Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.  Aries is symbolized as the Ram.

You love instant gratifications, and you are usually the one who ‘starts’ the action—in fights, in work, and in bed.  You go after exactly what you want, as you are the First in the 12 Zodiac Signs.

You are a progressive thinker.  You are often referred to as atrial-blazer or trendsetter.  You have unique approaches to problems, and when these skills are used you will find fulfillment.

You will find real love when Saturn is in Aries, thanks to Saturn’s Limitations of Reality and appreciation for structure.

Saturn in Aries Women

Women with Saturn in Aries are organized and thrive off of practicality and reliability.  Aries must know which tools are at her disposal, to be most efficient.

Realize that you have many skills that will put you at an advantage in work, including your work ethic, self-discipline, and urgency to complete tasks given to you.

While you may at first feel a bit constrained by Saturn’s Limitations of Reality, you should be aware that this structure will provide lines which you can color inside of—however you choose.

Think of these parameters as guidelines, and feel free to be as creative as possible, within the creative maze that Saturn creates in Aries.

While Saturn is in Aries, you will feel your immaturity embarrass you.  You are the youngest of the Zodiac, and often react as a young child would—especially when upset.

Be encouraged by the fact that Saturn in Aries is here to help you learn the ropes and get better at navigating your life, successfully and happily.

In lovemaking, as in life, a little restraint can be helpful.  If you are interested in bondage at all, be open with your partner about it.

Chances are you want to be tied up (or tie up your partner), and that they are also down.  Have fun and be safe!

Saturn in Aries Men

Men with Saturn in Aries represent your feelings about fathers and father figures.  How these men perceive and react to authority is reflected by the nature to fight, as a Ram.

He is not a rebel without a cause, as he usually fights for something he believes in.  Be aware, though, a belief in something does not necessarily make it right, morally or ethically.

Men with Saturn in Aries are dependable, and Saturn gives an extra dose of authority.  Like a father, Saturn wants to teach Aries even the unspoken rules of life.

You will experience defeat, but this man will be supportive of you.  If you reciprocate his loving support, your Man with Saturn in Aries will be willing to fight for you forever.

Show him gratitude and thank him for his bravery.  He has good intentions, but honest praise and appreciation go a long way to sustain a battle-wounded warrior.

With Saturn in Aries, you can find love and fulfillment with this man.  Don’t forget to let him know how happy you are with him!

Saturn and Aries in Love

In Love, Saturn and Aries combine the Ram’s courageousness and Saturn’s protective set of Rules and Limitations of Reality.

Take this period to reflect and learn from your past experiences in love.  You will find fulfillment in yourself when you are able to break through old patterns and find love in new places.

Your best prospects for Love are with a partner who will observe your need to demonstrate your fighting Aries spirit, while also needing to adhere to Rules set for you by Saturn.

If you have trouble with self-discipline, look for a partner who will build up your confidence and hold you accountable for your decisions—whether you are trying to kick fast food, cigarettes, or worse.

Find peace within yourself, and fulfillment will come to you, as you follow Saturn’s Rule.  Put structure in your life, and once you are comfortable, then add another person to the equation—only when you are emotionally ready.

You would benefit from pairing up with a Virgo, who will be a great workout buddy/motivator/detective when you try to sneak bad habits back in.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who is more self-involved.  A Leo may be very self-indulged or vain, and not very helpful to your journey.

An Aquarius may be aloof or detached—so much so that you never feel intimate enough.

Lastly, please watch out if you fall in love with a Pisces, because they may be lovely, but they will not be there for you most of the time.

Dates for Saturn in Aries

Saturn entered Aries on April 7, 1996.  Saturn entered Aries, while in Retrograde, on October 25, 1998.  Saturn is not predicted to enter Aries again until May 24, 2025.

The next time Saturn will visit Aries is predicted for February 13, 2026 (arguably, in Retrograde—but this is debated).

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year:  Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017.

Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.  By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct.  Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

6 Little-Known Facts About Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries can certainly have a rather powerful influence on those individuals that are more likely to feel its very particular pull in their life.

However, with there being so many different things to effectively be aware of, it will make life substantially easier if we can examine several key facts about Saturn in Aries to provide a clearer idea of what we can expect to occur.

1. You seek instant satisfaction.

This individual is going to largely seek instant satisfaction in their life, and this is going to apply in different areas.

They are often the individuals that are going to really kick-start things and get the action going as they simply cannot sit idly by and watch as life basically goes on without them.

2. You tend to be somewhat of a trail-blazer.

There is also the accepted idea that this individual is going to be somewhat of a trail-blazer when it comes to the way in which they view various events in their life and how the world operates.

They are not afraid to venture out in new directions and see what is awaiting them around some distance corner, and this is something that they are often admired for.

3. Women are reliable and organised.

Women that are directly influenced by this combination will tend to be viewed as being rather reliable as well as highly organised at the same time.

They are the people that you want to turn to if you require things to be done in an instant, and they also have the ability to really thrive under pressure without wilting thanks to the way in which they organise everything in their lives.

4. They may act slightly immature at times.

This is the youngest sign of the zodiac, and that can translate into these individuals acting in something of an immature manner at times.

However, they are aware of this, and they hate it happening with a tendency to take steps to try to counteract what is going on.

They may not always be successful with this, but there is little doubt that they do attempt to avoid making the same mistakes time and time again.

5. A man fights for what he believes in.

A man with this combination is going to tend to fight for what they believe in, and they are not going to back down from any kind of a challenge when they feel that they are in the right.

Their stubborn nature is something to admire, but they can take things too far if they start off on the wrong path.

6. You are fond of reflection.

You love to reflect on past mistakes and see where you can learn from them.

Also, you enjoy thinking about things that did go well and try to identify why that was the case so you can recreate the situation over and over again.

Saturn in Aries is certainly a powerful combination. However, it can also introduce a stubborn side to things that will not always work in your favour.

Final Thoughts

Saturn reflects your responsibilities, obligations, and fears of failing at both.  Aries, be thankful for these fears because it alarms you that change is needed.

Without the alarm and change, there would be no growth.  Be aware that your struggles are Saturn’s way of teaching life lessons.

You may have to learn the hard way—but you are reading this, so you must have survived it.

Aries is not one to back down from a fight.  Saturn in Aries will bring guidance and wisdom to your efforts.

Saturn in Aries will protect you like a father figure, older brother, or firefighter would be expected to.

You may even fall in love with a rescue worker, or an Aries man in another position of authority, thanks to Saturn’s influence.

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