How to Seduce a Virgo Man and Make Him Fall in Love With You

How to Seduce a Virgo Man and Make Him Fall in Love With You

Reserved, quiet and blisteringly intelligent, the Virgo man can seem a tough nut to crack.

Some such gentlemen seem too sweet in their own way to ever even think of love, while others are so wrapped up in putting their refined minds to the task at hand that they almost seem unapproachable.

However, don’t be fooled. The Virgo man is a considerate and compassionate lover who’s well worth getting closer to.

Before you’re dissuaded by his detached demeanour, take some advice on how to seduce a Virgo man and make him fall in love with you.

1. Make a Virgo man chase you – by not rushing him

Like many of the other star signs that share his earth element, the Virgo man is extremely patient.

He has a natural tendency towards long-term thinking, and when you discuss his plans with him, you’ll often find that he’s likely got much of the coming year scheduled in his mind without realising.

As you might expect, romance often takes these pragmatic souls by surprise. They seldom actually plan to meet someone, and when they do, you’ll chuckle at finding that their love lives are laid out like military strategies from time to time.

When considering how to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, recognise that you

showing up in his life at all has likely surprised him plenty – and it’s a contingency he didn’t plan for. Feelings and emotions can run rings around Virgo souls, and they can find it hard to pin these things down.

Thanks to their mastery of emotional control, a Virgo man will want to take his time in getting to know his new potential partner.

That means, before anything else, you’ll need to figure out how to seduce a Virgo man at his optimum speed – slowly, but surely.

2. Make a Virgo man fall in love with you by appealing to his intellect

Virgo men and women alike spend a great deal of their time lost in thought, deconstructing a messy world and restructuring it in their brilliant brains in a way that makes perfect and tidy sense to them.

From the first few minutes of talking to your Virgo man, you’ll have noticed his keen intelligence a mile away. It could be science, psychology, medicine or mathematics – Virgo is a star sign of intellectual brilliance.

Order, method and practicality are the core elements of a Virgo personality, and it might seem that among all that they simply have no time for romance.

However, in terms of what to expect from a Virgo boyfriend, this same mental sharpness is a great asset to you both.

Whether you’re seeking his advice on a tricky problem, working through puzzles and mind games together to get closer to one another, or simply showing off your own smarts to get his attention, intelligence is a great way to find out just what attracts a Virgo man.

More than anything, he’ll love and appreciate that he’s found a kindred spirit in you, and that will mean he’s sure to want you around more and more.

3. Win the Virgo man’s heart by showing him the fun side of life

The Virgo man is a brilliant thinker, a keen tactical genius and capable of calmly, rationally taking apart even the most incredible of life’s big problems and turning them into step by step solutions.

Yet beneath that serene exterior, and even beneath that astonishingly well trained mind, there’s a man who just wants to let his guard down, unleash his wild side and forget about his constantly whirring mind for a time.

Yet, as overthinkers and analysts by their very nature, a Virgo man will find it incredible difficult to switch that side of him off in his own way.

What’s more, he’s often not the most extroverted individual, so the idea of going out for a night on the town out of the blue seems almost alien to him at times.

You can win over a Virgo man by showing him the more playful side of life, avoiding too much noise and fuss, but definitely having fun and letting your hair down together.

Before he knows what’s what, he’ll be looking forward to seeing you again so you can help him keep learning how to let go and just enjoy life for what it is.

Sweetly tell you Virgo man how it doesn’t always have to be graphs, charts and analysis – life is for living, so why not enjoy it together?

4. Attract a Virgo man by being an alluring puzzle

With all this talk about the brilliant mind of the Virgo man, it’d be remiss not to detail the fact that it can be turned to your advantage too.

While he may not react to your mysterious side the same way the likes of a Scorpio man or an Aries man might, a Virgo man enjoys deconstructing a good puzzle.

He’s the kind of guy who’ll analyse the way you text him, decode the nuances in how you speak to him and overthink just how he’s presenting himself to you.

Yet what’s cute about all this is it can sometimes look like he’s totally uninterested because he’s so deep in thought about it all.

Cuter still, because love is such an enigma to a Virgo man, half the time he’ll talk himself into and out of things without making any headway.

This is actually a good thing, because when a Virgo man can’t solve something, he just wants to get into it even more.

That means you’ve got the key to how to make a Virgo man want to date you – being such a bundle of riddles and enigmas that he simply can’t turn away.

He won’t be able to resist the idea of your inner truth eluding him, and it’s a superb way to entice him and draw him closer while making sure he still feels in control.

5. Keep a Virgo man interested by avoiding soppy feelings

While it’s certainly true that a Virgo man in love can be extremely romantic, his aptitude for seeing life through his head more than his heart means that he’s not comfortable constantly giving and receiving big emotions.

That’s not to say you’ll ever be left in the cold, but it’s definitely worth remembering that one of the things to expect when dating a Virgo man is that he may seem unresponsive to big gestures of affection, much less volunteering them himself.

This won’t always be the case, but it’s definitely something that’s wise to remember, because emotional excess can actually make him withdraw even more, making him even harder to connect to.

Remember, a Virgo man likes a partner who helps to make his world straightforward and easy to navigate. If you can master this balance, you’ll have found the way to a Virgo man’s heart.

He wants to know that he can trust you, and that you’re by his side in everything he does without introducing complications.

6. Find your Virgo man soulmate by showing you’re reliable

Presentation, precision and etiquette are hugely important to a Virgo man. This is someone who cannot fathom why anyone could ever stoop to laziness, messiness or living in disorganised surroundings.

Of course, sometimes life gives the Virgo man a playful rap on the knuckles in reminding him that we don’t all share his penchant for organisation and attention to detail.

He is lucky indeed to have these qualities, but we can’t all match his standards all of the time.

Having said that, the Virgo man loves it when a woman shows she’s making the effort to do so. When you’re going on a date with a Virgo man, make sure you arrive on time and have paid attention to making yourself presentable.

Likewise, if you invite him over to cook a good meal – a superb way to win the heart of a Virgo man – make sure your home is spick and span.

He’ll notice every minute detail of his surroundings, even without being conscious of doing so, and although he’s far too polite to say so, he’ll be managing his expectations of you accordingly.

The Virgo man knows that love is a gamble, and because of that, his mind is working overtime to make sure that – just like with everything else in his life – every detail is just right.

Even the thought of something being amiss, or surrendering his emotions to someone unstable or unreliable, makes him bristle with discomfort.

Of course, if this all seems like it’s far too daunting, you could always ask your Virgo man for tips on being more organised and in control. Make no mistake, he’s always more than happy to pass along his wisdom in these areas of life.

7. Avoid this mistake with Virgo men – being too shocking!

In so much dating advice, we are encouraged to be spontaneous, to make grand and elaborate gestures of affection, and to keep things exciting and unpredictable.

In almost every other case, this is fantastic advice to helping make a relationship go the distance. Yet in the case of making sure you attract a Virgo man into your life and make him want to stick by you, the opposite is true!

Remember, this man is always making plans and developing the roadmap for his life. His career, his family, his friends and, of course, his time with you is all valuable to him, but he wants it all in a structured and manageable way.

That means that surprises and sudden revelations can really throw a Virgo man off his game, and when he’s caught off guard, he shuts down before he knows how to stop himself.

Imagine a comedy movie where someone freaks out as soon as they walk into a room where everyone’s hiding to throw a surprise birthday party.

The idea of all those eyes on him, or being overwhelmed by a deluge of new information he doesn’t have time to process in the moment, is entirely terrifying to a Virgo man!

When you’re dating a Virgo man, you can expect stability, loyalty and reliability. The tradeoff in this instance is that you’ll have to try and hold back on giving him any surprises or shocks.

Even if it’s intended to delight him, his default reaction to a sudden burst of unexpected information is to feel embarrassed and want to hide away.

Naturally, you can appreciate that if he thinks you’re a loose cannon, you’ll seriously risk losing your Virgo man soulmate.

While it’s unfair to say a Virgo man is the control freak of the zodiac, that kind of teasing isn’t put forth by astrologers for no reason.

He wants a precise and predictable life where he knows what’s coming and when, and if you can help him find that in you, he’s sure to want to commit to you long term.

Win your Virgo man over with slow steady steps and stability aplenty

Your Virgo man is, in many ways, a creature of habit.

His goals in life are to establish productive routines that let him carry out a peaceful but meaningful existence, yet on top of that, he also wants to decode the big questions in life and master them on his own terms.

For this reason, love can prove scary and difficult to a Virgo man. However, if you can make it fun, yet not too heavy and daunting, he’ll soon open his heart to you in ways that will surprise even himself.

A Virgo man doesn’t enter a new relationship lightly, so if he’s choosing to give you his heart, you will be expected to see the gravity of what that means.

If you can show him you’re smart, resourceful, fun to be with but also capable of taking life seriously when the occasion demands it, you’ll be the centre of the Virgo man’s world.

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