Virgo Woman – The Definitive Guide

Virgo Woman – The Definitive Guide

Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is a very sensitive sign. People that are born under this sign pretty much live in their own little world.

I am not saying that they are completely detached from the world, but what I am saying is that they look at the world based on ideals and they compare everything to the ideals they have in their heads.

This is why a lot of Virgo people both men and women are quite unhappy.

They feel frustrated because they feel that life is not what it is cracked out to be. They always measure everything based on how things should be.

This is a serious problem because they often do not look at life as to how it is like, but rather they look at life as to how it should be.

The good news is that most Virgo people eventually come to terms with reality and the fact that things will never be perfect.

We love in an imperfect world with people who are imperfect. People break their word, and they behave in ways that they shouldn’t behave.

It is one thing to have a theory or a standard and it is another thing to live in reality. Eventually, most Virgo people get to this

However, if you have a Virgo woman in your life or you are a Virgo woman, you have to understand that this is your biggest challenge.

You have to remember that this disconnect between the ideals that you have in your head and the reality surrounding you is going to impact all aspects of your life. We are talking about your love life, your relationships, and your friendships.

This focus on perfectionism actually even impacts your love life, your career, and how you handle money.

Finally, the most profound areas of stress and anxiety, as far as this issue is concerned, is found in your family.

It really is very important to get a clear and working understanding of how your sign processes outside reality and fits it into an existing ideal.

If you are able to navigate this properly, then you would be able to enjoy life more. You would be able to take life as it is and take things easy.

I’m not saying that you should compromise your standards and walk away from your principles. I am not saying that at all.

What I am saying is that, even if things don’t take place according to plan, it is not the end of the world. Even if things don’t follow your schedule or deadlines, you don’t have to stress all that much.

At the very least, paying attention to the definitive guide to the Virgo woman will save you from all sorts of unnecessary drama.

Virgo women in love

Virgo women do not have any difficulties falling in love and getting into romantic relationships.

Likewise, they do not have any problems getting other people to fall in love with them.

Their big challenge is not getting into a romantic relationship, but rather, their biggest challenge is to stay in love.

As I mentioned earlier in the introduction, their biggest challenges are their ideals. Whenever you deal with real people, you are dealing with imperfection.

We are all imperfect, we all have our flaws and shortcomings.

Unfortunately, this is a revolutionary concept to most Virgos. They insist that the world revolves around their ideals and perceptions. This is a serious problem especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

It is really hard for a Virgo woman to stay in love and she will always see a flaw in her partner. Worst of all, that flaw is often interpreted in the worst way possible.

In many cases, Virgo women think that the flaw or shortcoming in their partner is a bad reflection of them. Virgos tend to personalize things.

It is very hard to argue purely on an intellectual level with the Virgo because things eventually become emotional and heated.

This is why it is quite difficult for Virgo women to stay in love. They have such high standards for romantic engagements that only few relationships could really live up and meet their standard.

Not surprisingly, they tend to jump from one romantic attraction to another. Notice that I used the word romantic attraction.

I am not saying that they all jump from relationship to relationship. However, it is very easy for them to fall out of love. They can still stay in the relationship but their heart is closed.

For most people, this is worse than actually breaking up.

Virgo women have to understand that just because a relationship isn’t burning bright hot anymore, it doesn’t mean that the love isn’t there.

Also, they need to quickly move towards a more realistic view of their romantic partner.

Virgo women in relationships

In terms of relationships, a lot of this is impacted by the analysis of Virgo women of love.

As I mentioned, it is very hard for you to stay 100% in the relationship. You may be there physically but you are not there mentally and emotionally.

It is very easy for you to feel betrayed and let down. But, a lot of these are really all in your head.

If you were to step into the shoes of your partner, you would realize that this person is probably doing the best he can to keep the relationship going. In his mind, he’s holding up his end of the bargain and doing the work needed to keep the relationship going.

Unfortunately, especially for young Virgo women, this is hardly good enough.

In many cases, the issue of Virgo women and relationships often turn on the hang ups of the Virgo women involved.

The best you can hope for, if you are the non-Virgo partner, is that your relationship goes through enough challenges that both of you will mature. Hopefully, this would change the basis of the relationship to something more solid.

Virgo women and friendships

While Virgo women cannot put their romantic partners through the emotional grinder, they are easier on their friends.

Virgo people, in general, make for good friends. If you are looking for a shoulder to cry on or are looking for people to truly hear you out and not judge you, a Virgo woman is a great choice and can definitely do the job.

This all sounds great. However, there is a price you have to pay. Virgo women are there for you and they would give everything for your friendship. However, they expect the same.

If you are the type of person who likes to only take, and take, and take, and take, this is going to be a problem.

Worst of all, being Virgos, these women would not take it lightly. They would look at you as some sort of emotional traitor or backstabber. The worst is that they would feel that somebody is using them like an emotional leech.

The ironic thing is that, the same criticism could be leveled against them as well. It is common for female friends of other horoscopes signs to feel emotionally used up after talking to their Virgo female friend.

It is a very common scenario when you would call up your Virgo friend to see how she is doing, and she then unloads all of her problems to you and you just basically try to manage and keep calm throughout the whole exposition.

At the end of the conversation, she feels much better. However, you feel way down and feel that she has passed this very heavy bag of emotional issues to you.

Most people can only take this for so long. This can easily lead to a feeling that your relationship with your Virgo female friend is quite uneven. You might feel that you are playing the role of a psychiatrist most of the time.

Virgo women and lovemaking

When it comes to physical expression, Virgo women definitely rank up.

You have to understand that lovemaking is just partly physical. In fact, the physical component of this intimate act is just a minor part for lovemaking to really live up to its fullest potential. It has to be in equal measures of an emotional, spiritual, and mental experience.

Virgo women have such a high standard and they live in such an ideal world that they are able to communicate physically the right way.

They have such high standards that Virgo women need to have a proper compatibility in bed as they really expect a lot out of it and they bring a good game to the table.

The downside to this, of course, is reciprocity. If they are bringing their best game, they expect you to bring your best game as well. This is going to be a problem because a lot of guys look at an intercourse primarily as a physical expression.

There is going to be a lot of mixed signals, misunderstandings, and frustrations. But the good news is, by simply reading each other well, you can give each other what you both expect and take your physical intimacy to a whole higher level.

 Virgo women and career

Virgo women are very meticulous regarding their work/career. They really take their work seriously.

In many cases, they often take details that are not really all that important and place a huge amount of emphasis on those.

This can be obsessive-compulsive and quite ridiculous at times. But this is how they handle work.

If you are a manager or a superior of a Virgo woman, this can actually work to your advantage.

By giving this person the right kind of assignment which takes full advantage of this tendency, you can be assured of a high level of quality and that a Virgo woman will be able to do a lot of things in a relatively short period of time.

It is all about pointing the Virgo woman in the right direction. While all of these sound great, it does have negative effects.

The negative effect is that Virgo people, in general, only tend to do well on things that they feel are worth doing.

Unfortunately, this makes for a bad career principle. Why?

There are many things in your career that you don’t want to do. There are many things about your job that you are not going to be fully happy with. That just comes with a package.

By being so principled and really so hard headed about certain aspects of their job, they might be painting themselves into a corner.

As far as career advancement goes, it is not surprising that many Virgo women get stuck in middle management or lower middle layers of a company.

Truly successful Virgo women tend to be in the creative arts as writers, artists, or in other fields where there isn’t so much structure.

Virgo women and money

When it comes to handling money, Virgo women fall in the middle of the bell curve.

There are other horoscope signs that do really well with saving and growing their money while there are others that do not.

What makes Virgo women and money interesting is that they look at their money primarily as an emotional resource.

They don’t look at it really as something that is a foundation for a great material life in the future, but rather, they look at it primarily as a safety net.

If given the choice, they would not worry about money and focus more on their emotional life.

Still, Virgo women do have a practical side to them, as far as money management is concerned. You don’t have to worry about them blowing through budgets and squandering your money.

Virgo women and family

Ideally, Virgo women should marry late. By then, they would have gotten a lot of their hang ups out of the way and would stop focusing on things being perfect and focus instead on what is real.

In other words, it is good to wait for a Virgo woman to reach a practical stage in her life.

If you want to start a family with her, this also makes her a better mother because she would be more practical. Well, at the same time giving great guidance as to principles for her children.

A fully evolved Virgo woman actually makes a great mother and a great wife.

With that said, many Virgo women look at family life as a hassle. Especially in this day and age, less and less of them are having families early on. The more educated Virgo women are actually waiting until they are in their 30s or even late 40s to start families.

My final thoughts on the Virgo woman

Your biggest advantage and your biggest disadvantage is your relationship to your ideals. If you are able to get a full hand on this, the world will open up to you.

You have a lot to offer, both to romantic partners and to the world.

In general, you just have to understand that the world revolves around its own rules.

This shouldn’t get you down, this shouldn’t be an admission of difficulty, but rather, by basing your ideals on how things really are, you can achieve more victories in your life.



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