Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn Traits

Mercury in Capricorn affects how you communicate with the world around you. You need to see things in grids and charts.

You need to visualize your thoughts. Mercury in Capricorn asks a lot of questions. You play detective.

You are just as mysterious to others as they are to you. You tend to have a calm demeanor and soothing voice. You have classical tastes. You crave organization.

You love big projects but work best from notes or an outline, rather than off the top of your head. You like control, Capricorn.

Mercury in your sign tells others that you like to think and speak, in practical terms.

You are a results-oriented person, rather than a goal-oriented type. Mercury in your sign expresses your need to claim titles you deserve.

You do not love being the center of attention. However, shying away from praise is not always healthy, either.

Mercury in Capricorn Women

Capricorn women are powerful, and know how to command a room. With Mercury’s power of communication and nurturing influence, women of this sign are very strong-willed.

You love to help others, and you benefit greatly from time spent with other women.

Mercury brings a flare up in Capricorn’s temper, at times. You are not alone. Indeed, most people experience some sort of emotional or spiritual turbulence during times of Mercury in Retrograde, 4 times a year.

Evaluate your wants and needs during times of Mercury in Retrograde. This is your homework. Mercury will help you articulate these thoughts.

Share these thoughts with other women, other Capricorns, and other loved ones. Ask them if they have picked up on any of the same trends in your behavior you notice. Maybe they can point out to you something you overlooked—about yourself.

Because Mercury not only rules how you give information, but also how you receive it, you should plan a specific time for such discussions.

If Mercury is in Retrograde, then table emotional topics for the time being, and work on them during times of personal reflection, first.

Mercury in Capricorn Men

Mercury’s influence on the Capricorn Man concerns his temper, especially when communication troubles arise.

These men can get flustered and tongue-tied easily. Frustration lingers, and keeps them from processing things as quickly as some other signs.

These men are usually in positions of authority. Mercury helps them talk their way up the corporate ladder, to a point. After this, most businessmen do not deal with day-to-day minutia.

Secretaries and administrative assistants now handle those jobs for him. (To be clear, this example works just as well when the gender roles are swapped.)

Gender roles are not as important to this man. He just wants to be himself. Men with Mercury in Capricorn can be a bit arrogant. They tend to be a bit self-righteous.

These men can quickly lose their tempers when they feel others are holding them back; be it a co-worker, a spouse, a child.

They are at once both charismatic and unforgiving. Capricorns do not see very much gray between the black and white of daily activities and worries.

Mercury and Capricorn in Love

Capricorns are especially rational thinkers, and with the help of Mercury, can begin to explain their thoughts to those close to them.

There will always be a slight struggle here. Not for lack of ability on behalf of the Capricorn, but maybe on account of an overabundance of ambition.

The Capricorn mentality, concerning Mercury and communications, can be likened to a survivor of the Great Depression.

You take nothing for granted, for fear it might be taken away. You try not to waste anything—including time invested in someone.

You plan diligently for the future—and often have at least a contingency plan or two, up your sleeve.

Your best prospects for love are Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo, with Mercury. Pisceans can usually reach you on a spiritual level.

Communication with these people comes so naturally, that it may even be non-verbal. Your entire vocabulary with this person could be made up of body language and facial expressions, for instance.

Mercury in Scorpio energizes this Sign with a smirk. Scorpio, under the influence of Mercury, will be a bit of a playboy. Or at least, love to think of them as such. You will have amazing physical chemistry with Scorpio.

You will be drawn to Taurus. Mercury will bring you together, and you will also have great physical chemistry. However, sometimes the Bull and Capricorn can both be too stubborn for this partnership to last for very long.

Mercury in Virgo will show no signs of stopping this person from speaking their mind. A Virgo, reassured by the communicative powers of Mercury, feels secure in their opinions.

Virgos tend to be know-it-alls, but in many cases, they really are correct. Mercury will highlight the best qualities of Virgo, but make sure to check your Sun Signs’ compatibility also, when dealing with Mercurial Virgo.

Your worst prospects for love are Aries and Libra, with Mercury. Mercury in Aries will be too emotionally taxing for you, Capricorn.

Even when Mercury is on one of your signs, communication will be difficult between the two of you.

Libra will bore you to death with details. Mercury in Libra and Mercury in your Sign are not compatible. At best, they could make a great friend for you. Steer clear of romantic relationships, though.

No matter what Sign your partner is, make sure to also compare other aspects of your partner’s astrological charts.

Dates for the Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury will be in Retrograde 4 times in 2017. These periods include January 1st-9th, April 9th-May 3rd, August 13th-September 5th, and December 3rd-23rd.

These times should all be used as times of reflection, planning, and personal preparations for the year ahead. Pay special attention to the Retrograde closest to your birthday/Star Sign.

During times Mercury is in Retrograde, it is wise to hibernate and plan, as much as possible. You have a whole New Year coming up soon after the last Retrograde Mercury of the year.

Use this time to reflect on personal issues and try to find a few small and practical solutions. Once this feels normal, move up the food chain of problems-to-be-solved.

6 Little Known Facts About Mercury in Capricorn

At the point of Mercury entering into Capricorn, it will make sense that it can bring with it a number of changes to the way in which you not only view life, but how you feel about a number of different things as well.

The best way to get an understanding of how it can affect you is to spend time looking at a series of facts that are intricately linked to this combination.

It will then open up a new world of possibilities and understandings for you to explore.

1. You tend to ask a lot of questions.

When this combination occurs, you feel that there is a strong need to ask a lot of questions about life in general, and it also changes the way in which you communicate with others.

There is a real sense of you being more analytical and you need to see things laid out in front of you for it all to make sense as well.

2. You are calming to others.

One thing that people are going to associate with you is that there is a new sense of calmness that surrounds you, and that is something that they are going to feed off as a result.

Your voice just comes across as being rather soothing, and there is no sense of panic in it either, so people are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

3. You need to be organised.

You struggle to deal with situations that occur off the top of your head as you need to feel organised more than anything else.

This is where having notes and a firm idea of what is happening to allow you to make the kind of progress that you were hoping for in life. If things are not organised, then you will struggle to make sense of it all.

4. You can command and control a room.

Women with this combination have the ability to both command and control a room at any time that they want.

They have a presence that is difficult to ignore, but this is not done in a cocky or aggressive way.

Instead, they have a more positive presence that draws people towards them, and this is something that you need to learn to enhance as quickly as possible.

5. You can get frustrated and tongue-tied.

For men with this combination, there is no doubt that you are able to get rather frustrated at times, and this then turns into you being somewhat tongue-tied.

Of course, this will then increase your frustration further, so you have to be aware that this can be a potential problem to allow you to get anywhere in life.

6. Gender roles are not viewed as being important.

This planet is going to mean that you no longer view gender roles as being as important as others may perceive them.

You believe in things being more equal, and will push forward with that idea as much as possible.

Overall, Mercury in Capricorn can change so many things about your life, but you need to be willing to embrace a new way of looking at things for it to all make sense to you.

Final Thoughts

Capricorns can be moody and domineering, even without the forceful Mercury in play. You are more set in your ways of communication that most. You can be very resistant to change, even when it is in your best interest.

While your valuing antiques is valid, it is essential to keep up with today’s technology. The tech world is advancing so quickly, that becoming computer-illiterate is a real risk to the habitually uninformed and unplugged crowds.

Mercury helps Capricorns acknowledge some of their deepest needs. Capricorns need partners who care deeply about them, will listen to them, and will help plan a future—together.

These people crave stability in home life and romantic pursuits. Mercury helps them talk to potential partners about such needs.

You will benefit from interacting with people of all signs. You are a very mature sign, by nature, and have a lot of wisdom to gain from your peers.

Again, Mercury will come visit and assist you 4 times this year. Mercury’s influence over your relationships and conversations will teach you more than you realize.

People with Mercury visiting their Sign will feel the pressure on them. Often in life, striking while the iron is hot is imperative. Just as in the metaphor above, timing is everything.

Capricorns have a keen sense of timing, and with Mercury by your side, you are ready and raring to ride into battle.

Mercury will serve you as an ally. Remember, words can be mightier than the sword. At the very least, give peace a chance.

A Question for You, Dear Capricorn:

Capricorn, do you think you would benefit from keeping a journal, or that this would just be a ludicrous waste of your time?

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