Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality. Saturn in Capricorn plays the role of both judge and jury, testing to see how you measure up.

You always find a stable footing and react well under stress, Capricorn. Your Zodiac symbol, the [Mountain] Goat always find secure ground to work from.

Let Saturn serve you as a wise counsel, a father figure. You will be directed to a job that involves your passion, and find much fulfillment in your roles in your community.

Your biggest reward for following the guideline set before you by Saturn will be finding love. Saturn, when you cooperate, can lead you to find self-acceptance, when Saturn is in Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn Women

Women with Saturn in Capricorn will shine because Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Capricorn, so you will feel most at home during this time.

Trust your strengths—now is the time to put yourself on memory mode/cruise control, and see what new variable you are able to juggle, at the same time.

As Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Capricorn, you will be in a safe place during this time, emotionally.

This is the time to make major life changes—leaving old habits behind, and taking new habits into your happier and healthier future. Show gratitude to all those who are willing to support you in this growth.

You will shine when you decide to view Saturn’s Rules and Limitations of Reality as a helpful handbook, instead of just extra homework.

With Saturn in Capricorn, you can explore new boundaries and find your new, powerful status and love opening up doors for you.

Allow yourself and your partner a certain amount of freedom. Freedom to let go of your white-knuckle grip, trying to control every situation.

You will land on your feet, as your symbol the Goat suggests. Do not fear to put your heart on the line, because Saturn will reward your pure intentions and actions with reciprocated love.

Saturn in Capricorn Men

Men with Saturn in Capricorn may remind you of your own father—in good and cringe-inducing ways.

Your own father may have either struggled with a lack of power, a lust for power, or too much power over his own life, and/or the lives of a family.

Capricorn men are Ruled by Saturn, so this combination serves him well. He will be in a good mood, financially stable, and emotionally available.

If you find a Man with Saturn in Capricorn, help him by making it easy to stick to his established healthy habits.

He will appreciate you offering to make healthy meals, work out together, or even try to quit drinking or smoking, together in solidarity.

While confident, this man loves reassurances from his woman, anytime. You can boost his morale or libido with one little wink or smile.

He strives to achieve goals—at work, within friendships—and especially between the sheets.

Following Rules has never been so fun as when you allow Saturn in Capricorn to guide you and this man.

Follow the agreed upon rules and norms of your most intimate relationships, and be willing to step out on a limb if you are wanting to try something a little wilder in bed.

Saturn and Capricorn in Love

In Love, Saturn and Capricorn help temper one another’s influence. Capricorns are Earthy and stubborn and love to climb—whether an actual sheer rock face in extreme climbing conditions or climbing social and corporate ladders.

While ambition is not necessarily a bad trait, you might become lost in your desires, and forget to nurture your relationships with loved ones.

Your best prospects in Love are with a partner who appreciates you supports you, emotionally. You and Saturn make a great pair as far as finances go, as you are always financially secure.

Make sure that you are investing as much into the future of your relationships as your bank account.

Saturn will remind you of your responsibilities and obligations to loved ones—do not ignore this advice, because it is a crucial step on your path to finding love and fulfillment.

You would benefit from pairing with an Aries, Libra, or Sagittarius. An Aries will always cheer you on.

A Libra will be fair and supportive of your search for self and social equality. And a Sagittarius would help you feel protected and secure, financially and emotionally.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who makes you feel uneasy. The worst feeling for a Mountain Goat is losing footing while climbing.

A Virgo might worry you with all their detail-oriented and anxiety-inducing questions. A Leo might be a bit too bossy for you to still feel the freedom to continue your climb in life.

Dates for Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn last entered Capricorn in 1988. In fact, Saturn entered Capricorn twice that year; first on February 13, 1988, and again on November 12, 1988.

This year, Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 19. The next projected date for Saturn in Capricorn is 2020, and this will most likely be in Retrograde.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year: Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017. Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.

By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct. Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

5 Little Known Facts About Saturn in Capricorn

When Saturn spins into the house of Capricorn, it will often lead to a number of changes in not only your life in general, but also the way in which you feel or view different aspects of who you are as a person.

The best way to get a handle on these changes is by making sure that you are aware of various facts that are connected to this celestial relationship.

1. Saturn will push you in the correct direction.

The influence of Saturn in Capricorn is so powerful that it is responsible for effectively pushing you in the right direction in life.

This will be especially true if you have been rather confused as to what to do next, and it will address those fears by showing you what is possible if you just allow it to give you that guiding hand that you desperately need.

2. You react well when under stress.

At the point of you encountering any event that is stressful, it would have normally been the case that you would perhaps crumble or just feel the pressure that comes with it all.

However, thanks to Saturn, that is no longer going to be the case. Instead, stress is something that can actually be enjoyed, if you let it.

3. You shine thanks to Saturn.

For women that have this particular combination, then you will tend to find that you are going to shine and this positivity is going to really come through at any given opportunity.

You have natural confidence about you that is difficult to replicate anywhere else, and people are dawn to the charisma that often surrounds you.

4. You will be safe from things emotionally.

Our emotions can often lead to a number of problems in our life, but that simply does not have to be the case.

Instead, Saturn is going to have the power to effectively shield you from everything and anything that could be seen as being negative.

You are able to indulge yourself in making changes knowing that you do have that protection and the absolute freedom to do so.

5. You love to be reassured.

Men with this combination are going to have a huge amount of confidence, but they will still require some reassurance especially when it comes to the love aspect of your life.

This just allows you to feel as if you are able to settle down even when you are already a strong character. We can all have our doubts in various ways, but this will help you to get over them all.

Ultimately, you are going to discover that Saturn in Capricorn will be a powerful blend that is able to push you forward in life without you being swamped by the general fear that we can all suffer from at different points.

It shields you from all of this and allows you to just go ahead and get on with life without being held back in a negative way.

Final Thoughts

Capricorn, you are always going to find a way to take care of yourself. Let Saturn assist you, as your Ruling Planet, and most importantly, while Saturn is in Capricorn.

This is your time to use the Limitations of Reality to weigh your needs against your wants, and find your center; find your self-fulfillment.

You will find love and fulfillment in your search, as you climb higher and higher towards your goals. Show gratitude to those who are encouraging on your journey.

Be aware of your strengths and weakness—as you perceive them. Refer back to these—especially when Saturn is in Capricorn.

Most importantly, your time for personal reflection and growth is during Saturn in Retrograde, in Capricorn.

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