June 29 Zodiac

June 29 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you are born on June 29?

If you are born on June 29th your Zodiac sign is Cancer.

As a Cancer person born on this day, you are resourceful, intuitive and creative.

These characteristics allow you to come out ahead even if you are beaten down and ready for defeat.

Love Horoscope for the June 29 Zodiac

Lovers born on June 29th are very intuitive.

You just have a feeling whether a person that you meet can be a good romantic partner or not. Not surprisingly, you hold out until you meet somebody who is right.

Your intuition lets you know who to be attracted to and who to avoid.

Career Horoscope for June 29 Zodiac

Those who have a birthday on June 29 are best suited for any kind of career.

They are successful in anything because they know how to deal with setbacks.

They continue to press forward until they achieve victory.

They use their intuition in choosing what is right.

People Born on June 29 Personality Traits

They have an inborn sense of imagination and intuition.

They are easily perceived as stubborn, inflexible, deluded or otherwise foolish.

No matter how negative other people’s reactions may be, they always come out on top because they focus on what’s important and the big things. They end up achieving victory.

They are determined

Positive Traits of the June 29 Zodiac

You are very driven and ambitious.

You believe in the power of your dreams.

You know how to keep pushing forward while everybody else seems to have given up, thus making you a good leader

People look at you for inspiration

Negative Traits of the June 29 Zodiac

You have a soft spot for lost causes. You are attracted to movements and ideas, even if they are not really not worth your time.

Make sure you pursue causes that are worth it.

June 29 Element

Water is your paired element. The particular aspect of water that is most relevant to your personality is water’s tendency to strengthen things.

When you mix water with cement, you come up with a substance which, when dried becomes hard as a rock.

You are as solid as a rock once you decide on a direction.

June 29 Planetary Influence

The moon is your ruling planet. The moon has always been linked to mental instability and all sorts of craziness.

The good news is that there is a method to your madness.

You are great in doing impossible tasks.

My Top Tips for Those with June 29 Birthday

Your intuition is very accurate. You are doing the right thing 99% of the time.

If there is any space for improvement, it would be your ability to select the causes and commitments you choose to dedicate your life to.

For the most part your intuition is so clear that you almost always end up in making the right choice.

Lucky Color for the June 29 Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on the 29th of June is represented by dark cyan.

Dark cyan symbolizes focus.

You focus and give all your best to your cause until the job is done.

Lucky Numbers for June 29 Zodiac

The lucky numbers for those born on the 29th of June are – 36, 5, 3, 67 and 40.

If Your Birthday is 29th June, Never Do This

It’s all too easy for people born as a Cancer on the 29th June to lose sight of themselves in love.

Either they give themselves to romance or to a new partner all too easily, or they end up becoming almost subservient to their partner, putting the partnership before themselves always.

Always make sure to keep yourself in check and to stay grounded within yourself in love, no matter how devoted you are to the relationship.

Giving yourself up too readily makes you feel like a ghost watching your own life.

That said, you can also give of yourself too much to, say, demanding friends and family members, or a company that demands huge amounts of your energy and time.

Finding a way to draw the line and keep your own energy for yourself is vital for not finding love, friendships and work all draining of one’s self.

Final Thought for the June 29 Zodiac

You are a very loyal person. You are loyal primarily to your family. Also, you are loyal to people who share the same cause as you.

However, subscribe only to worthy causes and accordingly find worthwhile allies.

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