Four Weird Facts About The Virgo Birthstone

Four Weird Facts About The Virgo Birthstone


All signs of the horoscope have birthstones assigned to them.  Having a birthstone gives you a clear idea as to what kind of gift to give somebody for their birthday.

It also gives you some sort of design theme for jewelry or some other celebration involving that particular person.

For the Virgo, its birthstone actually has many different weird facts.  Some of these weird facts will completely blow you away.

Weird Fact #1: There are actually many Virgo birthstones.

In classical terms, it is easy to fall back on the commonly held belief that each sign of the horoscope only has one birthstone.  In reality, this is not true.

For convenience’s sake, many newspapers as well as astrological books try to restrict one birthstone per sign of the horoscope.

However, if you look at the historical literature, there are actually many different birthstones assigned to different signs of the horoscope.

For Virgos, they have the following birthstones.  Here is the full list:

Amazonite, blue sapphire, blue topaz, chrysocolla, garnet, gaspeite, magnetite which is also known as the lodestone, moss agate, peridote, Smithsonite, stichtite, stichtite in inserpentine which is also known as Atlantisite, sugilite and zircon.

That is a wide array of birthstones, but if you analyze these crystals, you would realize that they all share certain commonalities that indicate Virgo’s internal vision and power of intuition.

A lot of psychic healers use this full list of Virgo birthstones when they are engaged in finding specific stones that would help heal personal issues as well as unclog blockages in personal psychic power and spiritual intuition.

Weird Fact #2: Virgo birthstones boost love communication.

As I mentioned earlier, Virgos have many different birthstones.  They look very different from each other.  They have different mineral qualities as well as different crystal features.

With that said, they all share certain commonalities.

One key area they have in common is they tend to all boost love communication.

Take the case of amazonite.  The amazonite in Hindu mythology is related to the heart chakra.  This involves communication of love, compassion and desire.

It is also related to the throat and this involves communication and this stone has often been associated with a clear ability to express integrity, balance and truth.

If you want to increase your ability to send off emotional signals, it is always a good idea to get pieces of jewelry made from crystals that make up the Virgo birthstone.

Weird Fact #3: Blue sapphire boosts your intuition.

One of the Virgo birthstones is blue sapphire.  Not only is this crystal very strong.  After all, many mobile phones now are getting their screens made out of sapphire.

It is also highly related to Virgo intuition.  As I have mentioned repeatedly, Virgos have a strong sense of personal intuition.

They have a clear idea as to what should be right, what should be the way of things, and how things should proceed.

Of course, life does not always agree with them.

Other people might not necessarily always reach the same conclusion, but it is indisputable and beyond argument that Virgos have a clear idea as to how things should be in terms of either politics or emotional reality, as well as creative and artistic issues.

The driving factor behind all this creativity and idealism is, of course, intuition.

If you are a Virgo and you want to boost your ability to tap into your inner visionary, you only need to wear a blue sapphire. 

Blue sapphire has been known to boost intuition powers.  It also enables you to communicate your intuition more effectively.

If you have a tough time listening to your intuition or relating certain problems and issues with inner truth, you might want to use jewelry made of blue sapphire to unclog blockages that involve perceiving and listening to your intuitive side.

A lot of psychics use blue sapphire as a stone that triggers psychic visions and one’s inner ability to communicate these psychic visions, which leads us to weird fact #4.

Weird Fact #4:  Virgo birthstones boost your psychic ability.

This should not be a surprise.  After all, Virgo people tend to live in their own little worlds.

They have this inner world that oftentimes clashes with the outside world.  This requires vision.  This requires intuition.

If you are a Virgo and you want to tap into your inner creativity, you might want to wear your one or a few of your assigned birthstones. 

Many of these birthstones are assigned to the third eye chakra of Hindu philosophical and spiritual traditions.  This third eye chakra is all about making the unseen seen.

If you are having a tough time tapping into your inner creativity or you are experiencing writer’s block or some sort of creator’s block, using blue topaz or amazonite as well as other Virgo birthstones can help you get that much needed boost of psychic power to truly get your inner energies flowing.

This would enable you to commune clearly and effectively with inner ideas so you can express them.

The Virgo’s multiple birthstones may seem like they point to different directions or different orientations of the Virgo personality. This is only superficial.

In reality, all these birthstones channel the fundamental power and truth of the Virgo nature: inner psychic power.

Now, don’t freak out. By psychic power, it’s too easy to dwell on mind reading, predictions, prophecy, and channeling.

While that’s part of the total package, focusing on the big picture leads to more practical concerns.

Your Virgo birthstones highlight your inner world. Your inner world is where your personal vision and idealism comes from.

This is the place you draw your definitions of perfect situations, ideas, and people from.

By tapping this part of your personality clearly, effectively, and consciously, your birthstones can help channel your inner strength in such a way that they lead to greater personal effectiveness and power.

Don’t be afraid of this inner power. Welcome it. Embrace it.

Get in tune with it and be amazed as to where it can lead you.


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