Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus Traits

Mars in Taurus brings out the Fiery aspect of the planet, while also highlighting the Earthy and Fixed stubborn nature shown by your Zodiac symbol, the Bull.

Although when content, you seem slow and harmless, when you become agitated, you can gore you opponent, emotionally.  Slow to anger and act, but deadly when set off, is the way of the Taurus.

You crave stability and reliability to balance out your 0-100 temper.  At your best, you are known to be sensible, comfortable to be around, and someone who can give a realistic perspective on many social, political, and romantic topics.

You are exponentially more capable and confident when Mars is in Taurus.

Mars in Taurus Women

Women with Mars in Taurus are soulful and Earthy, and blessed by the authority of Mars.  This speaks to the empowered feminine energy in you.

You will attract a partner who sees you as his equal, and this will bring you fulfillment.

You will find love in a level-headed and respectful partner, who values what you bring to your traditional roles—and how gracefully you can step in and out of them, at will.

You have a wise and maternal feminine side, as shown by your Sign.  You are no damsel in distress, though.  When you are in trouble you do not often look to others to save you.

Instead, you become even more resourceful and practical than ever.

Although you may sometimes come across as distant or condescending, at worst you are just being an anxious and self-centered human who is too focused on your own problems.

Make time to study your energy allocation.  Are you spending enough time in the present?  After all, living in the past or future will deprive you of one of your main reasons for being alive—living in the moment—through your 5 senses.   Stop and smell the roses!

Mars in Taurus Men

Men with Mars in Taurus are more in touch with than sensitive side than many other men.

Their sign, the Bull, is both (somewhat surprisingly) both Fixed and Female, giving them a solid foundation for understanding the human race as two equal genders.

However, you and your partner will more than likely still want to adhere to many traditional gender roles in your home and in your love life.

This man is quietly passionate and opinionated.  He can agree to disagree, but compromise is not this man’s strong suit.

Remember that he is a Fixed personality, and no amount of arguing will change his stubborn mind against his will.  He may be very conventional and even conservatively masculine.

This man will be financially stable and expect you to be as well.  He will get very upset by excess spending, even if you both contribute money evenly.

You may feel that he is a bit controlling in this area—and you would be right.  Best to pick your battles with a Bull, and unless you are way more fragile than he is, it may become a source of tension in the long-term.

Mars and Taurus in Love

Mars and Taurus in Love represent both the amazing strength and beauty of your true character.  Your ambition is tempered with patience and wisdom of past mistakes.

You are stubborn in life, and especially in love. Your work ethic and strong opinions will allow you to take on your optimal workload, while Mars in Taurus empowers you to say ‘No’ to projects that are above your pay grade, saving you humiliation down the line.

You are not the best at dealing with change in routine.  You do not easily let go of grudges.

However, Mars in Taurus encourages you to live in the present by enhancing your already keen sense.

Of all 12 Zodiac Signs, you are the most sensory of all, meaning you have the highest potential for appreciating something to the fullest possible degree—including love and intercourses.

Your best prospects in love are with a partner who can assure you stability.  Passion is great, but not as essential for your emotional and mental health as having a reliable life partner.

If you can calm a Bull, you have a unique gift.  Even to comfort this person can be difficult, at times, due to their Fixed and stubborn nature.

Find love and fulfillment with a partner who shares your visceral journey through the senses and life—with the help and guidance of Mars in Taurus.

Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who cannot appreciate sweet perfumes, the smell of your loved one making you dinner, or the beautifully fleeting colors of a sunset.

You live within the realm of the tactile and will benefit by surrounding yourself with people who know how to appreciate this shared interest.

You might mesh perfectly with a spiritually-awake and physically captivated Aquarius or Pisces; finding true love and fulfillment.

Dates for Mars in Taurus

Mars enters Taurus on May 9th.  Mars will not enter the next Sign until April 21st.

Be sure to use this time as your golden opportunity to have your voice heard regarding any concerns in your relationship, or about your family or significant other.

Additional Content

5 Little Known Facts About Mars in Taurus

When people think of Mars, they tend to thing of strength, determination, and a touch of fire thrown in just for good measure.

However, there is certainly far more to this combination than people are perhaps willing to admit to, so studying different facts will be able to make a very real difference.

1. You are more capable thanks to Mars in Taurus.

Thanks to the power that Mars can bring to the table, you are going to feel as if you are in a much better position to deal with whatever life can throw at you.

Also, even though both Mars and Taurus are known for being quite volatile, it’s almost as if things are cancelled out giving you a freshness in your mind that is difficult to beat.

2. You are sensible and great to be around.

This combination also leads to people feeling that you are great to be around as you have a strong and rather wonderful personality.

Also, you have a sensible head on your shoulders, and you know how to make the most of it as well.

You are often viewed as being somewhat of a rock as a person, so you better not then let people down or disappoint them.

3. You are down to earth.

Women that have this Mars and Taurus combination will often be regarded as being rather down to earth when it comes to anything that they do in their life.

There is no real sense of arrogance about them, but you should also not mess them around as that will not get you far with them either.

The woman with this combination will have their aims in life, and they do know how to get there, but that does not have to mean that they are hardened at the same time.

4. You are aware of your sensitive side.

Men with Mars in Taurus are going to be far more in touch with their sensible side than other star signs, and that is going to be a huge advantage for anybody that is in a relationship with them.

Ultimately, you know that you are going to be listened to and that they will care for you as well.

5. You may have a problem with compromising.

When it comes to compromising, then you could have a few problems as you are perhaps less likely to feel as if you should do this compared to others.

This is due to you being rather opinionated and you have a tendency to not want to change your opinion unless you have been really shown an alternative that makes sense to you.

Ultimately, this combination is going to be capable of doing great things for you, but there is also the chance of you finding that it enhances some of the more negative aspects of your personality if you are not careful with things.

As long as you are comfortable with that, then you could easily make this entire thing work for you.

Final Thoughts

When you feel yourself losing your cool and becoming hot-headed, try focusing by using meditation.

If this is also difficult, step back and try focusing in on one sensory experience at a time.  Break down an overwhelming situation into how you are experiencing it via each of the 5 senses.

What are you smelling?  What are you sitting in/on?  You will find a great deal of comfort in analyzing your situation in this way.

Mars in Taurus will aid you by giving you the strength to endure and learn from difficult circumstances.

You will greatly benefit from journaling about you experiences—perhaps even if only in a bullet-style-journal about your experiences of the 5 senses each day.

Note extraordinary experiences and become aware of patterns in your choices and behaviors.

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