What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Sagittarius For The Year Ahead?

The upbeat and fantastically energetic nature of the Sagittarius personality means that quite often, good luck and circumstances in their lives always seeming to fall just so.

Sagittarius people are sometimes criticised for a lack of responsibility, yet they always seem to land on their feet.

However, as fast-moving and open-minded as the average Sagittarius person is, they still have a natural curiosity about the world and, quite often, an uplifting outlook on superstitions and, indeed, the spiritual undercurrents of life.

Sagittarius people perhaps instead sometimes have the challenge of keeping still long enough to notice when certain events in life are heralding good fortune and positive change.

Sagittarius people hate negatives in life in all their forms, and the idea of being bogged down by misfortune is a dreadful notion to them indeed.

But take heart, dear Sagittarius – keep an eye out for your lucky numbers during 2019 and beyond to invite adventure, love and abundance into your life.

Sagittarius Lucky Number 3

You know what they say – 3 is a magic number! Yet in the case of the already lucky Sagittarius individual, this is often even more the case.

The number 3 pops up everywhere in life, but it can still sometimes surprise us all.

It’s a number of spiritual boldness and physical activity, and also of having numerous options before us to explore – very important to Sagittarius people.

Feeling trapped is one of the most fearsome and unkind ways for a Sagittarius person to feel, and so finding ways out of constrictive circumstances is hugely important to these souls.

The number 3, much like a fork in the road with three paths, is a sign to Sagittarius that the horizon is widening again.

Good things that happen out of the blue to Sagittarius people definitely come in threes more often than not, and this is definitely the case in 2019.

However, it also corresponds to dates and addresses, even table numbers in cafes and anything else.

Anywhere the number 3 shows up unexpectedly is a sign that Sagittarius is in the right place at the right time.

Lucky Number 21

Sagittarius people always find their best opportunities in the strangest of places, and if any star sign is able to remark that life is like a playground, it’s definitely them.

Nothing holds these people back from exploration of freedom and truth.

The number 21 is very lucky for Sagittarius people in 2019, and people who turn this age during the course of this year especially can expect to enter their twenties in ideal health, with a huge circle of loving friends, and with sudden and passionate love affairs cropping up out of seemingly nowhere.

However, whatever age of Sagittarius you are in 2019, definitely keep an eye out for the number 21 while you’re out and about.

If you get that ticket number for a store order, for instance, it could be a clue that the clerk serving you is someone important.

If you walk past a distinctive building that catches your eye and it’s number 21 on the street, it could mean it’s somewhere that will bring you good fortune, or that you’re on the road to success in your own right.

And of course, breaking down this number as it is written gives us 2 and 1, and when you add those together, you get lucky number 3 once again.

It all ties into the cycles of life and how gifted Sagittarius can be at navigating them.

The chance to travel is always inviting to Sagittarius people, and a sudden train or plane ride that leaves at 2100 hours or on the 21st of a given month is all but guaranteed to lead to incredible opportunities for progress, self-discovery and personal fulfilment.

Lucky Number 5

Sagittarius people often find that the number 5 is a supremely lucky number for them, and the year 2019 has the number 5 as a lucky number for Sagittarius people just as prominently.

Moving home to the fifth floor of an apartment block, attending a birthday party on the fifth day or in the fifth month – even buying a new car that’s five years old – anything relating to this number is an invitation to adventure to Sagittarius people in 2019.

However, there’s a sense of responsibility to the number 5 in many spiritual circles that can make it a number that also aligns Sagittarius people with important life lessons that ingrain responsibility and carefulness into their character.

Some Sagittarius people find these notions stuffy and restrictive, yet the influences and energies of this number and the curious ways in which it suddenly sweeps through your life or demarcates an important event can help Sagittarius folks to learn that you can be freewheeling and sensible at the same time.

You’re not any more boring for checking the details, and in fact, doing so can help avoid mistakes and mishaps further down the line!

Lucky Number 11

A certain famous tongue in cheek rockstar movie suggested that turning the volume up to 11 means to be one louder than anything else – the kind of larger than life living that every Sagittarius can get behind, no matter how meek he or she might seem in daily life.

The number 11 often crops up in the life of Sagittarius people right as a new beginning is about to emerge.

In many ways, the number represents the completion of something – the count up to 10, if you will – and the bold step into the next phase of the journey ever onwards and upwards.

If you, darling Sagittarius, have been stuck in a rut for some time with a partner who doesn’t understand you, in a job that’s thankless and tedious, or even in a home that you outgrew long ago, it might feel as though you’re spinning your wheels, waiting for a new dawn that never seems to rise.

But take heart, and look for the number 11 to suddenly appear – maybe in some mail you receive, incidentally as part of a bill amount or the like, or on a building or restaurant name – even the 11th day of a month, or the 11th month of the year itself.

By and by, you’ll find that just as you begin to notice 11 popping up here and there more heavily around you, a sudden shift of gears seems to take place in the world – and the door to your next opportunity, and to personal freedom and fulfilment, suddenly bursts open.

Is 30 really a lucky number?

It can be a little strange to see how some numbers that seem so innocent and impossible to ascribe meaning to nonetheless seem to bestow nothing but good fortune on Sagittarius people once they’re recognised as being close at hand.

So it is with the number 30, which some people dismiss as simply being a reinterpretation of the number 3 as a lucky number for Sagittarius.

However, the energies of good fortune promised by this number are actually very different.

The number 30 represents a fullness and a maturity of an idea – a time to commit to a path and stick with it.

Terrifying perhaps for many a Sagittarius, you might say, but don’t misread the character of these bold adventurers.

Indeed, if the path promises much in the way of knowledge, new horizons and interesting new people to get to know, nobody will stay the course more truly and with greater loyalty than Sagittarius.

As such, during 2019 these folks are advised to notice when the number 30 crops up unexpectedly.

It might well lead to a partner with whom you’ll travel the world, a new lease of life granted by the freedom from a long-standing medical affliction, or even a job which involves visiting every part of the globe in some way.

This is a number of altruism and generosity, which Sagittarius finds very appealing.

And of course, those Sagittarius people who turn 30 during 2019 can expect an entirely new chapter of surprising opportunities opening before them before the year is out.

Numbers to avoid

Sagittarius people love to dwell on the positive and the uplifting, and so sometimes can seem to ignore the risks or unfortunate sides of life to their peril or detriment.

This is also true of unlucky numbers, which are just as relevant for Sagittarius people as the lucky numbers we’ve been discussing today.

While it’s true, dear Sagittarius, that discussing how things might go awry is never fun, please do keep your keen eyes open for these numbers to prevent them constricting your chance to fly.

In fact, the number 0 is not a lucky one at all for Sagittarius people, especially in the year 2019. It’s a number representing lack and nothingness, and of emptiness.

These are all feelings that Sagittarius is keen to avoid, but do be careful not to invoke it during your otherwise stellar year.

Also, take this as a warning of overspending during 2019 – a Sagittarius who has her or his bank account show a 0 during 2019 is likely to find this just invites even worse luck until it’s resolved.

Number 14 is also unlucky for Sagittarius people in 2019 especially, signifying unseen complications or people taking advantage of the honesty and integrity of Sagittarius people to their own ends.

People born on the 14th of a month – even if it’s 14th December, a fellow Sagittarius – might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Always do this when you see lucky number 12

The number 12 is very lucky for Sagittarius people, and it’s one we see on a day to day basis – the number 12 is on every clock face in the world.

This connection to the concept of time is a clue to Sagittarius that, this year especially, it’s OK to take one’s time in pursuit of a goal.

Oftentimes, Sagittarius people are caught in the moment and utterly keen to take advantage of the here and now.

They can spontaneously get into the most delightful adventures based on spur of the moment choices and hunches.

Yet if you see a clock face or the number 12 present n some way, Sagittarius, it’s a clue that on this occasion it’s time to take a few seconds to gather your thoughts and take a deep breath.

This invite good luck to you in and of itself, as you can come up with a second opinion of your own design to see if you’re making the right call in a given situation.

Sagittarius is one star sign whose intelligence is often quite unfairly overlooked, but don’t be afraid to ask your mind as much as your heart how to act in the grand adventure that is your life!

My Final Thoughts

The star sign of Sagittarius has a wonderful talent of landing on their feet and rolling with the punches, and good fortune always seems to be less than a whisker away at all times.

Still though, with the world becoming ever more complex and even scary at times, a little extra good luck never hurts.

And if there’s one star sign for whom little signs and omens are always appreciated, it’s happy go lucky Sagittarius.

With your lucky numbers in mind, Sagittarius, you have little to fear in the year ahead – but also a lot to learn.

Don’t be afraid to take the slow road from time to time if it leads to greater things further down the line, and don’t be afraid of being bored in doing so either – life is definitely going to keep you active this year!

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