Taurus and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Two old school romantics with a love of life’s many pleasures can join forces and create beautiful things when Taurus and Taurus get together.

But of course, any time two of the same star sign combine in love, there are twice as many positives and negatives alike.

Luckily, these folks are so laid back that bouts of drama will be few and far between. Nonetheless, having some knowledge in advance is always a wise way to help love blossom.

Get to grips here with Taurus and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to how these lovers seek to be.

Taurus and Taurus compatibility overview

In astrology, it’s always remarkably interesting when two of the same star sign get together in love. It’s also not always as rare as folks might think – like attracts like just as often as opposites attract, after all.

With star signs whose personalities can be complex and tricky, there’s often an unspoken warning when it comes to having two of the same star sign romantically connect.

Yet Taurus and Taurus love often works well thanks to the fact that, as is their nature, Taurus folks get on well with just about anyone.

Taurus people get teased often for their grumpier moments – a hallmark of their star sign that they share with their equally practical fellow earth elemental star signs, Virgo and Capricorn.

All three of these pragmatic spirits are connected to the material world deeply enough that it gets to them sometimes.

Taurus grumpiness makes them disinclined to do much of anything, but watch out – all at once the ambition and work ethic of Taurus will kick in, and they’ll roll up their sleeves and get the job done without complaint.

Taurus people work hard and play hard, and it stands to reason that they’re more than happy to see these positive character traits echoed in a fellow Taurus partner.

In fact, these folks are particularly fun loving, and always up for an adventure or two.

However, pleasure often also stems from idleness to Taurus people. After all, their symbolic animal is the bull, and for all his strength and power, he is just as happy to laze his days away in the sunshine doing nothing in particular.

A couple made up of a Taurus and a Taurus in love will often soak their weekends into lounging around watching old movies and drinking wine, preferably while eating takeaway food or some sort of dense, filling dinner.

The finer things in life are often the simplest, as far as Taurus is concerned. Yet despite this, both Taurus partners tend to be skilled at making and keeping money too.

It’s here that a bit of cageyness can enter play – Taurus folks are protective of their own funds, even if they’re partners.

Squabbles over money, or anything in particular, will be thankfully rare though. Taurus people rarely blow their top, but when they do, it’s usually because they’ve been incensed far beyond what is reasonable – and they don’t like who they become when angry.

Taurus and Taurus relationships will be full of romance, but in an understated fashion, especially as time goes on.

They are loyal and reliable, and there’ll be next to no drama in their love affair – a welcome breath of fresh air for them both.

Matches between the Taurus woman and Taurus man

Although it can be easy to assume that matches between two of the same star sign are simple to analyse, there are layers of complexity we will be delving into throughout this discussion.

Part of that is to do with how each gender perceives the relationship. In the case of the Taurus woman, it’s always gratifying to find a man who lives up to his promises.

She only gives her word when she’s confident she can fulfil what she says, and finds this like minded approach in the Taurus man very appealing.

Of course, his good looks and cheeky charm hardly hurt either. There’s a straightforwardness to his character that the Taurus woman values, as she’s more than had her fill of snakes and liars in her time. However, being simple is not the same as being simple-minded.

In fact, the Taurus man is often remarkably smart, and certainly has his career and his finances in check.

From an early age, he demonstrated and cultivated a kind of quiet pragmatism with his resources. He may even be a business owner or an entrepreneur.

But, as the Taurus woman discovers, he’s also something of a big softie. He’s also a big eater, and the wise Taurus woman is one who steers the date venues towards those restaurants she knows dish up big portions of flavoursome dishes from around the world.

Should she be able to cook for him, then so much the better – although he’s just as likely to cook for her too.

Food and drink play a big part in the relationship between the Taurus woman and Taurus man. Memories are made by the candlelight that flickers over a delicious shared meal.

The Taurus woman will find the Taurus man doting and dependable, but also so laid back as to never impede on her own independence.

When the time comes for the two to concentrate on their own goals, it’s done free of fuss. The Taurus man always sees the bigger picture.

He also takes his time getting to where he wants to be though, and although the Taurus woman appreciates that long term vision, he can border on outright idle at times.

He acts on his terms when he is ready, and can never be rushed into anything.

He’s also remarkably stubborn, to the extent that if he believed the sky was green, no amount of science in the world would make him change his mind.

The Taurus man sticks to his guns no matter what – making him annoying to argue with, but valiant in defending what he believes in.

The Taurus woman will find little to worry about in dating a Taurus man. He’s true to the course, and only dates someone he intends to stick with – she need never fret that he will stray or grow bored with her. In fact, he appreciates her for being as laid back as he is.

The good points:

  • Old school romance is dead, they say – tell that to these two, who keep the spirit of this alive beautifully in their dates
  • The Taurus man believes in letting his partner be themselves, meaning the Taurus woman never wants for personal freedom
  • The Taurus woman can expect pleasure and comfort from the Taurus man, who’s a natural born provider who’ll support her own career too

The bad points:

  • The Taurus man is unbelievably stubborn, and disagreements will turn into conversations that just go in circles
  • Despite his relaxed ways, the Taurus man has a secret jealous and often possessive streak – it could be shocking when it first appears
  • The Taurus man will slow down on his expressions of love and romance as the relationship develops, and should be careful it doesn’t appear that he’s losing interest altogether

Matches between the Taurus man and Taurus woman

From the perspective of the Taurus man, this relationship is one that is quite inspiring – and a bit of a relief.

He prefers that his life travels in straight lines, along predictable paths that match his expectations. Unpredictable and shallow people are very bad for him.

However, the Taurus woman and her natural, earthy rich beauty are the perfect inspiration for him. She says what she means and means what she says, and her sense of humour has a spark of brilliance about it that’s impossible to ignore.

The Taurus man will waste no time in planning to make her his own, but also intends to ensure that he treats her well throughout the courtship process.

The Taurus woman responds well to these respectful overtures, and will love being wined and dined.

The physical side of love is also likely to be deeply enjoyable, as the Taurus woman is sensual by her very nature – and happy to demonstrate this with the Taurus man behind closed doors.

Both partners build to this stage of the relationship slowly but surely.

Neither of these partners want to be rushed, but the Taurus woman certainly wants to feel that she’s in a relationship that has both long term legs as much as security and stability.

Luckily, her distaste for drama is just as strong in the Taurus man, and neither are out to complicate the live of the other.

The Taurus woman admires the drive and ambition of the Taurus man, but she also values the fact that he never puts his job or his personal aspirations before her. In fact, the Taurus man makes her feel like a queen more often than not.

It can be easy to feel spoilt as a consequence, and the Taurus woman should be careful not to over indulge.

Overeating or shopping too much can be temptations, and the Taurus man can even be an unwitting enabler in this, so keen is he to see her happy.

Yet when the Taurus woman overindulges in the pleasures of life, it’s like she hits a standstill. The Taurus man will find it difficult to get her going again in these moments, but if left alone, she’ll work her way out of these lazy funks by her own devices.

The Taurus man and Taurus woman in love enjoy a peaceful coexistence. Both of them have their own lives to lead as much as a shared vision of their relationship and its long term view.

She is practical and rational, but kind and compassionate – all values the Taurus man adores.

The good points:

  • The Taurus woman is tremendously giving, and the Taurus man will find that she’s always ready and willing to put him first and help him succeed
  • The Taurus woman is level headed and calm in all things, and this helps the Taurus man proceed through life with clarity
  • The Taurus woman is more than happy to prove she’s just as gifted in sensuality as the Taurus man is, making the bedroom a palace of pleasure for them both

The bad points:

  • The Taurus woman is often extremely good looking, and that will draw attention – the Taurus man should guard his jealousy well
  • The Taurus woman can often enter a period of laziness and idleness with no warning, wanting nothing more than to treat herself – perhaps to excess
  • The Taurus woman does as she pleases, and even if advised against something, will probably just go ahead and do it anyway – but at least she means no harm

Taurus and Taurus friendship compatibility

It’s no surprise whatsoever that a star sign so gifted at getting along with everyone will find it effortless to get along with one of their own.

Taurus and Taurus friendship doesn’t just work due to how easy going both people involved can be, however.

Rather, those shared values of hard work, fulfilling rest and having fun are the cornerstones of how Taurus and Taurus friends connect.

Of course, the legendary appetites of both of them also makes them a pair of foodies if ever there were some.

It’s likely their meetups and catch ups are held at the town’s most popular restaurants, or just as much, those hidden gems in the side streets where the richest flavours await.

Food – its preparation and culture, as much as its consumption and enjoyment – is often a big deal to Taurus friends.

However, a shared love of pleasure can just as easily lead Taurus friends out to shopping malls, or even out into the country, where greenery and wildlife are abundant.

Taurus folks often love animals, and will love pet sitting on behalf of one another when busy.

In fact, Taurus friends prove dependable to one another through and through, and this is very important and appreciated by them.

Knowing that they can pick up the phone, ask for help and have it given with nothing expected in return is reassuring to Taurus folks.

Reliability and living life to a predictable groove of their own design is crucial to Taurus happiness.

Furthermore, thanks to their practical minds, Taurus friends are always there for one another when best-laid plans go awry – and can help devise a counter strategy.

In terms of entrepreneurship, two heads are definitely better than one for Taurus and Taurus buddies.

They can pool their skills and resources to lay out a business plan that will earn them plenty, all with a shared perspective of the long term goal.

The only element to watch for here is disagreements – while they’re unlikely to argue and bicker, if one Taurus friend has a difference of opinion from the other, their inherent stubbornness will mean they’ll never reach a compromise!

Taurus and Taurus marriage compatibility

In the simplest terms, it’s incredibly unlikely that a Taurus individual would enter into any kind of relationship without at least subconsciously evaluating their mate’s marriage potential.

There’s no point in building anything that isn’t going to last, as far as they’re concerned.

This makes Taurus individuals on the whole quite compatible with the notion of marriage overall – its romantic sentiments, its pragmatic pooling of resources, and indeed a fun party and honeymoon with a heaving buffet table.

Taurus and Taurus marriage therefore has all the ingredients needed for success. Any Taurus and Taurus couple that goes on enough dates to know they’re into something serious has likely contemplated marriage too.

You needn’t expect either Taurus partner to rush into the idea of marriage of course, even if they’re certain that it’s what they’re working towards. After all, Taurus folks are seldom apt to rush into anything.

As far as the marriage is concerned though, it won’t be much of a fanfare as it is more of the same – not that either Taurus partner really minds.

While many star signs rally against the idea of a routine life, to Taurus and Taurus in love, that idea is security incarnate.

Security overall is very important to both Taurus spouses, and they will each work hard to provide and sustain it.

Anything that rocks the status quo or disrupts the sanctity of the relationship is to be avoided and overcome together.

While this is commendable in its own right, it’s not always the best rule to live by as an absolute. For instance, if a risky business venture should pop up, the Taurus couple might step back from it simply because the payout is not a dead cert.

Dependable ways of building up a decent life are much preferred by this couple, and they’d sooner take the slow and steady route to success than trust any fly by night opportunities that crop up.

Taurus and Taurus: Common issues and problems

How can there be any issues with two old school romantics who are so laid back, you might wonder?

Well, in many cases the pros and cons of Taurus and Taurus dating stem from just how similar they are – and how relaxed they can be.

It’s not just a case of them both falling into bouts of long lasting laziness, of course. Taurus couples can be so laid back that they don’t recognise problems until it’s too late.

The car’s making a noise? Let’s not worry, Taurus might say – until the exhaust falls off on a road trip weeks later.

Having said that, it’d be unfair to overlook how resourceful and pragmatic this pair can be. But again, they can lean so far in this direction that they ignore valuable ideas like intuition or emotional reasoning.

They might even find it difficult to deal with the emotional outbursts of one another, or the uncomfortable feelings they have of their own.

It’s easy to dismiss emotions as nonsense, and their like-mindedness is such that they’ll both be doing this – ignoring lessons in the process.

And of course, we ought to touch again on the matter of stubbornness in a Taurus and Taurus relationship.

Put simply, different perspectives on a given issue will be things they’ll talk circles around until the end of time, one never surrendering their view to the other.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Part of what makes being a professional astrologer so much fun is the fact that analysing the potential of two of the same star sign in a relationship is always so interesting.

They are often mirrors to one another, both perks and flaws alike.

Yet in the case of Taurus and Taurus, it would seem that the reflections they give to one another have far more benefits than they do disadvantages.

Even those issues we’ve discussed today are ones that a Taurus team can tackle through their work ethic and rationale.

Taurus people are very romantic, and that’s perhaps due to the fact that their ruling planet is Venus.

This gives them a far more loving and affectionate feel to their fellow earth elemental star signs, Virgo and Capricorn – who are much more centred on the mind.

Taurus has a brilliant mind too, and a knack for finding their feet in the world, no matter the hand life gives them.

But this romantic edge gives them a sentimentality that makes romance between two of a kind, as seen here, especially fulfilling.

A Taurus lover never looks to stray from the partner they have chosen, and will in fact build their world around them and work together to create a wonderful and private place for them to relax and be themselves together.

This is a relationship built to last, although issues like jealousy, control and stubbornness will crop up from time to time.

But patient and reliable Taurus will always be able to overcome these challenges, and grow from them bit by bit – slow and steady.

Taurus and Taurus compatibility score: 8/10

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