Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.  Pisces is the Zodiac Sign symbolized by the Two Fish, swimming in opposite directions.

While you acknowledge and respect the Rules and Limitations of Reality presented by Saturn, you also feel the duality of your Sign.

This duality can have many manifestations—the major one for most Pisceans is the feeling of being torn between succeeding by following the Rules or taking a risk by doing something original and unexpected.

Most of the time, a person with Saturn in Pisces will make more practical choices than at other times of their Zodiac and Planetary cycles.

Saturn brings thoughts of responsibility and obligation.  Spiritually-minded, you often seek transcendental and philosophical approaches to life’s problems.

However, Saturn’s Rules and Limitations of Reality provide strict and quite Spartan guidelines for you, when you need them.

Be aware of and grateful for the guidance offered to you by Saturn in Pisces.  This time is a gift to you, to equip you will a sort of compass for building a new and better future for yourself, day-by-day.

This regimented instruction will greatly benefit you—as you love to let the wind take you most of the time.  At the time of Saturn in Pisces, you will have a heightened ability to look ahead and prepare yourself, accordingly.

Saturn in Pisces Women

Women with Saturn in Pisces are spiritual and beautiful beings.  Saturn in Pisces will direct your talents and passions towards their optimal niches.

You will become even more helpful to yourself, loved ones, and humanity.  Although you may be a loner or semi-nomadic in nature, Saturn will aid you at this time.

Saturn in Pisces will help you see the Limitations currently on you, how to overcome obsolete ones while respecting the newer and healthier boundaries.

These transitions can be harsh and emotionally draining, which is the perfect time to look to Saturn for assistance on your journey.

Once you know the Rules, your inner Pisces can decide which ones were made to be broken!

You love to break rules (that deserve to be broken).  You are highly gifted with intuition and interpersonal skills.

You fight for social justice and equality.  You have most likely participated in risky activism this past year, and you feel no shame.  In fact, you wear scars of fighting oppression as badges of honor.

Saturn in Pisces Men

Men with Saturn in Pisces can both go with the flow, and swim against the current.  This duality is represented by their symbol, the Two Fish.

Remember that this duality may apply to many and/or most of your Man’s behaviors if he has Saturn in Pisces.

Saturn and Pisces in Love

In Love, Saturn helps Pisces make wise decisions.  This way, Pisces will feel more trusting of their own decision-making.

This will relieve some of the pressure on Pisces to isolate themselves. In turn, they are becoming more trusting in not only their own tuition but also of the influence of Saturn in Pisces.

Your best prospects in Love are with a partner who respects your alone time and need for emotional freedom to travel and be trusted.

A Pisces is often quite happy being single and traveling or working to find fulfillment.

Of course, you would make a great and uplifting partner for many, but you may also find love in your family and friendships is plenty enough for you to feel happy in your choices.

You would do well with an open-minded Aquarius or a Libra, especially while Saturn is guiding you, Pisces.  You deserve someone who wants to understand you and your needs.

You may choose not to be in a committed relationship, so now is the perfect time to get out of one, if you are unhappy.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who holds you back from exploring your spirituality, artistic passions or need to travel.

You are a citizen and student of the world, and being tied down to an emotionally needy Cancer will not work.

While you may desire the love and comfort from a Cancer, or protection a Scorpio will provide, you know that sacrificing your independent nature is simply impossible.

Always do what feels right in your heart, Pisces.  You have the best intuition of all the 12 Zodiac sign.

You are the most mature, and the closest to higher realms of consciousness.  Accept Saturn’s Rules and Limitations will grace, and listen to your gut feelings about love.

You will feel torn between pleasing others and find your own joy, at times.  Pisces, although you love to see others happy, do not sacrifice yourself.

Be aware of all the opportunities that surround you.  Using Saturn’s guidance in Pisces, make the most mature and healthiest guess you can on what to do next.

Dates for Saturn in Pisces

Saturn’s last two entrances to Pisces were on May 21, 1993, and on January 28, 1994.  The next time Saturn is predicted to enter Pisces is on March 7, 2023.

Two years later, it is predicted that Saturn, while in Retrograde, will enter Pisces, on September 1, 2025.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year:  Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017.

Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.  By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct.  Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

6 Little Known Facts About Saturn in Pisces

When Saturn enters into the house of Pisces, there will be a number of different changes to your life and way of doing things that are worth noting.

How you interpret them will depend on your ability to understand the various facts that can accompany this planet influencing the sign, which is why we need to look at several to ultimately make sense of things.

1. You will be more practical with your choices.

One of the key areas to focus on is the way in which you will often discover that you are far more practical with your different choices in life.

This will ultimately lead to you making less mistakes and progress will certainly also become substantially easier than it is at this moment in time.

2. You are very spiritually minded.

For you, spirituality is going to become even more important than ever before, and you are not afraid to go and seek out whatever makes sense to you.

This feeling is then enhanced when Saturn comes into the picture, and people may also look to you for some guidance on this matter as well.

3. It will guide you towards a better life.

The power of Saturn is such that it will be able to guide you towards a better life, no matter what the concept may look like to you.

See it as being a compass that has been given to you that will allow you to navigate through the difficulties in life, and ultimately result in you reaching your desired goal, no matter what that may be.

4. You feel the need to indulge in your passion.

For women, there is an overall sense of you wanting to indulge in your passion, and Saturn is going to provide you with the opportunity to do exactly that.

You are quite content in your different pursuits, and you enjoy the feeling of finding out something new that you will have never encountered before.

5. You will go with things as well as stand up for your beliefs.

Men with Saturn in Pisces will have no difficulty in going with what others say as well as standing up for their very own beliefs when they feel that it is necessary to do so.

This does not fill them with dread, and they are confident enough to do this as well.

6. You are not afraid to break the rules.

Finally, you are never afraid to break the rules, but only those that deserve to be broken.

You can see injustice in things, and will then stand up against it, but you are constantly aware of what is going on around you and able to judge as to whether or not the situation deserves this response.

Ultimately, you will find that Saturn in Pisces is going to be capable of providing you with additional inner strength that may have been lacking somewhat in your life.

You feel that you are able to pretty much do anything that you want because, thanks to Saturn, you now have the power to do so.

Final Thoughts

Never lose the blessing that is your open mind.  Stay aware of new avenues to self-realization.

Find others who share your goals and dreams for society, and try to live these ideals.  Be grateful for all opportunities and choices set in front of you in this physical realm, Pisces.

Remember that you may be a bit unorthodox in your lifestyle choices, but you are always worthy of love and capable of finding joy and fulfillment while pursuing your passions.

As a Pisces, you inspire others with your unique journey.  Be grateful for Saturn in Pisces, guiding you safely on all your travels.

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