Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is extending guidance for your love life and long-term commitments. Virgo is an Air Sign, and you look for universal truths in life.

These qualities, combined, and enhanced by the presence of Venus in your Sign, are sure to bring clarity and fulfillment in your romantic endeavors. You have equal pulls towards the perfect and the pragmatic.

Venus in Virgo Traits

A Virgo lover is likely to be into role play involving authority figure roles, master and slave roles, or other fetishes.

Venus in Virgo Men and Women can play a fluid role, just be sure to keep communication going. You are a very attentive and generous lover and life partner.

Venus in Virgo Women

Venus in Virgo Women will come across one of two ways: The Whore-Virgin paradigm gets heavy play in your Sign.

This duality is present in all Virgos, but most will feel a strong sense of belonging to one label or the other.

This sounds wrong but has also been a source of empowerment for many Virgo Women, especially with Venus defending her secret kinks.

Virgo is the designated sign of servants, which is great for the lovemaking.

Make sure to take extra care of their mental and emotional states during times of role play or when exploring BDSM together.

Your Virgo partner is probably up for bed experimentation in one form, or another. Make sure whether in physical bondage play or in terms of relationships—healthy communication is your best way out of a problem.

Virgos are known to be perfectionists, and with Venus Ruling your decisions, it is evident that a change in your love life is coming.

Do not be afraid of change, for there is a positive aspect to all change. Remember that change is just a scary word for improvement.

Keep an open mind to criticism, and try to take it on board with a good attitude, and you will find fulfillment.

The other strong duality you will feel is the divine feminine duo of Virgo and Venus. Virgo is a Neutral, meaning non-gendered planet, while Venus is one of the most sensual and feminine.

If you are lucky enough to be close friends or in love with a Woman who has Venus in Virgo, then you had better recognize her worth.

Do not leave this woman lonely too long, because she will take it personally.

Virgo rules your attention. Venus rules your true loves and commitments. Venus in Virgo will blend the two in an ultra-productive and fulfilling way.

You will find love when Venus steps back into the light, after Retrograde.

Virgos are loyal and realistic, so Venus will have them pondering how to better your relationship. You are not a cheater, and you do not like to share your partner’s attention.

Try your best not to jump to conclusions, when jealousy tries to get your heart racing. Keep honest communication going between yo9u, and the jealousy should not remain problematic.

Venus in Virgo Men

Men with Venus in Virgo will not seem as aggressive as other men. These men are ruled by Virgo and Venus—one Neutral and one Feminine.

The lack of masculine Ruling Planets do not make this man less of a man.

On the contrary, this man is just very in tune with his own sensitive side, and that of the women in his life—this man is usually someone you feel safe around.

This man might be more emotionally available, vocal about his feelings, or comfortable with public displays of affection that other men you know.

This man is also heavily and positively affected by the presence of Venus. Venus in Retrograde is especially trying for Men with Venus in Virgo.

When Venus is in Retrograde, give your man a little extra understanding, when he slips up. These men are sensitive to criticism, especially during the opening and closing of life chapters.

Be aware that your man may already feel insecure or on-edge, and find ways to comfort him.

Tailor your approach to his Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Retrogrades, other planetary movements and events, and you will find the love of your Virgo Man.

Venus in Virgo shows his tendency for a slow and teasing approach to intimacy—but he probably would not mind you taking the initiative, sometimes.

Venus and Virgo in Love

In romantic partnerships, Virgo needs to feel they are worshipped as the Goddess of Love.

If your significant other has Venus in Virgo, in their Moon or Mercury, or if you have another planetary influence mixing in.

Venus and Virgo in love bring out both partner’s communication skills and strong suits.

Virgo is often referred to as the Virgin of the Zodiac, but in fact, this word is really meant to translate as too-young-for-lovemaking.

When you consider Virgo as an innocent child, rather than a lovemaking-starved, miserable adult, you will understand more of where their temper, perfectionism, and stubbornness stem from.

These are qualities of a child, not just an immature adult.

Treat Virgo as you would want someone to approach your child. Imagine yelling your way out of a toddler’s tantrum—they do not respond to reason.

Similarly, Virgo in Venus is a bit green as to the ways of relationships and commitment—but that does not discount beginner’s luck.

The beauty of the Virgo mind is the ability to erase the mental chalkboard and dream up a brand-new vision.

You will find fulfillment in jobs such as a designer, architect, or stage performer. You find love in relationships after you find this self-fulfillment.

You will find love after Venus completes Retrograde, and is back moving in a Direct pattern. Start new life plans and set goals up for new weeks and journal your progress.

You will find, reflecting on these journal entries, that you are already intuiting trends and patterns in your moods and behavior.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who supports your idealistic ideas but encourages you on how to make these goals more attainable.

You will not benefit from a person who prefers quiet and being at home, such as a Cancer. Cancer in any Signs or Retrogrades could rain on your parade.

Do not fall into this trap, or you may become stuck in this loop for another cycle of Venus—and that is not very fun.

Venus in Virgo needs you to bring life to the party, not stay and home binge Netflix more.

Dates for Venus in Virgo

Venus in Retrograde appears on March 4th and will be Direct again on April 15th. Use this specific, Direct window of time as a time-out for decision-making.

You need to recharge your mental battery and use reflection to find fulfillment in a new mindset for the shift into overdrive when Venus leaves the Retrograde and is once again Direct.

Venus will be back in Virgo, to bless your love and commitment again, on September 19th.

Venus in Virgo should be closely watched. The opportunity for these interactions only happens once in every cycle-which can be from a year-and-a-half to 8 years.

Make decisions only when Venus is Direct—long-term commitments made in the shadow of Venus are—well, shady deals.

6 Little Known Facts About Venus in Virgo

When the planet Venus is able to venture into the realm of Virgo, then it will often mean that there are a number of changes that are going to take place in the lives of those individuals that fall under its spell.

Clearly, if you belong to this star sign, then you will want to know in advance how it may influence you.

So, to make life easier, it will make sense to identify a number of facts that surround Venus in Virgo to help you to better understand what this may all mean for you.

1. It will guide you in your love life.

If you feel as if your love life has been suffering as of late, then Venus coming into Virgo is going to mean that you will be given a real helping hand.

This planet will show you that there may very well be a whole other side to what you have been experiencing up until this point.

2. Life becomes clearer to you.

There is also the idea that life is going to become substantially clearer for you thanks to the presence of Venus, and if you have been stuck in a rut for some time, then this will be a welcome break for you.

3. You are often a perfectionist.

One issue that can be quite difficult for you is that you will often be a perfectionist in life.

This kind of thing can hold you back somewhat as you will then discover that it is not too easy to move on with things as you always believe that you could have done better earlier, and that kind of thing can then plague your mind for an extended period of time.

4. You are confident sexually.

This planet has the ability to really enhance your confidence from a sexuality point of view.

You know what you want, and you are willing to go and get it whereas before, you may have taken more of a backseat with things.

This change is going to surprise people as it is as if a new side has been unleashed, but ride with it as it is going to be an interesting time.

5. You accept criticism in a better way.

Thanks to Venus, you have the ability to accept criticism in a much better way than you were previously able to do.

You listen to what people say, and then don’t allow it to eat away at you or make you feel as if there is a rage inside.

By accepting it in a better manner, you will be able to learn from it rather than allowing it to destroy you.

6. You will wonder how to improve your relationship.

With the power of this planet behind you, there will be a time where you are thinking about how you are able to improve your relationships.

Of course, with you being more open-minded to ideas, then there is every possibility that you will be willing to try new things and see if it makes a difference.

Ultimately, this combination is focused primarily on your love life and relationships, and it can be pretty exciting with what it can offer.

However, you just need to be willing to embrace change, or it might not be worth it in the end.

Final Thoughts

Think of Virgo as an idealistic youth—healthy, vibrant, and intelligent. This same Virgo can be brash, blunt, and cold. Again, remember the duality of the Virgo’s place in the Zodiac.

Perhaps as views change, and equality becomes more normal among genders, perhaps Men and Women in Virgo will stop being shamed for the seductiveness.

If you identify and feel comfortable in some of the more radical lovemaking and intellectual cravings, feel free to do so.

Be aware of the need to build a supportive community network of like-minded people, who can travel with you, as you search for fulfillment.

Love will come to you when you embrace both your inner Madonna and Whore—and Venus in Virgo is dedicated to aiding you in finding and nurturing love.

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