Taurus Symbol and Taurus Signs – Why do People get this so Wrong?

Taurus Symbol and Taurus Signs – Why do People get this so Wrong?

Good food, lazy days in the sun, a slow burn romance and hot cocoa on a cold winter’s morning. For Taurus, life is often about the little pleasures and fleeting moments.

Of all the zodiac, Taurus people are perhaps the most laid back.

Yet there’s more to their story, as described through the Taurus symbol and Taurus signs. So why do people get this so wrong?

There’s no need to overcomplicate things, a Taurus person might say – and as you’ll see for yourself in learning about this loving, indulgent zodiac character.

What is the Taurus symbol?

Centuries ago, when humankind first began gazing up at the heavens and wondering about the secrets of the stars, the constellations were discovered.

Alongside them came the characteristics and definitions of the zodiac as we have come to understand them, based on the shapes traced in the sky and how those apply to the personalities of those born under certain constellations.

Many star signs have complex mythologies, and some like Scorpio have a big list of symbols and zodiac animals that represent them.

For Taurus people, who love the simple life, it’s lovely and straightforward. Anyone wondering about the Taurus symbol quickly learns it is the bull.

More than just the Taurus animal though, the bull speaks of the personality of the Taurus individual.

While bulls have a fearsome reputation as brutes who charge with devastating horns, that definition only describes the Taurus temper, which thankfully rarely flares up.

Indeed, the charging bull is a great Taurus zodiac symbol when it comes to defining these very rare bouts of fury, which almost never occur in the first place thanks to how relaxed in outlook the Taurus individual is. To a Taurus man or woman, life is to be savoured and enjoyed.

Just as the bull can stand in a sunny field all day, doing nothing but eating grass, lounging around and pottering about, so too does the Taurus favour the simple life.

A big meal, a nap thereafter and an evening of comedy on television is about as perfect a weekend plan as a Taurus can imagine, especially if spent in the company of a special someone.

So where does the misunderstanding of the personality of this star sign come from, then? For many Taurus people, it’s that assumption that they want the good life above all else.

Remember, the bull is an animal of dense muscle, tremendous power and superb speed.

Taurus people have goals like anyone else, and they pursue them like a bull charging at a red rag – swiftly, without averting their course, and with single-minded determination.

Enjoying the good life is one thing, but earning it – getting out into the world to go and get it – is quite another.

Make no mistake, Taurus people can be ambitious and driven, and they’re playing the game of life to win.

The Taurus glyph

Every star sign in the zodiac has a simple glyph, symbol or image that captures the essence of what that sign represents.

From this, astrologers and those following and learning its ways can gauge what to expect from the personality of a given individual, and these glyphs often find their way into astrological art.

Therefore, you won’t have a hard time in recognising a Taurus tattoo, even if this is your first time encountering the glyph of this particular star sign.

Like the star sign it represents, the Taurus sign likes to keep things simple. There’s a squat circular shape beneath what are clearly two horns – every inch the bull.

Dig a little deeper though, and more symbolism comes out to play, enticed from the depths of easygoing Taurus.

The circle itself, for instance, indicates fullness and contentedness, the state of being to which Taurus always strives.

To them, life is about finding satisfaction and a sense of wholeness and completion in bringing things full circle and savouring abundance.

If you’re feeling cheeky, and Taurus people certainly appreciate a teasing joke or two back and forth, you might also suggest that the circle evokes the notion of a nice full rounded belly.

The Taurus symbol definitely plays up the appetite of these folks, but if there’s any foodie star sign in the zodiac, it’s Taurus. They own it proudly.

As for the horns, the obvious allusions to drive, ambition and an appreciation for sensual relationships is implied, but there’s also the famous stubborn Taurus characteristic to consider.

Taking the bull by the horns is an admirable trait, but Taurus people also stick to their decisions and opinions with a rocksteady sturdiness you won’t find in even the most determined of other signs.

The horns here are defiant then, showing that Taurus doesn’t care what anyone thinks – his or her opinions are theirs alone.

The Taurus is also of the Earth element

Every star sign of the zodiac has its own elemental attribute, or elemental ruler.

It’s a great way for astrologers to group the twelve zodiac signs into smaller groups who share a common outlook or way of approaching the world. There are intellectual air signs, for instance, and spontaneous fire signs.

Yet just as the bull in the field couldn’t imagine life anywhere else, the element of Taurus is earth.

Taurus shares the earth element with the practically minded Virgo and the quietly ambitious Capricorn, yet where those star signs use their earthy roots to pragmatically progress in the world, Taurus people see it as a way to enjoy the material pleasures of life.

While a Taurus individual can debate a philosophy, imagine a fantasy world or lose themselves to emotion with the best of them, the real soul of the Taurus individual is deeply tied to the real world, and the joys it contains.

However, this isn’t just about enjoying food, a flirtatious touch and some hard-won riches. The Earth element as a Taurus zodiac symbol also strengthens the grounded nature of a Taurus person.

You’ll find that these people keep it real, never letting grand ideas or emotions get the best of them and whip their feet off the ground.

That connection to only what is real and tangible can have another effect on Taurus people though, making them far from keen on taking risks and putting themselves out there without a steady footing.

A risk is a concept by its very nature, far from solid and comforting as a Taurus would prefer it. With their stubborn outlook in tandem with this avoiding risk, a Taurus can often be next to impossible to motivate into action without knowing he or she will see success and comfort in doing so.

However, people born under an earth elemental star sign often have a community-minded outlook, as well as a fondness for family.

A Taurus will do his or her level best to keep those around him happy and content, and thanks to their playful ways, this is something they’re very good at.

It also ties into the Taurus symbol animal, the bull. This beast has been a big part of agriculture for generations, and agriculture is how communities are fed.

In the days before tractors and heavy-duty vehicles for farming, a bull would pull the plough to help the farmer ready the field for crops and seeds, playing a big role in providing for the many.

This streak of altruism is a Taurus trait today too, even if the individual person doesn’t know he or she is this way at the conscious level.

The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet assigned to them that best represents their philosophy and personality in life.

Of course, because there are more star signs than there are planets in our solar system to assign them to, there are some occasions in which two-star signs will share a ruling planet, and each demonstrate different aspects of that planet’s symbolism.

That’s definitely the case here, because Taurus is deepened further by its ruling planet, Venus.

Taurus shares this ruling planet with the Libra star sign, and because the personalities of those star signs are so distinct from one another, it’s clear how they take Venus energies into life in different ways.

Venus is the planet of love, compassion, healing, art and aesthetic appeal.

Taurus people are often very good looking, yet while a similarly attractive Libra soul seeks to use Venus energies to bring love and art into the world, the Taurus soul is here to enjoy it.

Make no mistake, the Taurus individual is someone deeply connected to love and romance.

Partnership is a big deal to Taurus people – perhaps the circle of the Taurus symbol we discussed also means the completion found in loving their ideal partner.

You will rarely find a Taurus individual not either actively dating, fully committed or charging like the bull after the object of his or her affections, determined to win them over with effortless Taurus charm.

Venus is also a planet of compassion, and that is one quality of the Taurus personality that’s very abundant.

Although indulgent and prone to spend their time leading life at their own slow pace, Taurus people are blessed with an abundance of kindness and compassion that makes them give generously to those closest to them.

Because of how abundant in money Taurus people tend to be, this is often a wonderful thing to receive.

Green is a lucky colour for Taurus

As you might expect of the grass munching bull, not to mention one of the earth elemental zodiac signs, Taurus people are often drawn to green for its rich, natural hues.

Many Taurus people aren’t conscious of this fact, especially if they don’t follow astrology themselves, but you’ll find that both green and similarly earthy tones tend to form a big part of their clothing, home décor and overall surroundings.

Green grounds the Taurus when even their own strength of will seems to get carried away in the rush of the modern world, and their love of natural environments is a big part of that Taurus love affair too.

Idyllic pastures to be strolled without a care in the world are extremely appealing to Taurus people.

Of course, the gemstone for Taurus being an emerald is hardly surprising here either – remember, this is a straightforward star sign, and the Taurus symbol ensures that what you see is generally what you get with these folks.

However, the sheer value of emeralds speak to one of the big secrets about Taurus, and that is their appreciation of money.

In fact, the blessings of the Taurus zodiac symbol are such that these individuals are often financially abundant, and have a natural way of attracting wealth.

But of course, with their indulgent ways being what they are, the odd splurge is only to be expected too!

The Taurus symbol means stability, stubbornness and sensuality

Far too laid back to worry, far too driven to fail and far too solid to be swept away by life’s unexpected challenges, the Taurus individual is someone with a wealth of resolve and cheerful confidence in life going his or her way.

However, in understanding the Taurus symbol, and bringing that information into the wider view of the ruling planet and elemental makeup of the Taurus individual, you stand to no longer be bewildered by the simplistic outlook and relaxed way these folks make their way through life.

Treat your Taurus with kindness and you’ll be rewarded in kind, while if you try to change his or her mind about those deep beliefs, you’ll have more luck moving a mountain.

This single minded approach is both the greatest strength and biggest liability for the Taurus, but you now have the wisdom to handle them better than most.

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