The Virgo Element: The good and the bad

The Virgo Element: The good and the bad


Every house of the horoscope has their own elements. Some astrology signs focus primarily on emotions, others are more practical in nature.

The Virgo is, above all else, an  idealist. This person is driven by ideas about how things should be.

Keep in mind that the stereotype for the Virgo is that of a creative or artistic person.

This is not always the case.  You have to understand that being a visionary impacts more than the arts or the creative elements. Being creative can also be very practical.

You look at the way things are being  done and you come up with a better way, you test it out and you produce something better.

Also, if you’re dealing with people on an emotional level you can subscribe to certain ideals and standards and these can impact your relationships.

This idealism doesn’t have to  necessarily take the form of being creative or artistic. Regardless, this is the Virgo element.

A Virgo is very comfortable in the world of ideas. The Virgo is not embarrassed about  taking things apart and trying to put things back together so they can draw new connections and come up with something that they think is better.

Above all else, the  Virgo element is a vision. They have a clear idea as to how things should be.

This is all well and good because it can help solve a lot of problems. It can transform great creative visions into things that we can touch, hear, smell, taste and look at.

This is all well and good, but the problem is Virgos can often go overboard. They can  take it to the extreme.

Just as having a vision is very good because it enables you to bend reality and take reality to the next level, if you get too caught up in the process, it can end up poisoning your relationships.

The dark side of Virgo idealism

It’s very easy to get excited about Virgo idealism. Every group, whether it’s a work group or academic group or social group, needs a visionary.

You need somebody who is able to craft strategies, somebody who is able to look at the big picture and put his or her thumb on the pulse of the situation. There’s no problem with that.

The problem is when this person becomes so emotionally wedded or invested in his or her visions that it ends up poisoning his or her relationships.

Virgos tend to cross this line quite frequently. They can’t seem to draw the line between people rejecting their ideas and people rejecting them as people.

It’s no surprise then that a lot of Virgos tend to boil all the people that they meet down into two camps: either you’re with them or you’re against them.

They don’t have the time, patience and energy to deal with gray areas. They love to look at the world in terms of black and white.

In many cases, they get really emotionally worked up about perceived slights or rejections of their ideas.

This is a serious problem because there is no such thing as a perfect idea. Every idea only has utility based on how you can work with current reality. That’s how progress is made.

Unfortunately, Virgos missed the memo on this.

They tend to be quite extreme regarding the fidelity and the quality of their ideas.

They think that any kind of criticism is a flat out rejection. They think that being told to wait regarding their ideas is similar to having doors slam shut in their faces.

This is a serious problem because Virgos can become emotionally immature if they can’t get a handle on how to deal with rejection.

We live in the real world. The real world is an imperfect world.

It’s full of rejections. It’s full of disappointments and frustrations.

Virgos must be able to work with their visions in such a way that they can still remain relevant in the real world.

Unfortunately Virgos have a tougher time emotionally dealing with rejections and this is why a lot of them fail to truly live up to their fullest potential.

They have a lot of creative potential, but nine times out of ten they take such extreme positions that they are very easy to marginalize.

Other signs of the horoscope who are less imaginative would often exploit the Virgo’s visionary side to get ahead.

However, these individuals never give Virgos the credit. They never give Virgos the promotion or pay raises that they deserve.

As harsh as these all may seem when it comes to the Virgo element, the Virgos have it coming to them. They become so inflexible that they essentially invite their own victimization and marginalization.

This really is too bad because they have a lot to offer. They can definitely bring a lot to the table.

For Virgos to succeed in life, they really have to reach emotional maturity

What’s emotional maturity? Being able to compromise. Being able to make incremental steps and not count it as some sort of sellout or erosion of principles.

You can’t take things too personally. You can’t take things too seriously. If you have a sense of humor and you are open-minded and flexible, you can go places in life.

Virgos are in their element when it comes to coming up with grand visions and strategies. When put in a position where they are given free rein to come up with alternate realities and narratives, they blossom.

Of course, for all this to work out, they need to work closely with someone who can implement those grand strategies and designs. Also, the Virgo must be on notice that whatever ideas he or she comes up with are merely suggestions.

They must be reminded of this. They must be made to understand that no ideas can ever take shape exactly as one imagines them.

It simply isn’t going to happen. Life is too imperfect for that.

Reality is too messy for that to happen. As long as the Virgo is able to understand these ‘costs of translation,’ they can be quite happy and content.

However, if Virgos continue to buck against this reality and try to impose their own view of how things should be, they will continue to feel anxious, defeated, and discouraged.

When you pit yourself against reality, reality has a way of always coming out on top.

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