Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius brings out the best qualities of each.  Venus is the Ruling Planet of our hearts and how we attach to others.

Sagittarius is a masculine sign, and it is complemented by the feminine Venus.

Venus in Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, so when it is visited by Venus, the love life is extra energized.  Your Sign, symbolized by the Archer, speaks to your love of adventure.

You love ‘the chase’, meaning not only that you have incredible work ethic and determination, but also get bored quickly when not challenged.

Venus in Sagittarius Women

Venus in Sagittarius Women are empowered by the Goddess of Love.  You are the Hunter/Archer/Arrow for good reason.

These symbols characterize your need for action and movement.  The worst part of Venus in Sagittarius for Women is that you will be overwhelmed by boredom, at times, in a relationship.

Venus in Sagittarius Women brings out the choosy side of her.  You will be incredibly discriminating when searching for love and fulfillment.

You are worthy of the best, and would rather be on the hunt for something amazing than settle for something mediocre.

The Fire and forward motion denoted by your Zodiac symbols, the Archer and his arrow.

Like your Arrow, you work best when moving.  You do not feel comfortable when not in action.  A stagnant relationship is not one you will stay in very long, at all.  You need excitement.

Lovemaking for a Woman with Venus in Sagittarius is exciting, due to your inner Fire and the Arrow’s straightforward nature.

You have no problem initiating the action, and your partner will adore this.  How could he not?

Venus in Sagittarian Men

Venus in Sagittarius Men is a great source of comfort.  When Venus is in Sagittarius, men will experience a rush of loving emotions.

This man will be in the mood to go on an adventure together.  Remember, like a shark, the Arrow cannot serve his purpose if he does not have direction and purpose.

This man will also help you continue to grow and change, in healthy ways.  Try something that might even get your adrenaline pumping.

This man may be more interested in rock climbing, visiting a controversial art exhibit or trying a new restaurant on date night.

The Man with Venus in Sagittarius will become bored easily by a monotonous routine.  He will not be satisfied with staying in pajamas and binging Netflix all weekend.

Feed this man’s mind, spirit, and body, to keep him interested, for the long-term.

Lovemaking for a Man with Venus in Sagittarius will be fun and exciting.  This man wants you when he wants you, and this bold approach is hot as hell.

Not necessarily rough or deviant, this man knows just what boundaries and buttons to push, so to speak.

Venus and Sagittarius in Love

Venus and Sagittarius in Love are an amazing combination.  This love will be influenced by both the Fiery nature of the Archer’s hunting spirit and the loving, romantic impulses of Venus.

During Venus in Sagittarius, this Man will be extra open to relationships and discussing them.  This is the time to bring up questions about your commitment to each other.

Love and fulfillment ascend to Venus in Sagittarius.  You are honest and direct about your lovemaking needs, and more than willing to go above and beyond to fulfill the need of your partner’s lovemaking drive.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who can allow you to continue exploring and learning—both alone and together.

The Fiery Arrow, powered by the Love of Venus is sure to land in the most amazing spot—your heart.

Allow yourself to be as open as possible with this partner, because lying, being negative, or being slow to act will make them second-guess your union.

With Venus in Sagittarius, you must look for a partner who will fuel your creative fire.  A Cancer might be the wrong fit for you, as they crave the comforts of being home.

This will feel stagnant after a time, and you will become bored.  Likewise, a Virgo may be too demanding of perfection.

Your Sign is not about perfection, and their constant and critical eye on you will create resentment.

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who also has an open mind and passion for new ideas and experiences.

You might be happiest with an Airy Aquarius.  While they tend to be dreamers, they are also loving—but are the definition of detached.

This is actually a plus for you, because with Venus in Aquarius, you will realize your partner is in love with you—but also appreciates both of your individual interests and needs, concerning love and fulfillment.

Dates for Venus in Sagittarius

Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1st, in 2017.  Venus only visits once a year, if that.  So make a special note to strike while the iron is hot, in this timeframe.

This is the time to make a move on the Sagittarius you have been crushing on.

5 Little-Known Facts About Venus in Sagittarius

The influence of Venus in Sagittarius cannot be under-estimated.

That being said, there is a very real need for you to be aware of different facts related to this combination to make it so much easier for you to then determine the way in which it could be influencing your entire life.

1. It adds energy to your love life.

If you feel that your love life has been somewhat lacking recently, then Venus in Sagittarius is going to result in a huge amount of energy being added to it.

This does mean that you will now feel as if anything is possible in this respect, but that does not then result in you being rather reckless in chasing after your dreams in your relationship.

Instead, you have a sensible head on your shoulders at all times.

2. You become bored if there is no challenge.

With this combination, there is little doubt that you love to be challenged in life, and if this is not happening, then you are going to rather quickly become quite bored and that has to be addressed.

You are constantly searching for something new and will rarely come up empty-handed from your search as you are willing to try almost anything as long as it tests you.

3. Women are quite discriminating in love.

With Venus in Sagittarius, it will tend to be the case that women are rather discriminating in love.

They know what they want and they are not going to settle for anything else no matter how many times they bypass potential partners.

They have standards, and you need to match them in order to be deemed as being suitable.

4. The man will help you to grow.

When a man has been influenced by this combination, then it will tend to be the case that they are more than happy to help you to grow as a person.

They will actively encourage you to explore your own boundaries, but will comfort you and be there as a source of support just to make everything seem that bit easier for you.

5. There is a love of adrenaline.

This ties in with their need for a challenge, but when Venus is in Sagittarius, then those individuals that are influenced by it will often have a love of adrenaline.

Clearly, this means they are more likely to search out activities that will give them their ‘fix’ of adrenaline but there is a danger of them striving for more and more to stave off that boredom.

As you can see, Venus in Sagittarius is going to result in you wanting to push the limits of what you feel is possible in life, but you have to be aware that this does not have to then translate into taking risks.

You need to be sensible about all of this or you could easily come unstuck, but at least you will then see it as a challenge all on its own.

Final Thoughts

With Venus in Sagittarius, not many obstacles will stand in the way of love and fulfillment.  Your arrow-like focus and fiery nature allow you to pierce and burn through thoughts in your way.

You will set your sights on the person you want to be with, and you will succeed in getting their attention.

Remember to show your partner, with Venus in Sagittarius, that you appreciate their approach to life.  Console them when things go wrong, and cheer them on when things are going their way.

You will find love and fulfillment when you find yourself happily on your own path—and you will find the path of the person who can walk alongside you, without either slowing your pace or leaving you behind.

When Venus is in Sagittarius, you will be empowered to make a grand gesture of love, take a step to further your commitment, or even just be more honest with your partner.

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