Taurus Woman Traits and Characteristics

Taurus Woman Traits and Characteristics

taurus woman traits

Taurus woman and the traits of Taurus women are amongst the most discussed in all the signs of the Zodiac. Taurus traits are all about strength and movement and positive energy.

Just like the traits of Taurus men, the characteristics of the Taurus Woman means that they are often highly driven and motivated people.

Taurus Women are strong, material, and they are the type of people who know exactly what they want. If there is any one word to describe a typical Taurus woman is ambition.

They are very ambitious. They are always looking to start from point A and end up in point Z. This is almost the exact opposite of the traits of the Taurus man.

If you are looking for progress in your life, if you are looking for positive material change, it is always good to be associated with a Taurus. At the very least, they will motivate you to really move your life forward, at least from a material or social perspective.

The traits of Taurus Women are not very different from Taurus men in this respect. However, they do have other sets of traits and characteristics that make them slightly different.

These are the traits that guys really like about Taurus Women and in my experience these are the top 5 personality traits shared by almost all Taurus Women.

Taurus Signs are Protective

Just as the bull is very protective of the herd, Taurus Women are also very protective of their loved ones.

If you are occupying an emotional relationship with a Taurus woman, you can count that she will spend her financial, political and social resources to protect you.

Just as herds of wild cows often train their horns on wolves and other threats to the herd, you can be sure that Taurus Women have this protective trait and characteristic.

Keep in mind that this level of protection is not triggered by you being emotionally needy or damaged or clingy or other shows of emotional damage, instead, this protective nature is actually quite automatic.

The traits of the Taurus Woman are all about protecting those who she views as being weak and in need of help.

Materialistic in a Good Way

One of the biggest criticisms of Taurus personality types in general is that they are materialistic.

They tend to look at things on the surface. They tend to equate the price of something with the real value of something. Many people dismiss them as rather shallow.

Sure, they are very driven. Sure, they are very ambitious. Many of them go on to become rich or powerful or politically connected later on in life. Many of them achieve a high level of social status, but the key to this drive is materialism.

You have to remember, when you are dealing with different aspects of the horoscope, you have to look at the world from how they look at the world, and the Taurus tends to look at the world in a materialists terms.

They tend to focus on what you see is what you get. Instead of imagining a world that could be, they focus on what is. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are and where you are in their lives.

With that said, it is always a good idea to remember that Taurus Women are materialistic in a good way.

They keep things practical. If you need help, they will help in terms of money. If you need help in terms of getting some strings pulled, they will help politically.

They are always there to help, but keep in mind that the help will often appear in a materialist way. In terms of emotional help, if you are just looking for somebody to listen, that may be a tougher call to make.

Once you understand this you will be a lot closer to fully understanding the true nature of the Taurus personality type.

The Taurus Woman Will Take Good Care of Herself

Taurus Women who tend to be superficial take really good care of themselves. Since they often equate inner substance and value with what you see, by logical extension they take really good care of their external appearances.

If you are worried that your Taurus girlfriend or Taurus wife will look bad as she ages, you do not have to worry too much – the personality type of the Taurus woman means that she is far too vain to let her appearance go, even as she ages.

Taurus Women Do Not Get Too Carried Away By Sentimentality

Unlike water signs or air signs where you can get easily caught up in personal drama, you can definitely save on all that drama and unnecessary emotional energy with Taurus Women.

This is one of the shining traits of the Taurus woman because they do not get carried away by sentimentality.

They feel mad, they feel sad, and they feel outraged, they feel concerned, they have compassion, but they do not let the emotional turmoil really carry them away.

Also, they feel happy, but they do not get sentimental. For many guys who are looking for emotionally “girly” women, this might be a challenge because they are looking for a woman that gets all emotional and sometimes hysterical; you do not have that in a Taurus woman.

She takes situations as they arise, and she moves forward.

Stubborn In A Good Way

There are two ways to be stubborn, you can be stubborn in a bad way, and you can be stubborn in a good way.

Being stubborn in a bad way is when all evidence points to you making another decision, because you are just stubborn you stick to your decision instead of moving out of that financial, social, emotional hole you are in, you just dig yourself deeper.

The Taurus woman, on the other hand, is stubborn in a good way. She hangs on to her principles, she hangs on to what she believes in, unless she is convinced by good evidence that she needs to take a different direction.

This is being stubborn in a good way.

The Taurus Woman Expects More from Her Children

In terms of parenting skills, the Taurus woman wants to impart her value system to her children. This means that she does not like to bend standards, she does not like to compromise on values.

If she thinks that the good life is defined by a certain set of values, then she will make sure that her children lives up to those values.

That is her expectations. Children are really creatures of expectations.

They only rise to how high our expectations are of them. Of course, there is such a thing as unrealistic expectations and realistic expectations. If you keep your expectations high enough and realistic, your children will be more than happy to live up to your expectations.

This means career choices, this means levels of ambition, this means career growth, this means high income, social status, you name it.

The Taurus woman understands this, but she also understands that if you are being too demanding, a lot of progress can be lost. Instead of your expectations being a guideline to something better and higher in life, they can be a prison or a hassle for your children.

She knows the difference and this is why this particular trait is one of her best traits. She can be an excellent mother.

My Final Thoughts about the Taurus Woman

As you can tell the traits and characteristics of the Taurus woman are extremely mixed. Some people might read this and think that these are negative traits and that Taurus Women are not pleasant people.

Others might read this and think that this no nonsense type of personality is exactly the type of person they want to have in their lives.

Whichever side of the fence you find yourself on there can be no debate about the strength and generosity of the Taurus woman and these two traits are perhaps the most positive and best love traits of people born under the sign of the bull.

What do you think? Do you know a Taurus woman? Do you agree with my analysis of the best traits of the Taurus woman? Leave a comment below and let’s get the conversation started!

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