January 17 Zodiac

January 17 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on January 17?

If you were born on January 17, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

As a Capricorn born on January 17, you are a very motivated person. In fact, that statement in of itself is quite an understatement.

You’re more like an unstoppable machine that would not stop at anything until it reaches to top.

Once you decide on a goal, you can’t help but feel sorry for anything and anyone that gets in the way of that goal.

While this personality trait can and do serve your best interests most of the time, it is also a double-edged sword. It can lead to you hurting people.

Of course, it’s usually not intentional. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

You seem so focused on what’s in front of you that you are willing to make sacrifices as far as your personal life is concerned that you might come to regret later on.

On top of all of this, you also tend to be so focused that if the trajectory of your goal changes ever so slightly, you might end up chasing your tail.

You have a tremendous amount of energy, and unfortunately unquestioned objectives can be circular. They can lead to nowhere.

This is your greatest challenge.

Love Horoscope for January 17 Zodiac

Lovers born on the 17th of January are very loyal Capricorns.

It’s not because you are loyal by nature, it’s because you are a very conservative person.

Once you are familiar and comfortable with a particular relationship, you’re not the type to try and experiment with others. You’re not the type to seek out what else is out there.

You just feel that you really don’t have the time or energy to do that.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t cheat if given the opportunity.

What this does mean is that you would be able to hang on to commitments for a very, very long time regardless of whether or not your partner is being nice to you or returning your love.

That’s how much you can hang on. Now, this can be a great thing. This can also be a serious weakness.

You have to remember that whether you do well in your relationships ultimately depend on the quality of the people you choose to become loyal to.

Career Horoscope for January 17 Zodiac

Capricorns born on the 17th of January are not risk-takers. They are more like loyal and dedicated workers.

It seems that as long as you have clear directions and you agree with the goal, you will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve that goal.

Again, in most situations this is a good thing. In most situations, the drive, power, and dedication that you have can almost ensure that you get to where you need to go.

The problem is there is such a thing as a worthless goal. If you are so focused on the small stuff, you will not get around to doing the stuff that really matters.

This is your big challenge. You tend to work in circles. You tend to focus on the stuff that ultimately, at the end, doesn’t really matter all that much.

The world rewards innovators. The world rewards people who push out boundaries.

It wouldn’t really care much for people who just try to stick with the tried and proven.

By learning to trust your intuition more, you would increase the likelihood that you will achieve break out success.

People born on January 17 make for great insurance people, businessmen, and planners.

People Born on January 17 Personality Traits

You can be quite stubborn.

It’s not because you are hard-headed just to be hard-headed. In many cases, the real reason why you tend to stick with the tried and proven is because you’re a very fearful person.

You’re not the type of person to go beyond boundaries. You’d like to color well within the lines.

Now, as mentioned earlier, this can be a great thing. The problem is, the walls of personal comfort zones can start caving in if they’re not challenged.

If they are not confronted and pushed back, they start behaving more like invisible prison walls. The worst types of prison walls, of course, are mental prisons.

That’s precisely what can happen to you.

You tend to believe in things that you should not believe. You often develop blind loyalties when an objective look at the facts would dictate a different course of action.

Not surprisingly, you often find yourself in certain areas of your life stuck and frustrated.

The worst part is you’re living in a prison where you hold the key.

Positive Traits of the January 17 Zodiac

People born on January 17 are hard workers. They can be very willful and they would stick to a course for however long it takes until they achieve the goal.

They are very dependable people. To say that they are trustworthy is an understatement.

You are reliable, predictable, and solid as a rock.

Now, the problem is sometimes rocks can be placed on quicksand. No matter how strong the rock is, if it’s based on faulty foundations, ultimately it’s going to roll away.

That can be your undoing.

Negative Traits of the January 17 Zodiac

People born on the 17th of January tend to become very stubborn. They tend to hang on regardless of material reality.

Regardless of the fact that other people can see that you are simply wasting your time fighting a hopeless cause, you just hang on.

Unlike other horoscope signs that do it for emotional reasons, you do it primarily because of fear of change. As long as you feel somewhat comfortable, you will hang on until the very end.

Consider yourself like the frog that boiled to death in the pot. The frog boiled not because it felt hot.

No, it boiled because it got used to the rising temperatures and never got around to leaving the boiling pot.

Don’t let that happen to you.

January 17 Element

Earth is the governing element of January 17 Capricorns.

They reflect the stability and concreteness of earth. They also reflect the immobility that earth often displays.

However, when earth gets too baked and too dry, it ultimately crumbles. Let this be a cautionary tale.

January 17 Planetary Influence

People born on January 17 have Saturn as their planetary influence. Saturn is the ruler of all Capricorns.

In this context, you get Saturn’s tendency to be oppressive.

When you don’t change and when you don’t pay attention to feedback, you hang on for all the wrong reasons.

Life is all about change. There’s something wrong when something doesn’t change ultimately.

If you peel back all the positive attributes, there can be serious issues when it comes to just hanging on for the sake of hanging on.

My Top Tips for Those With a January 17 Birthday

Try to let your hair down and challenge what you think you believe. Challenge your biggest assumptions.

By constantly challenging your comfort zone, you increase the likelihood that you will take your life to a much higher level.

Remember, life is all about exploration and possibility. It’s not about sticking to the tried and proven because you’re too lazy or fearful to see what’s around the corner.

Lucky Color for the January 17 Zodiac

Black is your lucky color. There’s something solid and powerful about black.

It also exudes a sense of destiny. It will continue for a long time. It is also very sophisticated and mysterious.

However, for black to truly come to life, it has to be mixed with other colors. It has to be mixed with activity and possibility.

Lucky Numbers for January 17 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for people born on this day are 5, 10, 15, 25, 41, and 54.

Never, Ever Do This If Your Birthday Is 17th January

If you were born on 17th January, chances are you like to keep your innermost feelings and vulnerabilities under a tight lock and key.

There’s no harm in that in the immediate sense – it’s only sensible to keep one’s feelings safe from hurt, right?

However, over time, this tendency can be enacted to excess, making you seem cold and aloof to those around you.

If you’ve wondered why prospective partners you’re really interested in tend to lose interest after a short time, this could well be why.

This talent of yours of keeping your emotions restrained works wonders for your professional and personal life, yet your love life will always suffer is you don’t learn to open up.

It’s scary, absolutely, but well worth doing – and vital to forming real and emotionally nourishing connections to those you care for most.

Final Thought for the January 17 Zodiac

January 17 people exhibit the Capricorn’s unbridled passion for work, stability, and goals.

These things are highly commendable. They are very admirable.

But slavish devotion to the tried and proven can often be the worst oppression possible.

You never really know what’s out there until you look out the window and explore.

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