January 7 Zodiac

January 7 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on January 7?

If you’re born on January 7, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

You are a classicist. You believe that there is a proper order to things. Not only is there a fixed set of boundaries and definitions that should govern life, you also believe that things should be done in a certain sequence. You do things in a systematic and methodical way.

You are a very serious person by default. You don’t take things lightly. When you do commit to a particular project, most people can bet that project will end up well; and it will be done properly.

You are a very popular person, especially among those with power and authority. They feel that if they assign a project to you, they can have a peace of mind.

They can sleep well at night knowing you are on the job. You get promoted very quickly, and you reach high levels of social esteem.

You also have very little patience for theory. Love, patience, kindness, and all of that stuff are great, but you can quickly compartmentalize and get down to business.

Love Horoscope for January 7 Zodiac

Lovers born on the 7th of January conduct their romantic affairs like they would do business affairs. You zero in on the most optimal partner, and couldn’t care less about emotions.

You focus on is whether this person shares the same values as you. You look at the long game.

You understand that physical attractiveness declines with age. You know that beauty tends to degrade over the years.

You focus on personality, on shared objectives, and most importantly; you try to understand the real character of the person you decide to commit to.

You believe that love is something you can grow into. You’re very flexible regarding who you choose to fall in love with. You believe strongly that love is a choice.

You’re the type of person who looks at love as a principle. This makes you a very loyal person. Regardless of whether you get cheated on or mistreated by the person you are in a relationship with, the moment you give your word, it’s almost impossible for you to take it back.

This is why you make such a great romantic partner. You very generous towards your partner, and you also make it a point to be a great lover. Avoid people you have no business committing to.

Career Horoscope for January 7 Zodiac

People born on the 7th of January are tireless in their efforts to succeed. They have a laser target on success. Their definition of success is different from how most others view it.

These Capricorns view success as a process. They measure success based on the kind of people they become. As they are faced with challenge after challenge, they realize that the more they sacrifice, and the more they fail and try again, the better they become.

It’s no surprise that people who define success this way end up making a lot of money, because money is actually the icing on the cake; it’s not the real reward.

These Capricorns understand this all too well, and they make the right calculated risks, as far as career and business opportunities go.

People born on January 7 Personality Traits

People born on the 7th of January have the power to persevere. Life is not a door prize; we don’t get rewarded with success in respect just by showing up at the door.

People born on this day know how the game works. They are ready, willing, and eager to put in the right amount of work, sacrifice, and risk-taking to ensure success, either now or later.

They are also very resourceful. They know how to manage their limited time and money. It’s quite surprising to see how very little money handled by this type of Capricorn can blossom into a great fortune, given enough time.

They are very intelligent and know how to apply a high degree of self-discipline to achieve even the most formidable goals.

Positive Traits of the January 7 Zodiac

To sum them up, they are able to take something little and turn it into something big. Usually the something little is themselves.

They start out with very little power, few connections, and almost absolutely no influence. However, given their laser focus on doing the right things repeatedly, all their efforts eventually pay off.

Best of all, the more they do things, the better they get at them. They pay a lot of attention to the art of mastery.

They’re not the type of person who blindly goes to the same routine day after day only to settle for mediocre results.

They’re always looking for a more efficient and effective way of doing things, and this mindset pays off tremendously.

Negative Traits of the January 7 Zodiac

They are very easily oppressed. They prefer the tried and proven; even if that is a very emotionally negative space like a dysfunctional relationship, they will hang on.

They are very fearful people regarding change. In many cases, this is why their relationships are very uneven.

They’re the only ones putting in any real effort, and pushing the partnership forward. Still, given their hardheadedness and tremendous diligence, they seem to almost always make it work.

If you’re born on this day, realize that partnerships are two-way streets. Only allow yourself to fall in love with or become partners with people who give you the respect and value you deserve.

January 7 Element

Earth is the governing of all Capricorn men and women.

As Earth signs, they are very sensual. Sensual means they pay attention to material reality.

Something is real only to the extent that they can verify it and pick it up with their senses. Law of the ideas, dreams, and goals doesn’t appeal much to them.

January 7 Planetary Influence

If you’re born on January 7, Saturn is your biggest planetary influence. This is why you’re able to focus on a goal and get it done.

Saturn is a hard task master. It is very exacting. It has very high standards.

Saturn also gives you internal fortitude. You are not going to be faced with a challenge that you cannot intrinsically overcome.

My Top Tips for Those with a January 7th Birthday

If you’re born on the 7th of January, best advice anybody could give you is to focus on the right battles.

You have a lot to give. You have a tremendous ability to keep pushing forward until you achieve the big prizes of life. Don’t let that go to waste by putting energy on people who don’t deserve you.

Lucky Color for the January 7th Zodiac

Gray is your lucky color. Gray exudes formality, conservatism, and a quiet sophistication.

It would almost blend naturally with all other colors and environments. It’s very easy to overlook gray, but never underestimate its power. These qualities of the color gray describe you very closely.

Lucky Numbers for January 7 Zodiac

The lucky numbers for those born on 7th January are – 12, 16, 4, 50, 24, and 8.

3 Things You Must Always Remember if You are a 7th January Zodiac

People born within the 7th January zodiac, under the Capricorn star sign, have superb intelligence and a remarkable eye for detail.

Nonetheless, more often than not, these three details seem to escape even their sharp senses.

Firstly, as a 7th January zodiac, never expose your plans too thoroughly to other people.

Because there can be low self-esteem in this zodiac sign, people born on 7th January might over-share their plans to others, and in the worst-case scenario have their inventive strategies stolen so others can take the credit.

Play those cards close to the chest!

Secondly though, do the opposite in love, and never be afraid to expose your emotions.

The risk of being hurt is what makes love thrilling, and by trying to exert the otherwise superb ability for control present in the 7th January zodiac over love itself, things can only come to a standstill.

Thirdly, tying a little into the first point, people who are born on 7th January need to appreciate and love themselves more, and have some self-respect!

It’s like these people only known self-effacing jokes and the hubris and arrogance of others, never recognising the middle ground of confidence and assertiveness they deserve to tread.

Final Thought for the January 7 Zodiac

There’s nothing wrong with working hard for your dreams. A lot of people like to take shortcuts. A lot of them would try to make fun of you because you take life seriously.

You’re the type of person who’s going to be laughing last.

Just like in the old fable of the grasshopper and the ant, they may have enjoyed their rewards now, but you will enjoy your rewards long into the future.

You live your life by this, and you will never ever worry about the next day.

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