6 Positive Traits of the Sagittarius Male Personality

6 Positive Traits of the Sagittarius Male Personality

sagittarius male personality 2014In this special personality profile of the Sagittarius man you will learn and understand the key traits and characteristics of men born under Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius male personality is actually one of the most liked of all the signs of the horoscope. It’s very easy to like a Scorpio when the Scorpio is on your side. It’s easy to hate a Scorpio when the Scorpio is working to undermine or destroy you. It’s easy to like a Virgo if you’re depressed and need a shoulder to cry on. It is easy to get annoyed at a Virgo if you’re feeling good and your Virgo friend calls you and dumps his or her problems on your shoulders. Like it or not, most horoscope signs have a positive and negative side.

A lot of these negative traits are really due to the fact that people let their traits remain in unpolished form. With enough experience, maturity, and time, these negatives can actually be polished in such a way that they can be positive or at least not cause any harm.

With that said, one of the most thoroughly positive signs of the horoscope is the Sagittarius man. This is, of course, not saying that they don’t have a negative side.

However, on the whole, their positive side is easier to see and actually easier to appreciate. Compare a Sagittarius with a Scorpio or a Pisces, both those two signs can be quite positive, but it can take some effort on your part to see the positive side or position yourself in such a way that you can be great friends or get along well with either a Pisces or a Scorpio.

Not true with the Sagittarius man however as they are very easy to get along with. Of course, their positive personality traits can also have a negative edge.

This is how we are going to approach their positive traits; a quick description of the positive edge, with a little warning where it can veer off into negative territory. Let’s get started.

Sagittarius Male Trait 1  : Frankness

No one can accuse a Sagittarius man of not telling it like it is. If you are an overly sensitive person, you might find a Sagittarius male personality type annoying, if not tactless. However, this ability to be brutally frank is one of the things that drive people to be friends with Sagittarius males.

Most people are lied to. That’s the reality. Turn on the TV, people trying to sell products and services to you by highlighting the positives. Listen to a politician? The exact same thing. The truth is, people think that other people have to be treated with kid gloves all the time. This is particularly annoying.

If you need an actual honest assessment, maybe you worked on a painting, or you cooked something, or you built something, at some level or other, you are willing to let go of your ego and want to actually be instructed as “Did I do it right?” You want to actually see if you did it right.

Sagittarius men have no problem telling you like it is. If you cooked a great meal, they’ll tell you. If you cooked a bad meal, they’ll tell you too.

This is why they make great friends because if you’re willing to entertain the truth, you can always rely on the Sagittarius male personality to tell you what’s going on. Maybe they will put it in such a way that it won’t emotionally damage you as much, but you know you will get the truth. That alone makes friendship with Sagittarius male, for many people, worth the price of admission.

Sagittarius Male Trait 2: Practicality

It’s very easy to get caught up in one’s dreams. It’s very easy to look at the world in rose-colored glasses. I

t’s very easy to fool ourselves in to thinking that the world is one way when it is actually another way. Sagittarius male personality types are all about common sense.

They have dreams and aspirations too, but their feet are firmly on the ground. A Sagittarius male personality is an interesting mixture of an arrow and a horse.

A horse is an animal that is rooted on the ground and an arrow is a fire sign. Be that as it may, a Sagittarius male can play both sides, but they usually tend to lean towards common sense. In other words, they can have high dreams and they can appreciate people with all sorts of big concepts and big visions.

But at the end of the day, they know that it’s all about results. They know that it’s all about practicality. This is one of the things that make Sagittarius male personality types so attractive. In my special report on my predictions for Sagittarius Love Matches in 2014 I explain how this will have a major impact on the love prospects for the Sagittarius sign in 2014.

You can lay out your big plans, but at the end of the day, they will try and guide you as to how those plans fit with reality. This can give you enough marching orders for you to create a plan of action that will actually make your dreams come true.

Compare this with a Pisces that will just ride and encourage you regarding your big dreams but not really help you put cornerstones or even objective parameters around your dreams. As a result, you end up in an almost co-dependent relationship where you reinforce each other’s fantasies. At the end of the day, reality strikes and all your dreams come crashing down.

Sagittarius Men are Always up for a Challenge

The Sagittarius male is a problem solver. He has no illusions regarding the world. Remember, this is an astrological sign that is part horse, so there is always a part of the Sagittarius guy that is rooted in the world.

In other words, this person knows that problems exist and problems need to be resolved. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have dreams and aspirations. He can appreciate big dreams and big concepts, but at the end of the day, it’s all about solving problems.

A key part of this is the willingness of the Sagittarius male personality type to confront challenges. This is very refreshing because many other signs have different ways of confronting challenges. The Sagittarius male is confident, positive, and upfront. This colors how they handle challenges. No wonder Sagittarius males are quite so popular with women who like a man to be a “real” man.

Sagittarius Men are Optimistic

There are two kinds of optimism. There’s an optimism that is really wishful optimism. In other words, dreaming with your eyes wide open.

You are basically in a trance and you are speaking out fantasies while you know that there is work to be done. This isn’t really optimism. It’s more of self-hypnosis or self-delusion.

Many water signs tend to do this. Some other signs tend to do this as well, particularly those born under the Libra sign. With the Sagittarius male personality on the other hand, you get a different kind of optimism.

This optimism is based on the sober realization that the world isn’t perfect. It is based on the realization that for you to gain some sort of benefit, you have to work for it. This is common sense and practical type of optimism that makes the Sagittarius male quite dependable as a source of advice. Of course, some of the advice may seem harsh and tactless, especially, if it knocks down several of your ideas.

However, when a Sagittarius male talks, you should listen, because there is enough optimism there based on what exist that you can actually create solutions that can make your dreams come true.

Anything Seems Possible to the Sagittarius Male Personality

One of the worst things you can do if you’re feeling depressed is to talk to a Virgo. A Virgo is, at heart, a perfectionist. Virgos tend to look at the world in terms of how far they deviate or fall short of an ideal model. This is the complete opposite of the Sagittarius male personality type.

The Sagittarius male looks at the world from a purely different perspective. There is no perfection per se, instead, everything is imperfect and that’s why everything seems possible.

You have to remember that Sagittarius men are problem solvers. When they see there is imperfection, then they can see problems that need solutions. Instead of seeing things that one should get depressed about like the Virgo, the Pisces, or even the Aries, the Sagittarius man actually smiles and sees it as an opportunity.

When something is broken, other signs, particularly air and water signs, would cry while Sagittarius will actually pick up his tools and start working. It is this sense of possibility that makes Sagittarius men great leaders. Great leaders inspire people. Great leaders show people that things are possible. Sagittarius males usually tend to have this personality trait.

Sagittarius Male Traits: Courage and Faith

If you knew how your life will turn out tomorrow, there is no need for you to have faith. That is what faith is about. To conduct yourself in such a way towards a goal, knowing that you can’t see the end result of that goal.

Let’s put it this way, Steve Jobs had faith that Apple computers will be a success. He had this faith even though he was working in his parent’s garage.

That’s what faith is. It gives you the strength based on a vision to keep going day after day even though you can’t see the end of the road. You have to have courage to have this type of faith because courage ignites the actions needed while you’re doing things out of faith. Sagittarius male personality types have faith in spades.

They are the type of person that once they agree to a particular course of action, they can see the end goal in their mind and they can work at it and inspire others to work at it until it’s done. The great saying of many Sagittarius men deep down inside is “Watch me”. It truly is quite inspiring.

If you’re looking for a friend that can kick you in the butt while you’re down so that you can soar to the highest peaks of your dreams, you need to find a Sagittarius man. However be warned – Sagittarius men are not cowards when it comes to emotional honesty. They tell you how it is. Moreover, they are rooted in the earth. While they can dream and have big dreams, they also know the amount of work, pain and sacrifice it takes to build empires and to build dreams.

If you are up for a challenge and you want a person at your back supporting you, who is also up for a challenge, the Sagittarius man is the person you need in your life.

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