Sagittarius: Four Questions To Answer If You Are Falling In Love

Sagittarius: Four Questions To Answer If You Are Falling In Love

If you are Sagittarius person, falling in love is not a problem for you.

In fact, if you were thrown into almost any kind of social situation, you are bound to make a positive social impression. That is the kind of person you are.

Your personality is geared and set up in such a way that you are able to draw favorable attention to you.

It is very hard for you to find yourself in a socially awkward situation when you have a tough time coming up with stuff to talk about.

In fact, this social ease is what makes you a great sales person, a great manager as well as a great representative. This personality configuration also makes you a natural for political office.

Unfortunately, social situations are so easy for Sagittarius people that they are often confused. They do not know when something is simply socially easy and they are just falling into yet another shallow friendship, or they are actually getting into the real thing.

Since most people’s ultimate goal in life is to fall in love, and I am talking about authentic real love, this is a big issue for Sagittarius people to confront.

However, not all of them are perfectly comfortable confronting this issue and, in fact, their social and romantic lives come so easy that they feel that they can side step this issue all together.

Still, if you want to live your life to its highest potential, you need to look at these issues straight in the eye and come up with some sort of realistic resolution.

Here are four questions you need to ask yourself so you can see if you are falling in love.

Other People Matter Less to You

As I mentioned earlier, Sagittarius people do not have a hard time making social connections, especially with an emotionally unavailable person.

In fact, they can easily be at ease with people that come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and look very different from them.

They are natural ambassadors. They are extremely socially curious and they are always looking to reach out.

Not surprisingly, romantic opportunities abound for them. It is not hard for them to develop fairly shallow romantic involvements.

The problem is they have so many of these romantic alternatives going on that they really do not feel that they need to focus on anyone.

In fact, things are so easy for them that it is very hard for them to develop deep romantic bonds because they can jump from one relationship to the next.

They always have a backup. They always have an alternative.

If you find yourself in a situation where most of these relationships do not matter all that much to you, you might be falling in love. Why?

One of these relationships matter more than the rest. If you see this pattern, this comparative disruption indicates that you are maturing inside.

This indicates that you may be ready to put all your eggs in one basket and take a lot of risks with that one particular relationship.

Your Forget About Your Other Social Options

It is bad enough that Sagittarius people have many romantic options on the table. They can simply jump from one romantic opportunity to the next.

In fact, this over abundance of romantic options put them in a position to simply forgo committing to anyone romantic involvement.

On top of all this are their many different social options.

People want to be seen with them. People want to interact with them. People simply want to know them.

They are very likable.

If you put all these together and you match romantic options along with social options, there really is not much incentive for you to just pick one of your romantic involvements and focus on that.

Instead, it makes all the sense in the world for you to jump from one option to the other.

If you notice that you have forgotten about your social options and you are focusing primarily on that one romance in your life, this might indicate that you may be falling in love.

At the very least, this might indicate that your priorities have changed fundamentally that you may want to look at your love life from a completely different perspective.

You Only Want to Spend Time with this Person

Exclusivity is nine-tenths of the game as far as love is concerned.

If you only see yourself being with this one person, then chances are this might lead to a deep and profound romantic involvement.

There are many ways to lie emotionally. People tell themselves all sorts of comforting emotional tales. However, if you truly want to figure out if a person is in love, look at what they do.

Do not pay attention to what they say. Do not pay attention to what their dreams and aspirations are. Forget all that.

Focus instead on what they actually do. They vote with their feet.

If they spend a lot of time with just one person, even if they deny it, they are falling in love.

If you see this happening to you, then it is an undeniable sign that your heart is changing. You are falling for this one person.

 You are Constantly Thinking of Opening Yourself Up Further to Him or Her

Let us face it. The whole idea of emotional openness is a foreign concept to most Sagittarius people.

They feel that they are already emotionally open. They feel that they are already socially available.

This is why the whole idea of digging deep inside and revealing more of themselves to take the relationship to the next level is not only foreign, but seems rather unnecessary.

Well, if you are constantly thinking about this and you are constantly obsessed about taking things to the next level, this is a clear sign that you are falling in love with that person.

Obviously, that person matters enough to you for you to subject yourself to the seeming hassle of having to dig deep within you and expose further aspects of your total personality to that one person.

You are normally not this sharing as far as your inner world is concerned. You are normally not this candid as far as your emotional side goes.

Something is definitely changing in you that have shifted your priorities. This has resulted in a serious override of your previous misgivings.

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