The Virgo Symbol and Sign Revealed – What is the Real Meaning?

The Virgo Symbol and Sign Revealed – What is the Real Meaning?

Virgo people like to play their cards close to their chests, so it’s no surprise that there can sometimes be misunderstandings for those of us trying to deal with a Virgo in our lives the most effectively.

Fond of facts and figures, order and method, and not speaking just for speaking’s sake, Virgo never means to be hard to read to wilfully confuse us.

Nonetheless, some deeper understanding of this kind-hearted and intelligent star sign can do wonders for all involved. So with that in mind, here is the Virgo symbol and sign revealed – what is the real meaning? How does it work best for you?

What is the Virgo symbol?

Every star sign in the night sky is taken from the shapes seen by the eyes of civilisations from long ago.

It’s fascinating to think about, and yet those shapes remain unchanged in our skies today, making astrology just as relevant today as it was thousands of years in the past.

Yet while in many cases, the shapes of the stars formed animals and mythical creatures, in the case of the Virgo sign symbol, the scholars of old discerned the shape of a woman in the heavens instead.

This was a virtuous young woman, they reasoned – unspoilt by the darker wiles of the world, but definitely not naïve or lacking intelligence in being so.

For those asking what is the Virgo symbol, then, the classic and simplistic interpretation of The Virgin is accurate, but also lacking in nuance to an extent.

In truth, a Virgo of any gender is more than capable of embracing their more saucy side – however, they see the world at large as one in need of some order and method, with a sense of purity and classically minded chic.

Therefore, the symbolic meaning of the virgin, or the unspoilt maiden, or that idea of innocence, is a big part of the symbol for Virgo.

While the shape of the stars is that of a young, innocent woman, the ideals that Virgo stands for are much more broad reaching.

Think the protection of idealism, the pursuit of altruism and the benefits of scientific breakthroughs that propel humankind forwards.

The Virgo zodiac symbol – understanding the glyph

It would be easy to sometimes confuse the Virgo symbol with the symbol and glyph of the star sign, Scorpio. Both heavily incorporate what looks like a lowercase ‘m’ into their appearance.

However, you can distinguish the Virgo sign symbol thanks to how this glyph lacks a stinger tail, instead having a loop towards the right hand area that evokes a more feminine ideal.

While comparisons to reproductive organs, just as the tail of the Scorpio glyph seems to evoke the masculine counterpart, seem inevitable, it’s not the entire truth of the matter.

Remember, Virgo is deep and thoughtful, and as such, the loop on this glyph can almost seem to represent a closed off part of oneself.

This is the inner retreat, be it a special room in the house, an internal mind palace, or just a state of mind, that Virgo people like to retire to when they want to think things over – which is often.

The chaos and helter-skelter nature of modern life can often exhaust and irritate the straightforward Virgo, who simply wants things arranged in an orderly way.

Those sporting a Virgo symbol tattoo, then, are the kinds of people who’d favour a good book on a rainy autumn night to the bombardment of sensory stimulation you’d get on a big night out.

They have their partying side, of course, but will plan such events meticulously, from outfit to venue to time of arrival.

The precise calligraphy of the symbol for Virgo as seen in this glyph is neat and tidy, just the way Virgo likes it.

It says all that needs to be said with sincerity too, which is another Virgo characteristic – there is no complex symbology, no Virgo symbol animal to remember and no unfathomable personality secretly bubbling under the surface.

While Virgo may hide their real selves from all but their nearest and dearest, that’s a matter of etiquette rather than to deceive or lie to anyone.

Politeness and a measured sense of decorum is very important to a Virgo – they speak softly, but with intent, just like their Virgo symbol.

The Virgo zodiac symbol in the element of Earth

The zodiac divides the various signs that make it up into a number of elements, each of which offer some deeper understanding into what makes a given star sign tick.

Thoughts, feelings and outlooks on life are often shaped by these elemental characteristics in a subconscious way, and it also helps astrologers to understand which signs are similar to one another.

Therefore, Virgo is of the Earth element, and shares this space with other grounded and dependable signs, such as enriching Taurus and patient Capricorn.

Each star sign in the earth element interprets the lessons of that element differently to one another, and for the Virgo individual, that means staying grounded in reality.

The very idea of getting carried off by daydreams and imagination like a water sign, being impulsive and hotheaded like a fire sign, or shooting the breeze with meaningless talk that doesn’t go anywhere like an air sign, all feels incomprehensible to the Virgo soul.

Virgo people feel that it’s very important to live in the real world, and that grounded nature is very much a characteristic of an Earth elemental star sign.

The idea of escapism, and even worse, to actively avoid problems and responsibilities, is extremely distasteful to the Virgo.

While they understand the importance of rest and reprieve as any Earth sign does, Virgo people believe that facing the truth responsibly is also a crucial part of life.

However, much of the earthy parts of this element mesh well with the Virgo symbol overall.

For instance, many classic depictions of The Virgin that represents one aspect of the Virgo personality show that young woman carrying a piece of wheat.

As we all know, wheat is grown from the land, from soil that has been taken care of, well watered and furrowed, and with care to protect the crop from extreme heat and cold or excess rainfall.

That patient capacity to nurture is embedded deep in the Virgo psyche, and so many of their projects feel like their own little seedlings being delicately taken to their time to blossom.

Earth element star signs tend to be patient and connected to reality in a pragmatic way too, and the Virgo is no exception.

Their ideals and ambitions are always tempered by reason, and their actions are deliberate and punctual.

You’ll seldom meet a late Virgo, and the very idea of not scheduling their life to perfection is startling to them.

The symbol for Virgo is seen in planet Mercury

Planet Mercury is the closest planet to our sun, and orbits around it much faster than the Earth.

This has an interesting affect on interpretations of astrology, as many followers of the craft have come to dread the so-called Mercury Retrograde period – times in which our orbit relative to Mercury makes it look like the planet moves backwards in our sky.

The reason a Mercury Retrograde is seen as such a chaotic time is that Mercury is the planet that rules mental acuity and clearness in communication.

Luckily, the fact that Mercury is such a strong Virgo symbol and the sign’s ruling planet means that Virgo people themselves are skilled at keeping a cool head consistently.

However, to better understand the Virgo zodiac symbol and the planetary ruler more deeply, it’s important to remember that Virgo actually shares Mercury for its ruling planet with the star sign Gemini.

There are more star signs in the sky than there are visible planets in our solar system, so sometimes star signs share in this way.

However, while the communicative aspect of Mercury is largely the domain of Gemini, the mental sharpness and clarity of mind over which the planet presides is Virgo’s delightful domain.

Structured ideas, impeccable organisation and a gift for making order out of chaos all are distinctive Virgo traits, helped along by Mercury.

In ancient mythology, Mercury was a messenger to the gods, utilising resourceful ideas and quick wits to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

That resourcefulness alone is a keen talent in Virgo people, and many of them are skilled at cooking or crafting knick-knacks out of even the most basic of ingredients or materials.

Another symbol for Virgo is the colour blue

Virgo people often don’t hold much stock in the esoteric or mysterious parts of life, but even the most rigidly scientific of them likely wears or otherwise surrounds his or herself with the colour blue.

In understanding the symbol for Virgo, recognising the soothing yet pin sharp intellectual effect of this colour goes a long way to finding how a mix of relaxing surroundings and mental stimulation is vital to a happy Virgo mindset.

Of course, the concept of purity that Virgo people so readily represent is also a big part of this.

The Virgo gemstone is sapphire, one of the most strikingly blue stones on the planet – although they of course can come in other colours too.

It’s said that the sapphire is a symbol for Virgo because of the fact that its brilliant colour calms yet sharpens the mind.

If there’s one-star sign in the zodiac capable of overthinking and even worrying to excess, it’s a Virgo.

Sometimes these people need grounding and to flow with their thoughts more easily, and the effect of sapphire on the eyes, heart and mind go a long way to helping this along.

Knowing the Virgo symbol meaning helps you get closer to them

Virgo people, like many individuals with whom they share their Earth element, are quite emotionally guarded.

Emotions are the antithesis of logic and reason, and can be messy as well – all things that a Virgo individual would prefer not to deal with.

However, a big part of understanding and getting to know a Virgo can come from understanding these symbols for Virgo as discussed here.

Remember, the idea of The Virgin in representing this star sign need not be as narrow an interpretation as imagining someone inexperienced in physical love.

In fact, Virgo people are often very stable and reliable lovers, and are capable of being surprisingly demonstrative and giving from time to time too.

This can be surprising, but it comes from the same place that so much else of Virgo behaviour stems from – that place of inner purity.

Lies and dishonesty, corruption and cheating, and anything else that strays from truth and altruism make a Virgo extremely irate.

More than that, they’re likely to roll up their sleeves and quietly tidy up that kind of displeasing behaviour, yet will hardly ever complain about their own lot in life.

Like many Earth elemental star signs, Virgo people believe that hard work and the proper use of your worldly resources gives you everything you need to get ahead in life.

They relate to the world with the head rather than the heart, yet their pure-minded and straightforward approach is sometimes enticed into overthinking things if left alone too long.

With that in mind, reach out to the Virgo people in your life from time to time, and help them reconnect with that innocent sense of fun and enthusiasm from which their greatest inner gifts spring forth.

They’ll appreciate and love you for it, and in return offer one of the sharpest minds in the zodiac to help overcome any of your own challenges in life.

As the Virgo symbol teaches us, these are gentle and compassionate people, and the zodiac is certainly a happier place for having the organisational and punctual skills of the Virgo soul.

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