Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius brings out the inner strength of your wild and free nature sign, symbolized at times by the Horse.  You are a Fiery Masculine Sign, matching the energy of Mars.

You can relate well others when Mars is in Sagittarius, which is Ruled by the Hopeful Jupiter.

Your search for love and fulfillment will be rewarded, thanks to your relentless and tireless need always keep moving forward, like a shark.

Mars in Sagittarius Traits

You are emotionally available to family, friends, and lovers.  You are a lover, not a fighter, but you do not let obstacles deter you from your goals.

You are aggressive in going after what you want, and you are very honest about your needs in relationships.

You love to be affectionate and shower your partner with kisses, even in public—you are not afraid of commitment.

When Mars is in Sagittarius, your spiritual and moral convictions will be confirmed, and you will be more confident in your belief system.

This will bring you much fulfillment, and help you to know which type of partner you will need for the rest of your journey through this life.

Be certain, you do not need a master, but an equal partner—and you will find this love, with the help of Mars in Sagittarius.

Mars in Sagittarius Women

Women with Mars in Sagittarius want a romantic partner whom they can share interests with.  You want to learn ballroom dancing, but not with a stranger.

In times like the previous example, you will need someone who can both be daring and willing to laugh at themselves.

New situations can be scary, but seeing as how you crave the newness, find a mate who can put up with your explorations.

Mars in Sagittarius empowers you to be creative and productive.  You will even be more social than usual.

You might even find new interests and friends that persuade you to leave your comfort zone more often.

You will benefit from loving relationships that are hearty enough to withstand your absences while you are off traveling the globe.

You should never feel guilty on your pursuit of personal fulfillment, in search of love, and on the road.

You may break a few hearts along the way, but you have control over only yourself and where you are headed next, so make decisions that will serve you well.

You will be confused, but let Mars in Sagittarius help you fight your way through the jungle, and find your true path, once again—then you will be on your way to finding true and lasting love.

Mars in Sagittarius Men

Men with Mars in Sagittarius are generous lovers.  This man will spend a lot of his alone time on self-reflection and self-improvement.

He is more mature and introspective than many other men—especially men with similar Fire and Masculine elements in their Zodiac chart.

The Man with Mars in Sagittarius is not easily tied down, but his ability to commit is strongest when Mars takes control of emotions while in Sagittarius.

Favoring sensible woman over dramatic romantic partners.  While drama is good at times, this man will have no use for it in the bedroom, as he is a straightforward and inspiring partner in bed.

Lovemaking will never be boring, with the influences of the Optimistic Jupiter Rule, the free-spirited nature of your Sign, and the strength of Mars in Sagittarius.

Mars and Sagittarius in Love

Mars and Sagittarius in Love both crave surprises.  If you take the spontaneity out of this relationship, you are pulling the life support.

Your curious Horse will need to roam free and be able to make decisions without your approval.

The worst thing you can do to a Sagittarius in love is try and keep them in captivity—and you will fail every time, and it will be especially painful for you when Mars is in Sagittarius.

Your best prospects in love are with a partner who encourages your sense of wonder and optimism.

You will benefit from close relationships with Pisces—although you both may be so detached at times that your commitment is called into question.

An Aquarius, on the other hand, is similar in spirituality, but more interpersonally intelligent than the Pisces—and therefore, better company for you.

Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who will be cynical in life and love.  Anyone who makes you question or doubt your worth or contributions to a relationship will cause you emotional harm, so steer clear of negative and overly-critical Virgos and Leos.

They will find many problems, but instead of using their energy to help you, they may quickly return their focus back to their own problems.

Stand up for yourself and advocate for your emotional needs to make your relationships healthier, when you have the help of Mars in Sagittarius.

Dates for Mars in Sagittarius

Mars entered Sagittarius on August 2nd, of 2016.  Mars will not visit Sagittarius in 2017.  The next time Mars enters Sagittarius will be on January 26, 2018.

Be sure to use this precious time wisely.  Do not squander the chances to make a second attempt at previously failed projects—Mars in on your side, in Sagittarius, this time.

7 Little-Known Facts About Mars in Sagittarius

With Mars in Sagittarius, it will undoubtedly mean that there are different attributes that would be linked to the way in which you view the world.

Understanding those traits is easier than you think, but only when you are willing to encounter a number of facts that are directly associated with this combination.

1. It helps you to understand your own inner strength.

Often, we will give up on something simply because we believe that we are incapable of completing something due to not having the ability or belief in our own selves.

Mars in Sagittarius is going to show you that this is not the case as it is all connected to an attempt to really bring out the inner strength that resides in all of us. However, we will often be unable to unlock it.

2. You are open to others in an emotional sense.

This combination is also going to mean that you are quite open to others from an emotional point of view whether that be friends or those that you are in a relationship with.

However, they should not mistake this for them being able to take advantage of you as there is no doubt that you are aware of this and know where to draw the line with being helpful.

3. You are strong in your beliefs.

Mars in Sagittarius does also often mean that you are very strong in your beliefs, and you are confident that they are the correct ones for you.

There is also a sense that you are more than willing to stand up for your beliefs due to your convictions.

4. There is a sense of wanting personal fulfilment.

This link is also going to often result in you having a sense of wanting personal fulfilment along with having the desire to go after it as much as possible

. Of course, this can lead you in different directions, but generally speaking, you will want to explore and will have the confidence to do so.

5. You spend time reflecting on your own self.

A man with Mars in Sagittarius will often spend a considerable amount of time reflecting on their own selves and determining areas where they can improve.

They are not afraid to be critical of their nature or approach to life and have an overwhelming desire to make a difference.

6. You love surprises.

You certainly do not want to live a boring life, so one that is full of surprises is certainly going to be the best outcome.

This can happen in any aspect of your life from love to work or anything else. You enjoy the feeling of not really knowing what will happen next and the thrill that this then gives you.

7. You tend to be quite affectionate.

There is also the understanding that you are quite an affectionate individual and you are quite open to showing that to others. Furthermore, you are strong on commitment as well.

Overall, Mars in Sagittarius is certainly something that is rather positive in nature. If this applies to you, then life is going to be rather exciting.

Final Thoughts

You can be a very open-minded individual, and allow your partner freedom to be themselves, without feeling threatened.  This is a beautiful quality of yours.

You tolerate many things in a lover, but never rudeness or abusive behavior.  You are straightforward, motivated, and have a lovemaking drive that will keep any lover satisfied, especially when Mars is in Sagittarius.

You will find love and fulfillment when you keep your ideals and spirituality sacred.  Do not allow others to insult you—for while you are open to constructive criticism, you can be very hurt by negative comments or too much emotional instability.

You will stay grounded and hopeful—and successful—because you are fearless in your exploration of new frontiers—especially with Mars in Sagittarius.

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