and these have consequences when it comes to horoscope signs, finances, emotional states of relationships and other key elements in their life. Here are the eight negative Virgo traits of 2016.

Virgo Traits in 2016

When it comes to the traits of Virgo, make no mistake about it, 2014 is going to be a year of challenges. Whether these challenges take the form of relationship issues, health issues or financial challenges, 2014 is going to be quite a year.

With that said, if you’re a Virgo, you might want to be a little bit more positive. At the very least, you might want to be more diplomatic when expressing your opinions.


Chief among negative Virgo traits in 2014 is your ability to get people down.

That’s right, you can depress people. Your negative assessments, your pessimism, your scepticism can really suck the energy out of friends and relatives; this should not be a surprise.

You tend to look at the world in terms of ideals and if these perfect ideals are in some way compromise or the reality doesn’t match them, you tend to get disappointed and you are not afraid to express that disappointment. This, in turn, gets people down. Don’t do that.

Virgo Negativity Can Suck the Positive Energy Out Of Any Room

One of the funniest and most frustrating negative Virgo personality traits is your ability to go into a room of even the most diehard positive and optimistic people and really suck the energy out. You have a talent for this; you have a way of looking at reality and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Regardless of how positive a particular piece of news is, you’d always find a negative slant. This is one of the most powerful of negative Virgo traits because it comes so easily to you.

You walk around with a perfect picture of the way things should be and if reality doesn’t match that, you know exactly why and you let people know. As a result, you suck out the positive energy out of any room.

Virgo Negative Traits That Prevent Your Reaching Your Goals

Virgos like to think of themselves as ideal workers, ideal thinkers, ideal love partners, you name it, you are the ideal wife because you carry the ideals in your head. However, when it comes to setting goals, you really are your worst enemy. Why? It’s very hard for you to get started. Once you do get around to getting started, you nit-pick and you worry about getting things right that it’s very hard for you to make progress.

Things that could take a short period of time to accomplish, you take a long time to do; you take a long time to finish. It’s very hard for you to get your stuff together.

You Think Procrastination Leads Somewhere Good

Since the core element of negative Virgo traits is perfectionism, they tend to think that any effort aimed at achieving a perfect state is a good thing.

So, if you have a plan, but you spend a lot of time thinking about that plan and analyzing it without actually doing anything, you might think you’re actually doing something productive. Objectively, people would look at you and think that you’re either lazy or you’re just a procrastinator.

Still, this is one of the most frustrating negative Virgo traits because inside you think you’re doing something good, but outside you’re driving your boss crazy or you’re driving your wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend nuts because of your procrastination.

You Use Perfectionism as a Shield

If people have called you lazy or a late starter, chances are, you didn’t feel too bad when you got criticized. Why? Inside your head, you think that your perfectionism is a good thing.

Inside your head, your inability to finish things or follow through is a manifestation of the fact that you care so much about doing things right that doing otherwise is really a sell-out. You think that deviating from doing things just right is really a way of doing things badly. This is a real problem for Virgo men in particular and I have written a special report on the Virgo male in 2014 which you should read next.

In your mind, it’s better to not start if you’re just going to start and fail. In your mind, failure is doing something in less than perfect way. If you think this way, you’re using perfectionism as a shield. You might think it’s a shield, but it’s actually an excuse. This is one of the worst Virgo traits in my personal opinion as it can really hold you back in life.

You Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

Throughout any typical person’s life, all sorts of good people enter their lives. These good people help them in all aspects of their lives from their relationships, through their career, through their education, you name it.

However, Virgo’s traits tend to sabotage themselves by criticizing and filtering these people based on how close they are to an ideal. Virgos are so perfectionist that they prevent themselves from truly benefiting from the good things that happen in their lives.

Good things may happen, but it’s never good enough. The right person might show up, but he or she is not perfect enough. As you can well imagine, this one of many negative Virgo traits that leads to a deep and profound sense of disappointment and unhappiness.

If you want to be happy, regardless of what horoscope sign you’re born in, you must never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Otherwise, you’re just been waiting for a long time for mister right or miss right or a perfect job that will never arrive.

You Can Be In a State Of Denial for a Very Long Time

As mentioned in this list of negative Virgo personality traits, you tend to use perfectionism as a shield. This is closely related to a state of denial.

The reality is that, real life is all about compromises. Real life is knowing when to say “good enough”. Unfortunately, Virgo has a tough time letting go of ideals, letting go of perfect states.

As a result, you are in a state of denial because you are always waiting for the perfect situation, perfect opportunity, perfect job, perfect partner. It is not uncommon to see your life flash before you and you’re still disappointed and less than perfectly happy.

The saddest part to all of these is that you are perfectly content with that because you’re in the state of denial. You are waiting for the perfect to happen. In your mind, it’s just a matter of time for the ideal situation to finally happen. I have some news for you Virgo – it’s never going to happen.

You Confuse Negativity with Being Realistic

There are many negative Virgo traits besides the eight listed here. However, one of the negative Virgo traits that really drive people up a wall is the Virgo’s tendency to confuse negativity with being realistic. This constant sniping at the hope and optimism shown by others is a real problem for Virgo in 2016 – especially when it comes to trying to find love and romance.

They think that, since they have this picture perfect ideal of how things should be that they are the ultimate judge of things. Whether they are offering their opinions on people’s relationships, their jobs or even reality, they think that their negative assessment is the only correct assessment. In fact, they look at their negative assessments as realistic assessment.

If you think this way, you’re in for some serious surprises in life. The reality is, negativity doesn’t necessarily equate with realism. There are many happy realities, there are many positive realities. Just because something is negative and disappointing doesn’t mean it’s any more real than something more positive. In a very real way, this is one of the most frustrating negative Virgo traits because it keeps them in a state of immaturity.They remain intellectual infants.

If you see yourself in this situation and you’re a Virgo, the good news is that, you can break out of this mentality. Just accept the fact that, negativity doesn’t equate with being realistic.

My Final Thoughts on the Worst Virgo Traits

After reading about all the negative traits of Virgo you may be feeling a little down in the dumps. It is easy to become depressed when we focus on the negative traits and characteristics of a person’s character. However we must always remember that for every negative traits there are many, many positive aspects to the Virgo personality.

In my next report I will balance out this “negative” report and we will look in detail at the positive traits of Virgo.

Until then, love and light x

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