Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus Personality Traits

What are the key Taurus personality traits and characteristics? How will men and women born under Taurus change and what should you know about Taurus in the year ahead?

This special personality analysis is a guide designed to tell you everything you need to know about the Taurus personality.

If you are a Taurus you will be able to understand how your own personality will develop in the coming months ahead.

Even if you are not a Taurus but you know someone born under this sign of the Zodiac you will be able to better understand their key personality traits for the coming year to ensure a smooth and harmonious relationship. Let’s get started right away.

Female Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus woman personality traits will change quite dramatically. Normally women born under Taurus are cool, calm and collected and always in charge of their emotions.

If you are a Taurus woman does this ring true with you? Do people around you always seem to look to you for advice when the going gets tough?

In the last months of 2013 my analysis tells me that you felt that sometimes people around you were becoming too dependent on you for support and advice.

Sometimes you wished that people didn’t take you for granted so much.

One of the key personality traits of the Taurus woman is great strength.

This is a positive trait no doubt, but sometimes it can lead the Taurus woman into difficult situations. Just because you appear to be strong on the outside does not mean that others have the right to take advantage of your good nature. Sometimes this leaves you so drained (emotionally and physically) that you have little time left to think about finding love and romance.

Having a strong personality means that unfortunately Taurus women often find that others become far too dependent on them for help in times of crisis.

If you know a Taurus woman in your life think about this for a second.

When things go wrong for you is your first reaction always to run to Taurus for support?

It is good to have friends that you can lean on but not all the time. Think how this makes Taurus feel and then reflect on how you can do things differently in the year ahead.

Another key personality characteristic of the Taurus woman is modesty. This is often seen as a positive trait of Taurus however when it comes to Taurus women this trait of modest starts to become a problem.Let me explain.

Being modest is generally viewed as a nice trait to have, no one likes a show off after all! However as Pluto descends through Taurus in the second half of the year. Taurus goes from being pleasantly modest to overly shy and retiring. This will hinder Taurus from putting themselves forward for rewards they deserve and other people will take the credit.

If you are a Taurus woman you should be aware of this, especially in your workplace. Just because you are modest does not mean that others are and you should never let other people steal the credit for things you have done.

Keep a balance on the more extreme personality traits of the Taurus female and things will work out for the best for you. However if you let the more extreme side of these Taurus characteristics take over you will find yourself feeling quite unhappy by the end of the year.

Male Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus male personality traits tend to be quite similar to the key characteristics of the Taurus woman and this remains true.

The dominant characteristics of the Taurus man tend to be warmth, generosity of spirit, kindness and a positive mental attitude to most things in life.

This year little will change in regards to these personality traits and by the end of the year you will almost feel as if you have not made any progress in your life because things have remained so consistent.

This is no bad thing for the Taurus male because in 2013 a great deal of change meant a period of upset was caused. This was largely due to Mars moving across the sign of Taurus in June 2013. If you are a Taurus male or if you know a man born under Taurus think back to June of last year.

Was it a difficult time in your life? My analysis tells me that the changes to the Taurus male personality meant that he was quite a difficult person to be around.

Although the Taurus male personality is not normally argumentative there was a lot of trouble and upset for Taurus men.

Take this on board and accept it Taurus. Once you accept things that have passed you can start again fresh.

You should enjoy the fact that there will be no more major changes to your personality profile and as the year progresses you will feel yourself become calm and relaxed.

Other people around you such as family and friends will be glad to see your personality traits of warmth and kindness replace the angry and stubborn streaks that you displayed last year so take time and enjoy these happy times Taurus.

Taurus Negative Personality Traits

One of the most negative of the Taurus characteristics (male and female) is their extreme stubborn streak. When a Taurus sets their mind on something nothing will stand in their way. This is a key aspect of the Taurus symbol.

Whilst it is good to be focussed and always aiming to achieve things in life, the danger is that all other things get swept to one side in the pursuit of one’s goals.

This personality characteristic can often get Taurus into deep trouble with friends and family. If you are a Taurus think about it for a second. Have you ever been so focussed on achieving your goals that you let down a friend or family member? This negative trait is especially common when it comes to relationships between Taurus and Leo. Taurus just cannot seem to help themselves and it will drive Leo star signs absolutely crazy if left unchecked!

Maybe it meant you missed a meal, a catch up with friends or other special occasion. This is not a nice way to be Taurus and you must take time to think more about the feelings of others.

My advice to you is to force yourself to make time for friends and family. Even if that means missing some deadlines it is not the end of the world. The Taurus personality trait of stubbornness really can do serious harm to your relationships so I hope you think about this advice carefully.

If this doesn’t sink in then maybe this quote from Doug Larson will help explain it better –

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.

Courtesy of Brainyquote.com

Although meant as a funny quote there is a serious message in there that tells us to not waste time on the things that do not matter in life. Instead focus on the things that do matter like friends and family.

Trust me – if you can conquer this negative Taurus personality trait you will become a much better person. Make time for the important things in your life.

Positive Taurus Personality Traits

There are several positive Taurus personality traits that I want to end this report with. I always believe in ending on a positive note and luckily for me there are many positive characteristics and Taurus traits to choose from.

One of the most important (and positive) traits of the Taurus character is that of Loyalty. If you have a friend born under Taurus you will know exactly what I mean.

The Taurus personality trait of loyalty is so strong that they will often go above and beyond the call of duty to help friends and family in times of need. Unlike some other signs of the Zodiac (such as Libra) it is rare to find a Taurus who does not have the trait of loyalty woven throughout their personality. This personality trait is really attractive to the Gemini sign and it is the reason that Gemini and Taurus make such a good match in romantic relationships.

If you are a Taurus you will probably be blushing reading this but do not be so modest. Praise where praise is due. It is a personality trait that you can be truly proud of and you should be glad that you have a personality type that so many other people find very nice to be around.

Another positive Taurus personality trait is that of a great sense of humor. Sometimes in life you just have to laugh and get on with it and no one enjoys a laugh quite like the Taurus personality type.

Laughter is a cure for most ills in life and you will often find that your laughter is contagious. Other people will enjoy being around a Taurus just because they tend to spread happiness in a room with their good cheer.

Never underestimate the power of laughter to heal a troubled relationship.

The final positive aspect of the Taurus personality that I want to discuss is the way a Taurus can remain impartial and independent, even in the most troubled times.

Taurus will find themselves in the centre of some major arguments between family members and will need to draw on this positive characteristic.

Keeping a cool head and being able to see both sides of the argument, independently, is a key strength of the Taurus personality. By keeping your cool and not getting involved in any arguments you are in a much better position to help resolve the argument by empathising with both sides.

Use this skill wisely Taurus and people will respect your opinion and look to you for advice in times of need. Be prepared Taurus – it is going to be an exciting year and you will need to use all your positive characteristics and personality traits to make it through it in one piece!

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