Relationship Compatibility with a Virgo Man

Relationship Compatibility with a Virgo Man

virgo relationship compatibility 2014Virgo men in love are extremely difficult to understand so if you are a Virgo or you are a person who is attracted to a Virgo, listen up. Here is your Virgo relationship compatibility for 2014 and the good news is that, it is predictable.

Unfortunately, that is also the bad news about Virgo men relationship compatibility. It is entirely predictable.

Why? Virgo male personality types really don’t change.

The same tensions and issues that were present in 2013 and 2012 and earlier are the same for Virgo in 2014.

What has changed of course is differing mixes of personalities. However, the underlying emotional basis of the Virgo man sign is still the same.

Keep the following points of advice in mind when trying to start a relationship with a Virgo man in 2014. You can save yourself a lot of time, wasted effort and bother by being clear regarding your objectives by knowing what you’re working with.

Relationships with the Virgo Man in 2014

If you are a Virgo, you probably already know that bohemian personalities intrigue you. When it comes to Virgo men and relationship compatibility, signs that have a strong bohemian aspect are really quite intriguing.

There’s just something about following your vision and pursuing your dreams that really appeal to Virgo man’s personality. This should not be a surprise; after all, Virgos are all about getting in touch with their internal creative engines, they’re all about getting in touch with their emotional core.

However, you have to keep in mind that bohemian is somebody that is actually acting out their ideals, in other words, they pull the trigger regarding series of decisions that they need to live such a lifestyle.

One of the problems with Virgo relationship compatibility with bohemian personalities is that the bohemian partner has already decided, Virgo is still predictably on the fence.

If you are the Virgo, you have to remember that you are susceptible to bohemian personalities. However, depending on where you are in your life, this might not be the best of decisions to make.

 Go-Getter Types Motivate You

If you are a Virgo and you are looking to get motivated, you might want to hook up with a Capricorn or Taurus. Scorpio and Virgo are also an ideal match for this same reason. These earth signs are go-getters. You admire their ability to identify goals and do what it takes to achieve that goal.

In a very real sense, this appeals to your inner ideal of things operating the way they should. The way they operate falls within your moral landscape of how things should be.

With that said, they might not see great match with you. That’s right, in terms of Virgo relationship compatibility; you have to look at it from their perspective as well.

They want somebody who is as decisive as them. They want somebody who is as focused as them.

However, if you’re the typical Virgo, you’re probably on the fence a lot of times. In fact, you might strike many of them as obsessive compulsive.

In other words, you tend to focus on details and you get mired in details, it’s hard for you to move on. In many cases, Virgo relationship compatibility with go-getter types actually ends up in disappointment or heartbreak.

Why? Many of them feel that Virgo is keeping them back. In reality, if you both evolve your relationship and personality to a certain level, you could actually become an unbeatable team. Your attention to detail and your partner’s ability to set and achieve goals can produce success on many different levels.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get stuck at the obvious and the shallow and see your relationship fall apart.

Moody Types Help You Get In Touch

Virgo men in love are all about purity. You love the idea of purity and nothing gets you more excited than emotional purity. Unfortunately, this can get you into a lot of trouble, especially if you get into a relationship with astrological signs that are known for their moodiness.

The problem with moods is that, it’s just a quick snapshot of reality. You might confuse one person’s mood with the fundamental truth regarding that person. Unfortunately, that person on the other hand might say that their mood is just exactly that. It’s a transition, it’s a stage from one way of being to another.

This post is a serious issue in terms of Virgo relationship compatibility (especially when it comes to Virgo and Taurus compatibility in 2014).

Your need to freeze moods into some sort of emotional judgment and character can be a serious problem. The reality is that, people are worth more than their moods. You don’t have a right to say that somebody is angry if they go through some angry moods throughout the day because maybe their anger doesn’t define them, same goes with sadness or happiness.

Unfortunately, in terms of Virgo relationship compatibility, it’s very hard for you to move pass the labels and this can really get you into a lot of trouble when you are in a relationship with a moody type of person.

Spontaneous Types Help You to Dream

There’s something about spontaneous people that really gets you excited about your dreams. You have all these ideals and when you see somebody leave everything to do what they want to follow their dream, you really get inspired.

When it comes to Virgo relationship compatibility, the spontaneous types really help you reach for the stars.

This works well in a work setting.

The best types of leaders for Virgos are spontaneous types. Unfortunately, when it comes to relationships, this can be a serious issue. Just like with pairing up with a Capricorn or an earth sign, Virgo can have a serious problem with somebody who’s spontaneous. Since you tend to focus on ideals and perfection, you tend to be very static. Spontaneous types on the other hand, tend to be quite fluid. See the contrast here, see the opportunity for conflict and tension?

This is one key factor of Virgo relationship compatibility that may not only lead to heartbreak, but actually to violent break ups. Many spontaneous types are actually not in control.

They’re spontaneous because they’re just chasing after the next shiny object that comes into their lives. Many spontaneous people don’t really have any fixed boundaries and it’s like playing with fire. So you may want to exercise some caution when dealing with spontaneous types in 2014.

 Driven Types Help You Get Perspective

There are many bases for personal drive. Usually when people describe another person as driven, they often think of material terms. They often think of how this person is driven in such a way that it produces financial pay offs or material level of wealth. While this is true, there are also emotionally driven people. There are also spiritual driven people.

Virgo people love driven types.

Why? It helps you get in touch with your ideals because, remember, you’re all about perfection, you’re all about this perfect world that doesn’t exist. When you see a driven person, you see that this person has this picture of the world should be and he’s giving everything to achieve that picture and it inspires you.

Again, in a work relationship, this is awesome. That’s the kind of leader that would really bring out the best in you. However, in romantic relationship issue, it can get quite dicey. Why? In terms of Virgo relationship compatibility, you have a tough time letting go of what is perfect. This is most true of Virgo’s born on the cusp with Leo in 2014.

You have a tough time of accepting that things exist the way they are instead of the way they should be. This can lead to all sorts of emotional conflict.

It’s not uncommon for emotionally violent fights to flare up because you are unable to let go of the perfect and just embrace what’s happening in front of you.Keep the tensions above in mind when trying to size up Virgo relationship compatibility in 2014. By being clear as to the parameters of your personality and your astrological boundaries, you can map out winning strategies.

You have to remember that just because something may seem negative, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to produce negative results. It’s all about how you play the game.

This is true for most things and it’s definitely true for relationship compatibility with the Virgo man in 2014.

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