Career Advice for Sagittarius Signs

Career Advice for Sagittarius Signs

Career Advice for Sagittarius Signs

The great thing about the Sagittarius is that they don’t have to try that hard to get along with people.

Regardless of whether they’re dealing with people they already know or people they just met, Sagittarius people know what you say, when to say it, and how to say it.

It would be an understatement to say that Sagittarius people are great with people. The typical Sagittarius individual is a people person.

They aren’t just comfortable being around people, they crave being around people.

Keep these broad parameters of the Sagittarius personality in mind when analyzing the career advice below.

Is Sales a Good Career Choice for Sagittarius?

If you are looking for a career, you should look for a career that matches your personality’s general tendencies. You should look for a career that really brings out the best in what your personality has to offer.

This is why highly recommend Sagittarius people to look into going into a career in sales.

There are some stereotypes regarding sales people. Some people think sales people don’t make all that much money; other people think that sales people are by definition annoying and unwanted.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on the kind of product or service that you are selling, you can make quite a bit of money.

For example, in real estate sales, there are real estate brokers and agents that make millions of dollars every single year.

There are insurance people who sell insurance policies to a broad range of people then stop working, but still collect hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year.

Why? Recurring income. In the insurance industry, once you close a sale and your customer continues to renew, every year that they renew, you get a commission.

There are just so many other industries out there where great sales skills are highly compensated. To take salesmanship to the most logical extreme, there are company sales agents who are in the business of buying and selling complete corporations that take a percentage off the total sale value of a corporation.

Since corporations often sell in the millions of dollars, it doesn’t take much guesswork to determine how much money these sales people make.

If you are a Sagittarius, you definitely need to look into sales, because you are great with people, you know how to say the right things, and most importantly, you know how to read people.

The mark of an excellent salesperson is not how well that person knows the features and benefits of the products he or she is selling, but how well he or she knows her prospects.

When you know your prospects, you know what to say and you know how to position the product. Nine times out of ten, you will close a sale because of this deep level of persuasion.

Sagittarius people are able to do this. They are naturally equipped to become great sales people.

Business Development

Any kind of company always needs a business development manager. Sales development is very different from sales and marketing. Sales development is all about building alliances with other businesses.

It’s all about finding common strengths that can help two businesses develop together and grow together. This requires a high degree of relationship building. This requires a high degree of face to face interpersonal skills.

Sagittarius people do well with this kind of job role because they are not afraid of other people. They are not intimidated by others.

Also, they can be warm and approachable. This makes them perfect candidates for business development executives, vice presidents, and business development consultants.

With the Right Amount of Practice, You Can Be a Rainmaker

A lot of people don’t understand business. They think that to generate sales, all you have to do is put out an ad, people respond to the ad, and you have yourself a customer. It doesn’t work that way.

For that most part, real big business is all about developing the right kind of relationships.

While an ad might get you a small sale here and there, if you want to do business with a large company that will send you work every single month and give you real lucrative contracts, you have to build a relationship. Relationship building takes time.

Also, relationship building takes a keen eye for personalities. You basically have to put yourself out there and read your prospect so you can say the right things at the right time, and develop a personal bond.

Sagittarius people are able to do this. This comes naturally to the typical Sagittarius.

Also, if you are a lawyer or if you are in a type of profession where you are in a partnership with other professionals, you can be a rainmaker.

You might not write great legal briefs or you might not be the best doctor, but if you are really good with people and you know how to pull business in through the door, you become the most important partner there.

Use your personality to its full potential and consider being a rainmaker or a business development lead for the enterprise you work for or the partnership you’re in.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Commitment

My career advice for the Sagittarius sign is that they shouldn’t let their personal fears get in the way of career advancement. Sagittarius people are so great with striking up new friendships and meeting new people that commitments often scare them.


Commitments mean you commit to one person or one small group of people. It means narrowing your options. Since social environments offer many options for you, it’s natural for you to get cold feet when it comes to personal commitments.

With those personal issues aside, you shouldn’t let this translate over to business commitments. You have to be unafraid of asking for commitment when doing sales, business development, or building a business relationship.

Don’t let your fear of personal commitment get in the way of you asking for commitment from a potential business partner. Those are two totally different things. Keep that in mind.

Don’t waste your natural ability of working with people and getting along with people by being unable to close the deal by getting the other party to commit.

When You Promise Something, Follow Through

One common criticism of Sagittarius people is that they are shallow and that they are fake. A lot of this is unfair. The reason why people say this is that at one time or other, you didn’t follow through. You disappointed them.

So in a business setting, you have to stay away from this aspect of your personality. When you promise something, follow through. When you say something, do it.

If you follow all the advice above, your Sagittarius personality can help you reach the top of your career.

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