Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in Cancer Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.  Cancer is the Zodiac Sign symbolized by the Crab.

Cancers are the Sign of making others feel welcome at home, as well as taking care of your own mental and emotional insulation needs.  Saturn in Cancer will help your Watery nature feel more grounded.

You will find love and fulfillment because you project these positive qualities outwardly to others, as well as with the style of your home.

While when scared or overwhelmed, you retreat to your isolated and controlled home environment.  Doing this too much is unhealthy—so be sure to also utilize your gifts in this space to host others.

You will find much fulfillment in playing the role of Hostess or Mom of the Friend Group, thanks to the structure-loving Saturn in Cancer.

Saturn in Cancer Women

Women with Cancer in Saturn are blessed with the guidance of Saturn; learning the Rules of life and love and also the Limitations of Reality.

You are an organized professional, affectionate partner, and loving maternal type.  You are also very able to serve as an effective disciplinarian because you usually try to set a good example.

Saturn will reward you for following the Rules and Limitations of Reality.  Although your deep needs are to protect yourself and your family, you must also branch out.

Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible.  Take comfort in knowing your fortress awaits if you need it.

The rest of the time, get out in the real world, educate yourself on current events, and fill in any gaps you see might benefit from your volunteerism.

You will find love and fulfillment this year.  You work very hard to cultivate your surroundings, so let this need for control find healthy outlets.

Keep an open and honest discussion going with your partner, and be genuine about when and why you truly need to isolate, at times.

Saturn in Cancer Men

Men with Cancer in Saturn may reflect your (conscious and/or subconscious) views of your own father and parental figures.

Cancer Men usually want to be parents, and Saturn’s influence will turn the most macho of men into meticulous planners and nurturers if needed for his and his partner’s attempts at IVF.

This type of man will go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

Instead of rolling his eyes when you feel a crowd is too noisy, he hands you his earbuds to listen to your chill playlist.

Instead of shaming you for your possible anxious or depressive moments of sensory overload, he will hug you and whisper kind affirmations into your ear.

Prove to this man that you love and appreciate his generous and protective spirit, and you will have him hooked on you.

Saturn and Cancer in Love

In Love, Saturn and Cancer work together to help you achieve contentment within yourself, tranquility in your home sweet home, and emotional security in your relationships.

Your love languages include cooking for people, hosting them at your home, and taking care of your home and property.

You might find that your Man with Saturn in Cancer spoils you by washing your car or packing your lunch.  You two can make a great team.

Stays structured and focused on each other’s physical and emotional needs, as directed by Saturn in Cancer.

Your best prospects in Love are with a partner who respects your homemaking skills and the warmth you are able to share with visitors in your home.

Signs who are not home often may irritate you or leave you feeling neglected.  You will benefit from pairing up with a protective and passionate Taurus.

You might also enjoy your match with a protective and defensive Scorpio—the lovemaking will be hot, but you might feel a bit overwhelmed in this relationship—which might cause you to retreat.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who you already know will overpower you.  Leos may seem to self-involved.

Virgos may be too uptight and demanding.  And Aquarius and Pisces will both be too bohemian for you to feel as protected and nurtured as you would like to with your partner.

Dates for Saturn in Cancer

Saturn last entered Cancer on July 3, 2003.  The next projected visit is projected to occur on July 13, 2032.  Saturn is also projected to re-enter Cancer on February 15, 2035, in Retrograde.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year:  Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017.

Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.  By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct.  Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

Do not be depressed and go into hiding over the fear of Saturn in Retrograde.  Use this time wisely, keep track of your moods and behaviors, and compare them to other times of change in the stars and planets.

Be grateful for this time to reflect on your past mistakes, and plan practical ways to apply them to problems you face now.

7 Little-Known Facts About Saturn in Cancer

The list of facts surrounding the emergence of Saturn in Cancer will not be something new.

However, spending the time to learn all about this alongside the way in which it will influence your life will prove to be rather fruitful.

After all, you need to be aware of things to know if you are actually being affected by it.

1. You will feel quite grounded.

Thanks to Saturn, you are going to often be feeling as if you are rather more grounded compared to normal, and that is clearly a positive attribute to have in your life.

Cancer will generally lead to you feeling as if you are feeling slightly lost, but Saturn is going to bring you right down to earth.

2. You tend to make people feel at home.

You have this very real ability of making people feel as if they are right at home when they are in your company.

This is a huge plus for you as it draws people towards you and builds a sense of trust and faith in whatever it is that you are doing.

3. You can retreat when you feel scared.

This combination often points to you retreating when you are feeling scared about something, which is not always the best course of action to take.

In addition, this sense of isolation can eventually cripple you somewhat, so you need to be aware that you are likely to do this in order to counteract it.

4. You understand the limits of reality.

There is also the belief that you are aware of the limits of reality and know that you have to stay in control of where your life is taking you.

There is no point in looking beyond these limits simply because you know that you are going into the impossible. By focusing on other areas, you will make significant progress in life.

5. You feel the need to get out of your comfort zone.

There are moments where women that are affected by Saturn in Cancer get to the point of wanting to escape their comfort zone, but it has to be done in a controlled manner or you will not be interested.

Yes, you want to push yourself, but not too far at the one time.

6. A man becomes a nurturer.

A man that is affected by this combination will often turn into a real nurturer in life.

They have a strong desire to take care of others and to become a parent so expect them to push this point if they have not already done so.

7. You are a real planner.

When you have this inspiration, you will find that you are a real planner and this is certainly a positive attribute to bring to the table.

You foresee problems and seek to avoid them wherever possible and this is a major factor with how people perceive you.

Overall, this combination will prove to be capable of changing the way in which you view the world, but do be careful or it may consume you from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Cancer, while retreating to a safe space to collect your thoughts is a safe and healthy way for you to buy yourself time when processing something emotional or difficult.

Be aware, though, that you might also be leaving someone you love alone, high, and dry.  If you stick your head in the sand whenever there is a problem, your loved ones may feel you aren’t carrying your weight.

Respect the teamwork and cooperation necessary in teamwork—especially in relationships.

Even if a partner does your half of the work without complaining, that does not mean they are happy or appreciate the way you treat them.

While looking out for your own mental health is essential—in a committed and loving relationship, both parties must look out for one another and contribute to the team effort.

Let Saturn in Cancer bless you with guidelines on establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in your love life.

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